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Into the Mouth of God

"Into the Mouth of God" (1999 EP)

1. The Fire in the Son
2. And Thieves Shatter
3. Song's Mistress
4. Sea that Flows
5. Complete Odium (misery)
6. Spoils of You
7. Poets Lament (an unfinished symphony)

1. The Fire in the Son

2. And Thieves Shatter

I sow what you reap in a moment
without consequence
While I bow my back to the great ships

The spirits blazing, that beckon to me.
I turn to the evening star.

My arms covet the winters of distant lands
away from your putrid banquet.
Underneath, the waves covet the secrets.
Listen to the whispers my dear.

I shine with the fury, that swells up in me.
I turn to the evening star.

Your faithless fathers spittle.
Their cup overflows in my hand.
I'm sick, so sick with the fever,
that stole your children away.

We live behind shards of glass
feasting on God in the hopes of Grace.
With the toils of salvation we all should
be put on the cross.

Drink you cup, slobber it down.
Deep in your thieves den, you're without a soul
I want to take you away.
I want to burn, to burn the earth.

It all drains away, running through our dried fingers.
Fragrant mists sear my heart.
My tongue, it aches for blaze underneath
your flesh...and within.

My arms covet the winters of distant lands
away from your putrid banquet.
I glide over the allures of beauty
that thieves yearn to steal.

3. Song's Mistress

Won't you come with me into the fire,
or lead me into the sea.
Walk the streets at night my angel
frosted sweat and sorrow.
The lies that flow from your eager lips
flow through my throat and marrow.
Don't cry tonight my angel,
I'll buy your bed tomorrow.

Cold frost, iron beams.
Fumes rise and hounds scream.
Lay her down by my side, naked warm devoid of pride.
We're vanquished in pits of shame
Becoming drunk on wolves-bane
Touch cold like the rest, my heart splits under water blessed.

Her face in my mind, I must be blind.
Lead me into the sea.

Now is the hour or our discontent.

I know oyu're here, I tear at my eyes.
In my shadows the monsters lurk.
Through the rain, down the city streets
we turn to ashes to find heaven.
I search in vein, she loves in waves.
It grows in me (nothing)
I have no hear anymore.
Under sheets of torrid horror,
her face is blurred by the screams of her sins.
My precious sweet try not to breathe
barren alters away your knees.

4. Sea that Flows

Is this the languid place where you lay your head?
I rend my way through to it's core.
All my precious thoughts have passed into dust.
Touch my skin and scream yourself into motherhood.

Fly away...I know of ways.
My cross...your womb.

My sea flows deep into the mouth of God
while ragged dogs rip and tear for me outside.

Buried beneath all this filth is a king.
My sweet, this word is no place your arms.

My sea flows deep in the mouth of God
while ragged dogs rip and tear for me outside...
by the sea

5. Complete Odium (misery)

Silver to mind, silver to the
I am King of the throne of Eden.
The words of man weep in the sun.

Beg to me with outstretched arms.
Open my chest to roast the thorns.
I see the light, I see my wrists.


Take my hands and take my eyes.
Every moment of the dark and night
I know your pain it's inside of me.

Little child
Come to me, I'm your God
you're mine, you're mine

You're mine tonight
You're mine tonight

I see the light, I see my wrists
I see my comes to this.
Look up to the sky, look in the clouds.
Where I shall be over and round.
I now lie here still frozen sorrow.
The blood fills my hands and wallow
Song of black lace, songs of black satin
words filled with pain.

Rose up to the sky past all the clouds
Rise from the earth where the Angels abound
I see the angels with their blackened hair
their blackened songs, blackened wings
Lights of the sky bleed before me
out of my eyes.
I see this love, all this love, this miserable lie.

6. Spoils of You

Ravage the fruit, O' my brother.
From the garden of vindication.
Tasting the skin, like vinegar,
we fall from the pillar of mercy.

You whore of want, you feast of dirt.
We are gluttons for the sky.

Cough up your last breath
and grasp onto no one.
Our fiery eyes shall scourge the earth
of the spoils of you.

Cry now,
tears that run gashes in your pretty face.
There nothing,
not even the spoils of you.

In deepest summer the flowers cover up
what was left of me.
I know the seasons, they change out of the
swords that protrude from the
spoils of you.

7. Poets Lament (an unfinished symphony)

My lovely sin, give it to me
On paper worlds, my violent passion.
Waiting for, the moment of mansions.
My lovely fear, bring it to me.

I peel back your sacred pake-red flesh.
I die inside your eyes, the heavens cast me down.
The winds screams her shouts to me,
in the candle light your words cut through me.

Looking deep into your chasm
I rip the flesh from every nightmare.
Only there will you find my mind.
By the candle light your singing songs to me.

The idle sound of wandering footsteps.
The fear rises up to my eyes.
I catch the dark within my dreaming
I cast it down upon the servants.

In the morning they wake to sonnets
and burn them up to kiss the ask.
It's time to spoil them form your eyes now
In far I want to be

I know the drawing, it's near
I heard the warning, so clear.
I touch pale-red, over me.

The sonnets pour from your eyes.


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