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"Live@DomOmladine" (2004 Demo)

1. Passage
2. E-Motion
3. This Mist Around Us
4. Shelter (Me)
5. Absinthe Thoughts

1. Passage


Now Iím gone, yet not alone.
Silence is by my side in sweeping dark blue
In solitude she caressed me
And I saw trhe solace flew.

Of course there is no Heaven or Hell here
~ they existed as metaphors back then, through life.
I am immortal through my art whom I left behind
and there is no flesh now to capture my mind.
Am I aware of my existence? Is there any sense?
I can think, but cannot act.
Am I free? I am a ghost.
A spirit without a body, with a need for a host.
Flowing lonely through infinity,
Far away from human beings cruelty,
I dwell through your dreams and memories
Amplifying your obscurity.
I am omnipresent, I am everywhere.
You cannot see me, but be sure Iím there.

Stay where you are.
I am not far.


2. E-Motion


incision smiling under a quiet tear
coming tired
but flowing still
even happy
i can be

the loss of time
a grief never forgotten
the losing of time
a never forgiven sin

iíll walk the shadows
for one last time
hand in hand
with the night

decision smiling above a quiet soul
growing weary rain
over the body still
even happy
i could be


3. This Mist Around Us

This Mist Around Us

having taken in my life
sacrifice for yourself
forever in this night
i shall be here for you

taking care of you tonight
sacrifice for your eyes
forever in this life
i shall love the scent of you

freezing this mist around us
colded our view

night will send a star
to fall for us
to make a wish
illusion for awhile

starres shine their light
ther are dead
but o, so bright

I disappeared long time ago
Remains in ash-tray today
Some1 could give it a blow
and wipe my tears away

No sleep tonight
-it will not make it go
No music tonight
to make this plaintive flow

Empty room grieving
for long gone presence
Somber thought illuminating
Tranquil Chaos Transcendance


4. Shelter (Me)

Shelter (Me)

why do you let me hope
when you give me nothing?
why do you let me cry
when you donít see my tears?
they are for you
oh you, only you
canít you see
i love you

iím lost
iíve lostÖ(again)
help me
take me a way

why do you let me die
when you donít see my fears?
they are for you
only you
canít you see
iím so hollow inside
thereís no secrecy
in this pain

swallow me
(to shelter me)

October 2002.

5. Absinthe Thoughts


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