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Heathen Pride

"Heathen Pride" (2002)

1. The Legacy of…
2. …Eternal Warriors
3. The Circle of Fire
4. The Land of Shining Shields
5. Caudium 321 A.C.
6. The Sacred Enclosure of Kerriì
7. Heathen Pride
8. Oiumpais Poem
9. Epilogue

1. The Legacy of…

2. …Eternal Warriors

One army of braves

With their pride fight again

Gloomy dim lights

Ghostly parade

Of grudged corpses feel the Hell

Fighting again

When freedom calls

Shake the graves of valiants knight

Resort for revenge

Back's from the graves

For who betrayed a glory past

In battle again

Under the sign

Of the sacred Muntain their guide

And for the last time

..other pain in my mind

"Eternal warriors

You'll fight forever

In blood and fire rule again

Shortest way

To die is courage

Proud way, follow it

Eternal warriors

Spirit of ancients

Lost of the heroes

Our guide

Children of Sorrow

Reborns in rage, forgets the Heaven

Now your home is the Hell"

3. The Circle of Fire

The black horizon I feel in my mind

When the lonely soul receive the "sign"

The dominion on Earth shall return to the Beast

The ancients speaks from their old shrines

Lead my sacred sword when my rage is blind

The invisible Eye control the triumphant pride

The darkness flame burn on the grave

Of the mighty lord that broke the chains

His misterious knights, revenger of a past of memories

"The Circle of Fire

Are burning tears of the defeateds

In a simphony of steel and fire

Black revengers of the night

Are the Circle of Fire"

In the deep of heart I posses the fire

That will burn the corpses of my enemies died

The nocturnal sky is the grave of the scream of light

The night arrive like the cold dark ice

Into shadows dream are the undid disguise

The superior forces have complite the Circle of Fire

4. The Land of Shining Shields

Whisper in the winds

Of a winter lonyless

Then I turn my eyes and see

The land of mighty lords,

The land of ancient Gods

Where a millenary seed relive

Trough the whirling snow

And from the deepest caves

The mighty ancestor voice proclame:

"Follow me,

In the land of shining shields,

Follow me,

In the land of ancient memories;

Follow me,

Across the lost empire,

Follow me,

No longer you can hide"

No longer I can hide,

No longer I can wait,

The flame of Evkluì now burn

Like many night before

The shadow of a pale Moon

Show me the hidden sacred path

The howl of thousand wolves

Is rising from the deep

Across the frozen woods is calling me

" Shining Moon embrace my soul

Because tonight I received the call

I bring the signs of chosen one

I lead in the story the name of my clan"

5. Caudium 321 A.C.

Memineris eiusdem diei

res antiquis temporibus

accidit Caudium

Quaedam bellicosa gens

quaedam gens fortissimorum

a montibus descendit

Sive vincere voluerunt

sive mortem obire

ducti a Gavio Ponzio

Et cum invaderent

perrumpendis finibus

de sorte eorum iam decretum est

Fuit eiusmodi res

quae res monet de hoc die

quo viri animis firmis vicerunt

6. The Sacred Enclosure of Kerriì

A secret rise from the deep of past

(Prophecy in the story)

The Ancient God’s have prepared the day

(We are ready for the glory)

The rage of wolf came into the hearts

(The fury is our allied)

The strong of bear came into the arms

(Our enemies already tremble)

The dark essence flow across the veins

(An inner pain erase my human state)

The fear collapse in the research of death

(Our cowardice is dead)

The sacred power mould me like the clay

(The Aura of Kerriì)

The hymn of the thunder consecrate the rain

(The Mountain tremble at the Evkluì breath)

“Go valiant man your moment is came

strong is your heart and strong is your fate,

the blood that you shed will feeding the ground,

the souls that you tear will feeding the Stars”

" The sacred Enclosur of Kerriì

it's open to the mighty warriors,

Their elms shining at shrine flames

their swords screaming revenge.

Mighty warriors, mighty warriors,

fights your holy war,

Your steel, your fire, your glory and pride,

Forever in the name of Divines"

7. Heathen Pride

8. Oiumpais Poem

"Stathus pùs Sheeì Thurktiì

Kerriì Vezkeì Statif

Evkluì Statif, Kerriì Statif

Futreì Kerriì aì Statif

Ohnafreì Kerriì uì Statif

Ohartuì Kerriì uì Statif"

Take my hand and follow me now

See your future into my eyes

and search your fate in my fate

I sing the poem of our lives

But the Diumpaìs don't be alive

In this cruel world, slain by much lies

"Dìuveì Vereaishuì

Dìuveì Regàtureì

Evekluì Kerriì uì Patanaì Statif

"Dìuveì Vereaishuì

Dìuveì Regàtureì

Evekluì Kerriì uì Patanaì Statif

9. Epilogue


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