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Not A Gleam Of Hope

"Not A Gleam Of Hope" (2005)

1. Suicide Grotesque
2. Cataracts
3. Mirrors Of Despair
4. Galleries Of Coma

1. Suicide Grotesque

one step from morning to night
one step from white to black
one step from here to beyond
one step from life to death

and the night whispers the names
of fallen and damned ones
by the voice of the wind
fallen with no remorse
pale hands are searching for
sanity below the melting snow
thousands of hearts bleed
thousand of souls dissolve in dirt

yellow pages of the book of lies
promise a future full of light
harassing simple minds
exploring new horizons of illusions
ropes around our necks
are like crosses behind our backs
and we crucify ourselves
to save our souls from despair

2. Cataracts

behind a mask with no eyes
there is the monolith of a face
i can not escape from
your abhorrent embrace
are you my verdict
or are you my curse
deep within myself
i feel the hatred grows

the fear of madness
devouring from inside
eclipsing the light

so many years of pain
my punishment is not over yet
they will never forgive
they will never forget
so fill my veins with poison
fill my heart with fear
fill my throat with scream
fill my blind eyes with tears

3. Mirrors Of Despair

i stare into my face
we are connected by solitude
together tied in chains of despair
mentally enslaved nameless
having no future and no past
i look at myself from
the surface of a black lake

mirrors call
mirrors melt
mirrors take me out of here

what the silver moon sings about
in eternal collapse at night
what i am looking for
in the empty skies (empty like me)
a swallow of freedom sticks in my throat
when the sun goes down
in the mirrors of despair
there is only my face

4. Galleries Of Coma


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