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"Repent" (2002)

1. God After Me
2. Repent
3. As Time Bleeds
4. My Undying Hate
5. Moral in Corrosion
6. Through Parasite Eyes
7. I've Come to Rule
8. The Rain
9. To War
10. At Any Cost
11. Metamorphosia

1. God After Me

Sometimes when I walk the streets
I'm overcome by this fantasy
That I'm the only one whose mind is not yet gone,
And that the rest live in a dream.
Silence speaks loud, well words speak louder still
and I'm all out of patience, just like you're out of will.
Get a grip, wake up you fucking puppets.
Never disputed, never disproved, never deceived and never
Fooled I stand, and the gun in my hand is my imagination.
Superior to all I cannot break nor fall.

God created you in his image,
you created god after me.
I see right through this illusion
you call reality

I see, I hear, I feel all that you don't.
I see I know so much more than I want.
Please God (thou), stop this (shall) endless (not)
droning (lie),
make the (thou) voices (shall) cease their (not)
chanting (kill).

Trapped in confusion, is it all a dream?
I'm submerging in everything I feel.
I cannot break, I can't escape my cage of insanity.
Slowly I'm losing my grip of me.
One life more or less; one lie...


Thou shall not lie, thou shall not kill.

2. Repent

Touch the leprous for prosperity, stare into the cyclone's eye.
Breathe the vapours for divinity; just take my hand and follow the blind
And dance with the devil beneath a concrete sky.
Smile a black tooth grin and play again for the sake of life.
There's still life on the dark side when you can't stand the light
There are pleasures unimaginable here on the other side.
Come dance with me... come decompse.
There's so much to see, I've got so much to show

I repent now for the sins of generations. I repent now.
I repent now with a soul stained by damnation; I repent now.
"How can anyone bear doing that?" such a popular phrase,
but the truth lies in my nature; I was born to...

I need something larger than life, something that feels real.
Corpse, horses fucking whores; I need something to feel.
In the eyes of the storm my body's tied with plastic chains,
My eyes sown open; this psychic train leads so far away.
The city night's alive with not quite human cries.
I'm the fiddler, sing along and dance until the end of time.
Too many ecstacies; my pores are breathing blood.
Can you feel the lie in me, smiling hate, laughing death?


...I was born to hate, lie deceive, kill, rape, destroy.
Sweet white flesh, eagle spread on a velvet bed.
I don't mind paying, hell, everybody pays, everybody sells.
I know what you are condemning me while you nurture
your own depravity in darkness.
So much revealed, so much unconcealed;
"hidden" in transparency for everyone to see


Such a popular phrase,
at the same time everybody sins in their own way,
so I repent on bleeding knees with gritted teeth. I fucking repent.

3. As Time Bleeds

Watch the hourglass drain itself, watch the smiles grow forced.
In retrospect, nothing turned out the way I thought; all is lost.

I guess I'm overly philosophical, but that's just my cross.
'cause every time I stop to watch the present I see the corpse, decayed, of what once was.
Time's our guide on the path of life, and it's leading us astray as the blood turns cold.

[Chorus:] all love lost

We all feed on expectation and dreams; damn whoever gets in the way.
The loved one today might be the scapegoat to be;
Fuck or get fucked-it's always been that way.

[Chorus:] all is lost

Sweet promises whispered by lovers at night, given with passion before.
Say them again, look into my eyes and tell me- who's the whore?

The deceiver will think himself deceived
Forming a truth of his own, as they always do.
It's only a matter of what you want to believe,
But in the end we've got nothing-Everything's lost.
Time's our guide on the path of life, and it's leading us astray
as the blood turns cold. Everything's lost...

4. My Undying Hate

Words and looks can deceive,
I shut my eyes and I still can't believe your empty promises.
I've heard them all before. I've heard them, whore,
so shut your fucking mouth and listen now.
Come and watch me burn now, come and hear me scream
Words of futile pleading down on bleeding knees.
If you could look straight into my head you'd see that all my thoughts are colored red
With frustration and lack of faith, so once again I turn to my hate.
Come and burn my weakness and my empathy,
Instead of wallowing in the remains of shattered dreams.

My undying hate as sharp as razorblades, so let me desecrate you "virgin lamb".
In my burning fury I am judge and jury; mother Mary since long both dead and buried

I rise from the ashes of a charred soul, intoxicated with my own perversions.
Die covered in mud, face down in blood, I'll sign my name with razorblades.
Lidless and blind, crippled and petrified you'll beg of me to let you die.
Here comes the pain bitch, it's your time to bleed
'cause I've got no forgiveness of mercy left in me.


5. Moral in Corrosion

Hear the bigot preach, you don't want to miss his speech about
just how simple life is. "Just follow the yellow brick road, to
paradise to which it leads". Well, I've got a thorn
stuck in my eyes, and I can't fucking see.

Row upon row, raised to not believe
Marching on to mental vasectomy.
Speak no evil lest thou shall be condemned
but do no good-just mend for yourself.

Survival of the fittest. Darwinism expressed in righteous egoism
"Help yourself and fuck the rest."
Rob all, rape all, kill all. Be victor or victim.


I'm on top, so what I've got blood on my hands? It's just the price you've got to pay


6. Through Parasite Eyes

Cockroach crawling on the wall, trailing stained tiles, Angel, bleeding on the floor watching
as it dies. As the angel dies. Crawling downwards, scurrying to seek shelter in its nest of
used syringes thrown into the sink. Sodom-arise! History has caught its breath, it's time
for another wave. Rejoice and thrive, tomorrow bears promises of death and decay.
Insect pries with insect eyes and ventures out the streets. Pest seeking pestilence to
Breed and spread disease. Spreading its disease. Suddenly I realize that the cockroach,
The parasite, must be I. Rise up, infest! Be plague, be locust and death. Rise up, resist!
Venture all, burn all. What's there to be missed? Avert your eyes, they only speak of
insecurity. There's no fooling the parasite, don't play no social status games with me.
Rain is pouring down the streets and 'roach is washed along. When every way leads
you astray, no turn can be wrong. Roaming debris, feeding on what it finds, the
roach is crawling on in steadily growing lines. Bred in disease, spawned in the
streets, the gutter is brimming over. Spreading like plague, scoring like flames
this insect will take over. "Never mind, it's just the insect talking."
Alas its kind has grown right out of control.
What you sow is what you will reap, and agues what, it works the
Same way with disease. And now it's harvest time, so sit down humanity
And feast...

7. I've Come to Rule

Across the river Styx, into the shadow lands
My path has taken me, so here I stand.
The ground is soiled with blood, the wind wails
Together with the damned descended from their graves.
I stare into the dark, I see the burning eyes
of all the demons who tormented me in life,
but that's al over now. I see much clearer now,
for I no longer serve.

For I have come to rule where your God can't see.
I shall be legion so, so hell-walk with me.

Demons, gather round me. Hear me Azazel. Guide my steps as I walk through hell.
Ascending steps of bone I see a giant throne with screaming, tortured souls embedded
in the stone. My minions follow me, their overlord to be. My wish is their command


God since long dead, Satan's dethrones. The power over you is mine alone.
There shan't be no second coming now. You see the only thing that remains is your demise.

8. The Rain

Another grey day in the sewer; staring blank eyes, closed up, blank minds.
Fools on parade. The end is near. None shall be saved, no conscious is clear.
Rejoice now! Old humankind has used up all it's precious time. The
Complaining masses shall be silenced for all time.
I've seen it coming, I've seen all the signs. I know there's no tomorrow,
nowhere to hide, all shall drown, all shall die. Soon comes the rain.
I darkness, in silence I wait. Anticipation's growing as the hour's
growing late. Frustration increasing, I'm getting tense;
The world needs to get cleansed. I've waited for days, no sky fall
has shown. I might as well do some fucking killing of my own.
Here comes the rain. Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. I'll hunt you down,
you shall die-Here comes the rain. Here comes the rain, I am the rain.
Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. I come with pain, I come with fire, so let it rain.
Come, follow me into the rain. Come, fall with me; I am the way.
Come, follow me-just let it rain.
The day of the rain has come to pass. The day of the rain is here at last
To even out the final score, Please God, just let it pour.
Come follow me into the rain. Come fall with me, I am the way
Come follow me-just let it rain.
The day of the rain has come to pass. The day of the rain is here at last
to even out the final score. Please God just let it pour.

9. To War

A nation in turmoil, a city in grief. I can't see the sun for the smoke cloud.
Familiar street unrecognizable for the debris. I stumble through destruction.
Inside I scream for retribution, to ease the pain and grief I feel.

Some would say that I've lost my way, well what do they know?
I can not tell if I'm lead astray by myself,
but when what's sacred to me is brought to it's knees, when they've
struck at the core of my security; my society, I go to war.

Children carrying flags to be placed on their fathers' graves,
starvation and disease is the aftermath, the till, the prices to be pain
for religious and political power games.
So what should I do?
Sit in silence as they burn everything I hold true?


Violence breeds violence, sure, I'm aware of that,
but still we carry our predatory genes.
Eat or be eaten, kill or get killed-it's the way of the world,
but I doubt still as I go to war.
Death, burnt flesh is left in my trail. In self-defence I maim.
Crawling in me, a leering demon, consuming my humanity
day by day.

In my mind the accusations drone.
In my mind I am never alone, never alone.

10. At Any Cost

In turmoil, well, what else? It's the only state of being here.
Erratic lives, sporadic fights surround me in this human hive.
I don't have anything to give but pain, it's yours to have if you approach me.
All coherent thought has abandoned me,
Staring out through eyes that have ceased to see.

It feels like my blood has turned to acid
eating through my veins, seeping through my soul.
Every muscles aches with the adrenaline
and the world around me moves much too slow.

I'm the ashes left from burning false beliefs.
I am the screaming, bleeding, raging hate that kills the weak.
I am retribution, retaliation, at any cost.

The rotten apple doesn't fall far from the rotten tree.
I can't be held responsible, I just do what the world has taught me.
A deviation I'll always be, so the world of false pretence
can hold no power over me.


So I shoulder the world rage, retribution is mine.
In the name of religion, politics, perversion I shall strike.
It's time to roll the dice with the stakes set high.
It's easy to die when the option is incarceration for life.
I'll fucking tear it down. I'll find a million ways to fill
the world with blood, then laugh as we all drown

11. Metamorphosia

Come on down, descend beneath the bed of rotting leaves,
sink past the boundaries of mortality.
Entwine with images stored deep inside your mind,
be one with the earth that bred you.

This is Metamorphosia, this is where we change.
Feel the intoxication as we shed our shells.
Time to change, to shed or shells, to forget about ourselves.

Welcome down, we are all equals here. I'll exhale so you can draw
another breath. A million eyes stare deep into your mind as you
smile to greet the insect.
Such a sight... silken chrysalides pregnant with writhing larvae.
Come close, lean in, the line wears thin
between your dreams and insanity.

It's such a small step, and I've got such sights to show you.
Come on down and forget about the rest.

No disgrace, no second place, no individual, deviant face.
There's no more hate, nor right or wrong, come join us and we well
be as one.
Why stand alone when you can write in pleasure together with a thousand
more of a kind that knows no condemnation, just life and death in an even
score? It's all here, the answers that you've searched for, just beyond your
short sighted gaze. It's all here and so much more, so why don't you
come inside? Step inside.


It's such a small step, and I've got such sights to show you. Come on
down and forget about the rest, because soon they will be at one with you.
I am your insect slave, enter my hive. Honey like golden rain drips from above.
Trails of secretion will lead you the way to the womb of decay, the heart of my
maze. Sunlight reflected through membranous wings paints the strangest
rainbow you've ever seen. Row upon row of white silk chrysalides invite you to
join their ranks, to lay down and alter in time. As you change. As we change.


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