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New Existence

"New Existence" (2002)

1. Divergent Reality
2. Chained
3. Devouring Hybrid Creation
4. Paralyzed
5. Ignorance of Insanity
6. One Sided
7. New Existence
8. Fate Whispers Solitude
9. Sewer Whore
10. Tyrants of The Light
11. Extinction of The Leach

1. Divergent Reality

an occurrence surfaces realizing doubt
a crack in perception dichotic in my view
of the world around me

my consciousness was seemingly split
by malevolent control techniques
I subvert forbidden knowledge
now the dam will burst
my life attempting to surface
thru the maze of my mind
murky recollections of an obscure past
are drowning my sanity

escaping a life obfuscated
pursvants want what's forgotten
stumbling evasion misdirected memory
chasing the truth as I am chased
cursing confusion uncertainty
reminiscence fragmented into obscurity

drowning my clandestine involvement
attempted acquisition of my amnesia
a consistent destabilizing dysphoria
capture should I fear or accept
shall I face savior or tormentor
acquiescence seems impossible
ultimate conclusion improbable
inward unearthing reveals nothing

dual identity neither is clear
blurred by my divergent reality
tortured by divergent reality

2. Chained

stormy seas of racing shadows
upon the seas of grace
blood soaked tears of silent fear
engulf a mind so pure
chained in the dark with no way out
until your time expires
the resting calm before the storm
that's terrified your life

face of the dark tied down with chains
is the darkest fear tied down with chains
a failure of mind to realizie what b ecomes of lies
shadows cry call for life tied down with chains

selfishness and greed you see
puts strife on others lives
taking for granted these piss poor ways
the built up torment will rage

this kingdom is built on emptiness
what will become of that
a failure to realize
how unimportant this is

knifing controlling selfish what do you see in the
chains torment anger breaking free of these ways

3. Devouring Hybrid Creation

infecting the masses with false declarations
inhaling toxin of affection
rejection is the alien outcome
desecration resolves the blasphemy

crucify the blasphemer
spread the disease upon his world
the greed turns to insanity
then nothing except you fear

entwined in the feelings you falsely desire
crushed by the eyes of defeat
self indicated assumptions that surface
will wither in your self-destruction

false mis-conceptions
is a fate of the weak
devouring hybrid creation
engulfing self deceit

4. Paralyzed

your bleedeing eys are self-paralyzed
wishing for more control
hypocrisy chain of command
where reality has lost its throne
a slight less seen is practical thought
a failure to rationalize
procrastinating you way thru daze
there is nothing wrong in your eyes

this is the real world no compromise
the white fire of lies is burn ing my eys

paralyzed you burnt yourself
not sticking to the walls of shame
the countless days and weeks of unrest
will return to you in justified pain
burning fiery lies corrupting fear falsified

domination will come and fold
you'll see yourself as reality tightens its hold
corrupting fire will come to an end
taking what's left and jumping to an end
you've failed in what's tried to be done
self paralyzed your reign is done

gripping reality blinded by fire
self paralyzed your life is done

you're infectious to others lives self paralyzed
immolated in your fire of lies

5. Ignorance of Insanity

between ignorance and insanity
spiteful of what others have
a society with hearts as cold as ice
decrepit ignorance and genocidal ways

you'll be shunned with your cuase
with your heart that is as black as night
spewing forth your hate and your rage
in the name of the lord

the battle starts again
bringing forth an absurd war
what religion are we fighting for
is the ignorance in your book

ready to attack
spreading misery in the name of god
forgive me of my sings
before I kill myself and as many as I can
take me to the light
I've given myself in a holy attack
repulsed by your sight
shunned for your acts in your ignorant fight

I don't care what your reasons are
no escuses for the genocidal play
society of fools with your ignorant wayss
eliminate them all make the world pure

6. One Sided

people around us together we trust
adjusting ways something is lost
chaos around us back to the start
one-sided ways

no room for compromise
in a one way mind
anger arises violence erupts
easy way out

need to control
primitive ways
from a selfish mind

empty lies fill the air
seeking rescue from despair
resolution hopless outlook grim
chaos erupting in a bloody war

7. New Existence

blinded souls march in unison
into the night where no one is born
casualities are laid to waste
sorry souls march forever on

walking down a lonely path
looking for a hand to hold
from the right comes a twisted soul
promising to guide you right
instinct to fight fights will to live
innocent lives drifting away
going down in a blaze of glory
doesn't justify this god

blessed sons of god he prays
cast good fortune upon your souls
we drink this wine in honor of thee
take us upon your mercy

taken into the night where no one is born
chaos will consume my soul

a brainwashing mind in trust
denied existence of this lust
perfect minds and perfect souls
will grace this land an uphold

new existance based on lies
guiding sorry minds and souls

death is what becomes of you
as I sit and watch your grave
a perfect life of harmony
slowly erodes away
the thoughts and words that once spoke free
are no longer yours to speak
as you reach the meltng point
your soul is not yet free
you clench your fists as anger flares
realizing the path that's gone
all the sermons and words from wise
were force fed to you from a soul of lies

8. Fate Whispers Solitude

whispers of greatness
imprinted in your mind
shadows surface
to wipe this greatness from your life

sorrow and solitude
is all that's left behind
you'll see yourself withering
as the greatness washes from your life

fear battles emptiness
for control of what's left behind
pompousness and arrogance
has gotten you lost in time
blind to the facts of reality
as you silenty go obscure
drifting into infinity
as fate whispers solitude

fate whispers solitude
trying to re-live the past

descending your fall from grace
your screams they fill the sky
frigid weak and drained
decaying from the inside out
you used to walk on water
where has all your glory gone
think for a moment your ascent
as darkness grasps upon your throat

truth is forbidden
in your mind
spending eternity
in a fantasy world

9. Sewer Whore

sewer whore piss on life
no respect for others lives
ultimate lie is your mind
where you'll rot is eternal hell

innocence insisted loyalty persisted
thinking you've got the upper hand
what goes around comes around
even a delusional mind

destructive minds piss on life
disregarding others pain
carelessness will bring demise
to a delusional mind
corrupting lives not your expense
lies we trust innocence lost forever

10. Tyrants of The Light

differences wil we ever be the same
occurrences ever last
is there happiness in despair

differences solar craving for energy
overtakes the task at hand
exhausting eternity awaits

take me away from here
far beyond the wrath
where did I sign for his
the turblece i' etrappd
engaged with this enemy
years of battle await
greater than the needs of life
more powerful than the sun
not the need but the greed and lust
that powers life at hand
sunken in this ritual path
blind to the facts at hand

are you really that great
better than me
the question that's asked of you is what gives you the right

blind by the cold eternal desire
status puts you above the rest
nocturnal empire prays on sorrows cries
the tyrants of the light
the eys of the meek are cold and empty
as the tyranht makes his flight
grim reality of a dark eternity
the tyrants of the light

11. Extinction of The Leach

society's disease advantages of the weak
ignorance is obscen in a modern time
ignorance is a way of life for some who choose the way
crawling from the darkest corners to become society's leech
vesting in a pool of shit to sponge from others lives

a rational being wold not accept
how did it get this far
extermination of the leech
to let the planet breath

as I bleed for leech
let it grow is obscene

a pathetic waste is on our hands
end these ways as epidemic rises

feel your instincts end these ways
wipe this disease from your face
they rise they rise
the dormants from their lives


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