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Alcoholic Death Noise

"Alcoholic Death Noise" (2002)

1. The Sin / Sexual Delight
2. Alcoholic Death Noise
3. An Eye for an Eye
4. No Future
5. Welcome to Miseries
6. Humanity
7. Beyond the Slavery of Sin
8. Repulsive Impulses
9. Midnight Queen (Sarcófago cover)

1. The Sin / Sexual Delight

Beyond the boundaries of pleasure
I can make your delights turn to reality
Leave your emotions rapture you
And your dreams will become reality
Hey girl, cum to me
'Cause I am ready for your desires
Between your legs I will put
My eternal hammer of love
I will put you in dog position
And I will fuck your asshole
Cries of desire in a full moon night
All night long in pleasure
Pain is the only reason to live
Come to our land of pleasure
We'll create your sexual delight

2. Alcoholic Death Noise

Promiscuous women are in my life
I'm just a slave of pleasure
In this pleasure, alcohol is my doom
The roots of all my luxury
When I look through my window
I feel myself so empty
Walking in the loneliness of the streets
Looking for a bar to drink

Alcoholic death noise

A deafening noise has arisen now
I can see a bottle in front of me
But bitches are also around me
My feelings are dominated by pleasure
Now I'm lost in my doom
Shouts of delirium echo in the air
The future is beyond the wisdom
Where everything is beginning

3. An Eye for an Eye

Feel your heart, it's cold as steel
In your life when you dream
Your heart beats stronger
And it almost goes out of your mouth

You look for sadness and dark places
Eternal torment conquers your mind
Your past is distress and solitude
You are a prisoner of desperation

Your selfishness turns you cold
The horror of living with yourself
Now is your worse nightmare
And you cannot wake up

Now it's an eye for an eye
Because you are not perfect
Your torment is my rejoice
Your despair is my victory

An eye for an eye

4. No Future

Try to understand a little of Brazil
Where present, past and future are always wrong
Everyone is excluded and wrong done
Too much continues as always in our history
A native land that oscillates between past and present
Everything that was made yesterday is already forgotten
You don't know if you are yourselves
If your identity is false or true
They don't see the current situation of our country
That it is misery, war and disaster
'Cause the rich ones earn everything
And the poor they gain nothing
Stop. Imagine. Perhaps you could believe
That everything here is too stupid
Don't believe in the liers
Because your future is made by you

5. Welcome to Miseries

Children drifting and dying
Epidemies spreading on the land
The chaos is above our heads
But everyone tries to survive
See the desperation in their eyes
Listen to their cries of agony
Their hands fight with strenght
For little crumbs of food
Welcome to misery
There's nowhere to go
Where few have the power
Where people live as pigs
And the image is of sadness
Everyone live to make money
Misery can be seen by everybody
But the great corrupt ones
Try to survive in this land
Here there's not privation of food

6. Humanity

The end of an age has arrived
We have looked for what we have found
The devastation of the world
Built with our own hands
The sun has hidden under dust
The day has turned to night
Where there was a native forest
There's nothing anymore

The end of everything was created by us
Don't cry for the lost because it's too late
It makes bitter the pain of your own defeat
The last day of humanity is today

Nation against nation with no purpose
Incurable illnesses are among us
We're looking for an explanation for what has happened
But we never look for our own cowardice

Now people die
The steel cuts their meat
We only feel the pain

7. Beyond the Slavery of Sin

Where is your fate?
What are you looking for?
Crimes, luxury, orgies
This is your reality
No. You wanna something more
Lust is not enough for you
The slavery of sin
Is in your core
It's in your dark side
You want the pleasure
Beyond the slavery of sin
You quote the rules
The pleasures of the flesh are nothing
Crimes are childish games
Your life is reduced to lust
You are the rule

8. Repulsive Impulses

Macabre rituals, insane minds
Rotten bodies, pieces of bones
Morbid intentions, dilacerated entrails
Try to feel a little bit of pain
The blood runs in your veins
Induced by harmful substances
Drop by drop it is sucked from yourself
Cry in pain
Don't run, is its destiny
We want your blood now
Listen to our laughters
Watching your total pain

9. Midnight Queen (Sarcófago cover)

She was a simple girl, coming from
A simple town
Still a child she started to work
She never had time to school

Had a boyfriend, young,
Unemployed, wasted and stoned
Expelled from home for moralistic reasons
She started to live with him

She was only 16, trying to live with misery
Day after day wasting her life
She decided to sell her body

Walking down corners and dark lanes
Night lights dazzles her mind
Crime and voilence on her way
Soon she was the queen of the night

Midnight queen, alone in the night
Always dreaming of better days
Midnight queen, trying to survive
But so many thorns on her way
Midnight queen, I'm sorry for your
Life, for your sorrow, for your fate
Midnight queen

Dreaming of better days
That will never come
Another night has just begun

Into drugs and booze she throws herself
Trying to escape from reality
She won't escape

Found in a motel room
Her sweet blood everywhere
A few bucks on her body

And around her neck
Tied with a dead knot
Hung a lash


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