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Spiritual Domination

"Spiritual Domination" (1999)

1. Intro
2. Black Winds of Death
3. Apostasty
4. Cruel Torment of Soul
5. Innocent Death
6. Intrauterine Murder
7. Funeral of the Evil Forces

1. Intro


2. Black Winds of Death

domination, destruction, extermination
the evil power
invades with fury
the human heart

the darkness is coming
the legion of hate
domains who doesn't know the truth

black winds of death
devastate your minds
black winds of death
devastate your soul

bloody storm fire
the fire is over
that fight against
the divine truth

are your yes hurt
by the fire of hell
blood, pain, against
torments of soul
the suffering is in
the reign of shadows

3. Apostasty

spreading love and peace
bringing hate and destruction
with falses promises
hiden behinds lies

the wait comming to the end
dreams drestroyed
from a goal not reached
the darkness

pain, aguish, destruction
the darkness will come
and the light won't exist anymore
and everybody claim for salvation

the vermim will cover you
in the deepest precipice
the promise is broken
you failed he's coming

4. Cruel Torment of Soul

and you now?
and now the light is off?
and you are still
alone in the dark

screams of anguish are heard
in all instants feeling cry

where are you?
do something he hears your screaming
so why don't you respond
do you think he with all this?

you try to ignore
but there's no way to scape

don't denied the truth
there's light
the end of the tunnel
jesus christ
and darkeness around you
a narrow path to follow
and you naw?

5. Innocent Death

anguish, despair
the death of the innocent
without a choice life
hastation of the misfortune

one more violent act against
who can do nothing
do defends himself

a safe place becomes
the most dangerous
drained blood of cruel act

pulled up of the world
tortured until the death
to hurt or to cure
to kill or to let live

give valve the life
you don't excuse them
to eliminate it

6. Intrauterine Murder

it's frightening the rate of victims
of a pre-natal murderer
clandestine clinics and phisicians
decide the begining and the end of a life

abortion a world characterized by the imortality
of people without any responsability
the consequence of an irrational deed

abortion a cheathing deed that promise
relief and soluction of a shameful act
but the truth is that it leaves sequels
and a silent cry-self-acusation

abortion causes aplinters that enters
the conscience threatening to do
away with reason an the whorth of life
conscience, let's abort abortion

7. Funeral of the Evil Forces

satan is defeated
like an infamous leprous
cold and full of wounds
into the ferocius blindness of death

the end of his
domnion has come
as soon as it was established

the infernal sword destroyed
the profane amulet smashed
his curse image
awaits the flames of hell

sacred words say through holy spirit
be means of the faith in jesus christ
you defeated is proclaimed

creator has rose up
in his hand, brings the justice
your knees, are bow i can hear
your confession, feel the pain
and the fear that you've spread
to all without limits

this is the day
the occult is revelead
the bestial empire deposes
every lie regurgitaded

his dominion will be eternal
will never be destroyed
for he must reign till hath
put all enemies under his feet


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