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"Lifework" (2003 EP)

1. Man vs Logic
2. Push And Hold
3. Consumed
4. Four Walls
5. Passive Tool

1. Man vs Logic

Too Late
Nature Failed
Here We Are
None Will Be Saved

The Farce Went On
Each Phase, A New Low
Evolution - A Worst-Case Scenario

Hope Is Gone
Life Ends With Man
Creation - A Truly Bad Plan

Man Versus Logic

Time To Face
The Given Outcome
Oblivion - Here We Come

2. Push And Hold

Life Passed
So Surreal
Like A Very Bad Dream

Review In Black And White
A Glance And I'm Done

Memories Worth Nothing
Forgotten With Ease

Through It All, I Waited
Nothing Showed

Before My Half Closed Eyes
Well Within Reach
Moments Went By
Meant To Be Seized

Traceless Me
Push And Hold
End Of Story

Final Entry
One Last Blank Page
The End Of Me

3. Consumed

The Hollow Sound Of My Voice
Echoes Down The Corridors
Where Dreams Died And I Disappeared
Into The Faceless Mass

All And More
Whatever I Once Had
They've Consumed

The Traps Were Set
Long Before I Arrived
Naive And Unscarred
I Stumbled Into Them All

Each Day
A Lesson Learnt Too Late

Unsuspecting Me
The World Stod Ready Waiting
Everyone Took A Piece
Now There's Nothing Left To Steal

Where Once Stood A Man
Lies The Pieces Of An Empty Shell
That No Longer Fit Together

4. Four Walls

Behind Doors
Locked From Inside
Somewhere In Time
Something Went Terribly Wrong

Former Persons
Since Long Phased Out

Within Four Walls
Somehow Past Lives Go On

Poisoned Numb
They No Longer Feel
Every Sense Has Been Put To Sleep

Disordered Blank Thoughts
A Wordless Nothing
Now Fills Their Carefree Minds

Time Goes On
Dying Prolonged

Terribly Wrong
On And On

5. Passive Tool

Switch On, Switch Off
You Start And Stop
Mentally Bypassed
Company Controlled

Punch In, Punch Out
Once Full Of Life - Look At You Now!

Tick-Tock, Tick -Tock
You Make And Give, Give, Give
With Every Muscle And Bone
Company Property

Punch In, Punch Out
Once A Person - What Are You Now?

Burning Out
Down In The Hole
Where They Made You Fit

Click, Click
Body Fails To Respond
A Tool Out Of Use
Stashed Away

Switch On, Switch Off
You've Been Replaced


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