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Endless Power

"Endless Power" (2002)

1. Motherland (Overture)
2. I've Seen You in My Dreams
3. I'm Flying Back
4. Angry Angel
5. Winter Has Come
6. Amcient Winds
7. This World Law
8. Before it's Done
9. I Wanna Be with You
10. The Last Sphinx
11. Rock'n'Roll to Death
12. Destiny
13. Endless Power

1. Motherland (Overture)

2. I've Seen You in My Dreams

I saw the sunrise in the sky
It was so long
So many years I couldn't find
The magic crown
The crown of woman of the night
Beyond this world
Of woman who came in my life

I've seen you in my dreams
and I wanna be with you forever
I need you, stay with me
Just touch my skin, Just take my soul
Into hell.

Your arms are cold your eyes are dark,
Lady Night
You drift inside my gloomy mind
Like ray of light
You'll take my mind so far away
From real world
Into your kingdom I'm your slave

[Solo: A. Zakharov]

3. I'm Flying Back

Clouds, the snow and steam above
I can't see the way to go
It's so cold, my life is fading out
I scream but I can't hear my shout

When I've died I've seen the light
Shining through the endless night
I've seen the flames, chain on my neck
I don't want this. I'm flying back

Way of saint is always hard
It's a tune inside my heart
Take my hand, let legend come alive
You'll see the man who has survived

[Solo: A. Zakharov]

4. Angry Angel

Night is falling on the Earth
Will ever show life light of day?
It's the end but where is source?
Why did the sunbeam go away?
Do you remember time when sky was blue?
It seems these days will never true...

Angry Angel spread his wings across the sky
And world's immersed in endless night
Moon is coldly shining, sun will never rise
Forgotten world is gonna die under ice

Take your sword and take your shield
When we're together - we are strong
Enemies had burnt your fields
We're waiting for revenge so long
Do you remember time where sky was blue?
It seems these days will never true...

[Solo: A. Zakharov]

5. Winter Has Come

Winter has come and this snow will be forever
Clouds above, and I'm alone
But every time I will fly with wind together
I'll forget who I am
Wings of light put me up to stars
And I see they are crying

So many years whisper tells me what to do
I was ray of the moonlight
But in my dreams shadows bring me back to you
Dreams disappears pain is staying here...
Wings of light put me up lo stars
And I see - they are crying

Take me to the heaven and never let me go
Let me see the Angels that loved me so
Clouds will be dispersed to show me the way
To my soul

[Solo: W. Angel]

6. Amcient Winds

Time. It's time to open your own eyes
Gods will accept your sacrifice
Turn around - bloody faces grinning to you
Groaning world is waiting for you

Ancient winds are blowing
They're asking where you going
Lightings show your way
You can not stay
Shining stars are crying
Damned world is dying
Abyss calls your name
Universe in flame

Time, it's time to bring here a miracle
Try, you must try but it's so difficult
Turn around - acid rains are falling down
And now you have to save the Earth

[Solo: W. Angel]

7. This World Law

The years are passing by
And Earth is growing old
The minutes fly away
Like arrows in the air
So many faces I saw in this world
So many things are gone and really I don't care

But only death plays another game
A game without habitual rules
No turning back, it's the only way
The way that's so cruel

But stars are the same
And moonlights illuminates
The mountains with peaks
In the snow
And oceans of sand
Cry under the hottest sun
IT'S happening by
This world law

The world wars of our time
Are a flash of universe
The floods and whirlwinds
As a few drops in the sea
Somebody's hand is turning
The pages of old book
Somebody's fingers make our life and destiny

[Solo: W. Angel]

8. Before it's Done

These hateful sounds of war
Just irritate my ears
The fire clouds in the sky
And nature disappears

Just think about it before it's done
Don't let these dreadful nightmares come

Depth of oceans and mountain's height
You can make them to live or to die
You should do for them something good
If you can
Burning forest, tears fall as rain
Animals scream because of the pain
Do you wanna see it again and again?

Catastrophes of this world
Threat of the nuclear blast
Hey human use your chance
Because the death is fast

[Solo: W. Angel - A. Zakharov - W. Angel]

9. I Wanna Be with You

Nightmare came to me
Where's the light? I can not see
Madness in my head
I don't know I'm live or dead
I can not hear this voice
I wanna fly
All I need's to die

Nowhere and nowhere again
Now I can feel only pain
I can not live without you
I'll die without you, it's true
I wanna be without you

Lightning broke my mind
I can't fly - it's too high
When the candle fades
I can see your face
I feel your warm breath
On my leaps
All I have - these dreams

[Solo: W. Angel]

10. The Last Sphinx

So many years ago the sphinxes ruled the world
But people came here and the Earth became so cold
The sphinxes fell and people turned them into stone
But one of them survived and he's forever gone

I hear the flap of mighty wings
I know it's sole survivor sphinx

The sphinx returned
He's flying through the times
The fires burnt
Into the brilliant eyes
He's back again
The Legend came alive
The holy flame
Is burning in the skies

He went away but people stole the holy gold
And he decided to come back in wicked world
He spread his wings and raised his head into the air
The lion's paws stand strong the wind flutter the hair

And he's returning in this world
To guard his diamonds and his gold

[Solo: W. Angel - A. Zakharov - W. Angel - A. Zakharov]

11. Rock'n'Roll to Death

12. Destiny

We're living in the twilight time
When truth is lie and lie is fine
Innocent martyrs are living in hell
Who can break this spell?

Earth! What is happening with your kids?
We have to stop these dirty deeds
Mankind is falling monsters on top
Madness has to stop

Shine my sword like the sun
Lead me forward
Drink the enemy's blood
Smash everyone

Men! Don't you see we're occupied?
We can not hide we have to fight!
Someday we'll win and world will be free
It's our destiny.

[Solo: A. Zakharov - W. Angel]

13. Endless Power

Way that you chose is hard
Fear and pain
But this campaign of blood
Won't be win
Gods have blessed you for the feat
We'll give up our lives for Motherland

Riding through the night
Like our forefathers
We can win this fight
And any others
When we'll all unite
In ancient tower
We will feel again
Our endless power

Spirit of ancient days
Appealed to you
There's many different ways
One is true
This is way we have to go
Fighting till the end
We'll give up our lives for Motherland

[Solo: W. Angel]


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