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The Madness Behind...

"The Madness Behind..." (2002)

1. Rat Domination
2. Opera of a Deep Wound
3. Endless Journey
4. Firestorm
5. Black Cat
6. Total Schizo
7. The End

1. Rat Domination

The end has come from the underground
caused by the little grey death
Noone did ever expect such a horror
Noone was able to recognize - rats!

The little creatures seemed to have a plan
silent they started their war
Millions were creeping out of the dark
Thousand died, but the mass is the force

Too much arrogance is the problem
mankind wasn't prepared
Scientists dispaired in panic
and never found a way - rats!

Rat domination! The rules have changed!
Rat domination! A race is born!
Rat domination! A great mistake!
Rat domination! It is too late!

Towns are banished into underground
Survivors are spreading the desease
Grey coat as far as you can see
Welcome to the dark age - rat domination

2. Opera of a Deep Wound

Some time I was born
for the first time I saw light
I feel wet and warm
The flesh gave me life

I saw a hazy world
through the running blood
But the view is clearer now
I feel the pulse of pain

I fear my life is short, I am too clean
Pus is the enemy. I smell it's work
The hope is so small and the healing so strong
I use remaining time bringing some pain

I feel the new flesh
growing from all sides
I hate the fresh skin
creeping to me, like an abscess.

New flesh is drying out my living space
Shrinking to hard crust my days are just black
I was a deep wound, but nothing I'm now
My feelings are weak and I'm going to die

3. Endless Journey

Noone knows from where they came
Noone knows their name
Neither they can speak
nor they are able to think
Just condemned to exist,
to lead a life without end
Prisoners of a forgotten court
on a journey without an end.

An existence without a form
seperated from time and space
does not have an opportunity
to rest for a minimal time
They are the witnesses from start to end
but will never tell what they have seen
With dead minds, but with conciousness
they only wish to forget.

From an endless journey they came
They are damned to stay alive
Without a home and with no own will
They travel further with all the knowledge.

4. Firestorm

Concentrate the force and discharge a mighty firestorm
Burn it all to the ground what you hate
Listen to the demons who speak in your head
Research the feelings you never had before

There is no weapon against our firestorm
It burns the scum down an makes all clean
We control the heat, we control the world
We are the cleaners for a new begin

An empty plain is the
witness of destruction
Dark clouds will
last a lot of days
A land without life and
a dead ground arises
An origin for a
new lifeform

And the circle is closed
Everything will start from scratch

5. Black Cat

I woke up on the streets when the day begun
For a long while I struggled for a memory.
Tried to think, felt a strange fear
I moved slowly near by the walls

Why did this happen? What is my name?
Is someone missing me, waiting at home?
How long will I be in this state?
Can someone help me to come back?

I tried to remember what happend last day
There was a gray picture in my mind
Blurred scenes were changing, I couldn't catch the plot
There was a dark street and this cat

The knowledge hit me hard, I turned my head to the wall
Short black hairs where I was pushing my body against
I remembered the eyes of the cat, this glowing points in the dark
We did change our bodies, I am a cat now and I have lost my human remains

6. Total Schizo

Reality gathers in my brain, dark clouds of present and past
Four dimensions of colors and impressions. Lost in my mind - paralyzed
Time is running sideways - a room of endless size
1000 voices are calling me, no word I can understand

Total schizo - ruled by my mind
Total schizo - I'm splitted up
Total schizo - cannot control
Total schizo - no need for a name

The world runs by too fast. I can't stay at one place
Live is a tunnel of countless colors, dividing me and stretching me
I am here - and I'm not. Is it me, or is it you?
I'd like to lose my mind. My wish now is to explode.

7. The End


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