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Lifeless Culture

"Lifeless Culture" (2002)

1. Child of Rape
2. Lifeless Culture
3. Out of Myself
4. Hollow Vows
5. Extreme Passionate Cruelty
6. Infidel Soldiers
7. Hallucinogenic Icons
8. The Less I Hate

1. Child of Rape

How do you tell, a person,
That they were born
As a child of RAPE!

How could you,
Let this, nightmare
Get any worse. Get any worse!

Born of an immoral,
A walking impersonation
Of violation, violation.

How are they expected to cope!
Why should they be expected to cope!

Created with no intention of love.
No pain could be worse.
Every child deserves LOVE!

The three factors of rape
That make it such an abuse
Are inflicted on the child
As a result of,

2. Lifeless Culture

Struck down without warning
Taken with no remorse.
No time for wasteful mourning
A new life must be born!

No time for learning
This was the first curse
The fatal blow swift and rapier like
Strike back ! Strike back now !

When will you realise
That your culture, is Dead !

Swollen blister,
Earth keeps turning
Your blind eye won't
Stop the bleeding.
We must shed this lifeless culture
Opulence feeds like a vulture!
It feeds like a vulture.

No point trying to revive
For a new world we must strive.
We reject this lifeless culture
We reject this LIFELESS! CULTURE!
We reject YOU!
We reject this LIFE!!!

3. Out of Myself

Alone so helpless
I have no one
Surrounded by people without voice
I have only one choice left
I must pull through !

The choice of inner strength
I refuse to waste this painless breath

Taken to see the most and the least
Hatred is an immortal beast.

I found myself stuggling to overcome
Pain that isn't mine
I don't want your pain.
Leave me to myself
Tear myself down.
I must overcome this weakness.

Your false hope won't help me
I must take the full velocity
Of pain into myself
& rejuvenate it as, a pillar of strength
coming out of myself
Out of myself I feel strong.
Leave me alone, leave me alone
I don't know whether I'm safe on my own.
I feel strong YES I feel strong YES
I feel strong YES I feel strong!

4. Hollow Vows

The promise that you know
Your innermost thoughts

You use your mouth to say
What you do know is not true
Always lying!
Sacred secret!

How much longer,
Can you hold up,
Your hollow vows, Your hollows vows.

Expectations on whihc you
Rely so heavily,
Ultimately will be you downfall.

Will only ever bring you
A complete sense of failure.

Rueful thoughts are what you have to deal with.
As hopelessly you cling to your vows.
Imprisoned by your own weak mind.

I have no sympathy for you!
I have no sympathy for you!
How are you going to pull through?
When I have no sympathy for you!

Expectation is the killer that will be.
Expectation us the killer that will be.
I have no sympathy for you.
I have no sympathy for you!

5. Extreme Passionate Cruelty

But true, images, sustained
In the minds of the LUCKY!

Desired by the, God of war Arkan, Arkan!

Taken from the depths of
Extreme Passionate Cruelty
Living inside black hearts

Do you ever stop and think
About the hatred that you create
There's so much more to what it is that you advocate.


You are the worst exponent of HUMANKIND!

Future of uncertainty
Guaranteed by depravity,
Echoes of the past
Pathetic insanity!

No need to fulfill ancient prophecy, no need to kill for past atrocity,
let me bring you back to reality, Faster than to
rising body count.
Of innocent victims of narrow minded brutality.
Killing for hate is weakness of the mind,
Extreme passionate cruelty is all I can find.
In your motives of genocidal warfare.
Executioners will be sort out for torture.
Do you care! Do you care!
Living life is not about killing!
How do you shed the pain of the missing?
How do you shed the pain of the missing?
How do you shed the pain of the missing DEAD!

6. Infidel Soldiers

Proud is the anti-Christ
With a strength beyond HATRED!
Acceptance of diversity
Stops the endless pain of conformity!

Infidel soldiers
Of the new world order
Will be the ones who
Will restore the faith in
The human spirit.
Infidel soldiers
No guns do we have
Life we wish to PRESERVE!

Revolution through denial
Non-violence to achieve our goals
Rejection of ignorance
Knowledge will be all
Knowledge will be all.

7. Hallucinogenic Icons

Direct current, visit another world.
Find myself, facing living visions.
Talking to me, advising my direction.

No places for sceptics
Scourage of humanity!
Place me under their spell
For fear of HELL! I COMPLY!

Hallucinogenic icons
I worship gratefully!
Will they be able to give me
The strength that I need!

In the end, all I see
Religious, HYPOCRISY!

8. The Less I Hate


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