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Master of Disaster

"Master of Disaster" (2007 Demo)

1. Risen
2. The Blood Of Constantine
3. Sailing To North

1. Risen

He was the light under the dark
Guiding those lost in the time
Mistrusting moon they always bark
Cometh out the beasts of the night

Riding light
thundering sky
mourns to be alone

But did he not see where it ends
Wasting life waiting miracles
Something took him under this world
where he now waits his birth again

Hail the name
World is insane
He is born again

He is rising

Those of betrayal shall now burn
descending down where he was too
And as their lives taken on turn
Things are now just and justice holds

Hatred folds
thousand souls sold
waiting for the breeding

Hail the name
World is insane
He has born again

He has risen
He has risen

2. The Blood Of Constantine

Then came the storming fire
blazing flames alight
The fury of the souls
calling his infinite might

The fairy virgin and her son are one tonight
Triunion, their holy bond please bless us all with blight

Then came the burning wave
saints' water washing me
Open my eyes wish
maybe someday I could see

The child now cries his tears burn evil and their sins
the book is open and the seventh chapter begins

Shall come the angels, to wash the guilt away
And seal the furnace, my saviour as you may
the child is praying, angel's kiss upon his brow
The blood of Constantine is your tears of phoenix now

3. Sailing To North

A ship that strikes fear to nordic men
a galleon of doom, cast death upon them
We are as fearless warriors born
To tame the nations of poor souls torn

Thor's hammer shall be our guide in fight
No man can equal our destructive might
Those trying fools will be doomed to death
I live for Thor, in my every breath

Sailing To North
Marauding all
Leaving no one alive

My heart is cold
like a warrior
I fight

The storm is rising, Thor gives us a sign
We draw our swords, lust in our eyes
Some say a look of Viking can kill
at least they manage to take your own will

Into the coast of sweden we come,
some fools try to fight, some cowards run
We rape, take, kill everything we can
To fight again, leave no standing man


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