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Bleeds Darkest One

"Bleeds Darkest One" (2005 EP)

1. Bleeds
2. Darkest One
3. One
4. Elegy
5. Outro

1. Bleeds

Abstract colors within this hostile universe,
I see new shades, now everything for me is attainable
I leave and I return simultaneously, as if I had died,
My senses do not exist here…

There is just a slight sign of consciousness:
your death is my destiny.

It is just a fleeting thought,
hope is not welcomed in this place;
But now in the stupor of my non-existence,
I can contemplate the immortality of my grief.

Like a beggar I try to breathe the breath of the dread,
Every minute becomes more diffuse
Every moment is more vulnerable to the pleasure of the memories.

I can see subtle shapes, suggestive and accurate;
I can see a lot of ways, a serpent shows the threshold to me …
I can see you … I can feel your reflex burning my last mortal notion…

So delicate, so pure
Your presence humiliates me, satisfies me, condemns me
Discovering your skin …

2. Darkest One

Leave me, the voices of nothing cried out my sin

The emptiness is my truth,
here it does not fit multitude.
Your purity cheats me,
I do not want to succumb to your entrails.
Please leave me and go far away,
From where this shady desert goes on forever.

The desire burns me slowly, I am guilty.
Innocuous pleasures, whispers warms,
Is in this illogical dance
Where I will be able to drink of your secret

A little radiance is the indication of enslavement
The infinite beauty bites me, consumes me
And even without eyes I can see to dispel you
My hunger and my thirst have not been satisfied.

Your hands fade my latent truth
Leave me, free me from this desire
you are a fine rusty notion
That has vanished before my sorrow.

Recovering the past covered in cruel mirrors
Returning to the ashes that the wind spilt
The silence waits for the sweet harmony of the revival

3. One

4. Elegy

On This afternoon raining like that day
Your memory has come to me
Born so alone in the melancholy
Because the grief is constant
It will never disappear.
Now the wound opens up
Just as you wanted it to
My heart swims in the submission
I will never forgive your escape
But just maybe when you find me
I hope that will be soon…

5. Outro


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