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"Interment..." (2002)

1. Deep Scar
2. Catasthrophe
3. Towards the Endless Insanity
4. Unprecious Memories
5. Last To Numbness
6. Tragic End
7. Demise Of Sincerety
8. Breathless
9. Interment

1. Deep Scar

Welcome to the nightmare of torment
Torment that'll bring your end
Now just close your eyes
Your fate now begins

Watch the reality

Reigning of torture
When you enjoy life
When did betrayal and grief make you happy
All illusions are collapsed
The gateways of cemeteries are opening up

If you still have passion for life
Now reconsider your past

You're living an artifical happiness in a fate
That's braided in betrayal
Life, lies, destiny, virulence, affection, infidelity
Welcome to reality

Keep on facing your fears
Your time of the most bitter facts are coming

You're breeding torture inside your painful mind
Hopes are lessening day by day
You can't get away from the errosion of life
Your eyes like embers your body is burning
What do you expect from life

Only dark smiles
Everybody is trying to gulp you down
No taste no joy, immense indecision in my heart

I still feel the deep scar in the center of my heart
With all my tears suffering and deep laments
I still feel the deep scar

2. Catasthrophe

Funeral of the scummy grey world
Our tears drown us of in the oceans of life
Why are the ones who play god decide others' death
Then ask for mercy on domms day

Every day a new war suffering is fate
Why do humans always pay the price
Why do they run towards dooms day
Now this world is a catasthrophe sphere

The art of decline no one is praying for us anymore
The errosion of tired souls cannot be stopped
Science became the art of genocide
I can only be happy for the dead ones

Blood and fire reigning us
Now the love is the only money and dead's world

The end of the light depends on seconds
Life is slowly ending

Healthless and mad here is
The nation of the violence
There is no cause only capture and destroy
The sphere of the catasthrophe is filthy black
And dishonored
There is no reason to live and care for

3. Towards the Endless Insanity

My soul is bleeding
My stillborn hapiness cutting like sharp razors
I'm far away from gardens of love
And I go towards the gateways of life

I'm forsaken I feel like a cursed and morbid one
Why the shadows come on to me
I can't stand...
This pain... I want to die no reason

Going towards the endless insanity
I feel the eyes of death now
Just killing myself
Just leave yourself to the emptiness

Pain in my mind
Pain is my fate
Pain in my heart
Pain is what I am...

Never I choose anything
Never I choose this fate
Looking for a life
I'm calling you save me!!!

I'm forsaken I feel like a morbid
Why the shadows come on to me
I can't open my eyes...
This suffering. So greedy

Rising the hatred rising my sorrow
I only can feel pain

Waiting for your death
But I'm going towards the endless insanity
No more waiting for your lies...

4. Unprecious Memories

You thought that I wouldn't live
Without your existence
That I would fall in darkness
Without the light of your eyes
That I could never hold another hand and
My soul would freeze without you

A warm smile and all the experienced past
Now it's all an abandoned desert
There's only a filthy hatred in the heart of purity
The only thing I adore is your lies

Obsession of passion and revenge
I got only one bullet
And that's for the unprecious memories
The wound of the blind hated
Has already made me bleed
Your fake smiles have drowned in my existence

Lies, your lies are more appaling
And as warm as sun
Charming fake smiles just leave me be
Betrayal is not the flame of love
Time has passed now whole thing is a lie

A kidnapped hope is rising again
Instead of the unprecious memories

5. Last To Numbness

6. Tragic End

Ask why you hate the memories and yourself
Your eyes in flames words are sentenced to silence
The cries are flood flowing on in my head
Dissapointment brought the tears

Only fright and the unjust night's darkness
A cold emptiness
And my broken hearts confusion

Explain to me why I'm in pain
Eyes in flames just leave me be

Dreams of non-existing suffer and passion
Of the death run
As if I'm cursed;
Fateless unloved looks

Words are useless knives are confused
Revenge is what you crave
Corrosion of our pride
Disinformation led to this tragic end

From dreams to nightmares from illusions
To the canter of reality
There comes the tragic end
The knives will say the last word

7. Demise Of Sincerety

This self centered world is sickening me
Time is going by rapidly
They all slaughtered my beloved ones
Make me wanna purify myself out this
Demise of sincerety

You the ones who poison this world for your wealth
For your own favors you lack the doors of humanity
Do we really need to pay back
With your self centered rules
Demise of sincerety

This immense darkness urges me
I cannot control myself
Now is the time to kill the sinister fate

A light in the hopeless earth is what we're seeking
Demise of sincerety is what you taught me

Try to comprehend, why are all the aspects chaotic
Why are they all ending up in killing desires

My tears dropped on your lies
Still time goes by
I cannot forgive you
Lay down my dead heart

8. Breathless

Breathless deep darkness
No one hears my screams
Sleepless time is hopeless
My stillborn fate is suffocating me

Close your eyes can you see your sufer now
Every second you kid yourself
You're dying day by day
Tears for your love

There's no more hope
Revenge is reluctant now
Truth of life
I got wall collapsing down in my head
Truth of life
My attemps are all failing I can't get rid of it
I suffocate
I'm so breathless
Truth of life

Mankind destroying with no respect
All the hapinessand memories they don't discriminate
Once upon a time there was a blue paradise
But now the cemetery of the black tears

After dark you feel the emptiness so cold
You're alone you've lost the game
Mankind noble and proud
But slave of all their own created
Killing themselves and everyone is suffering

Death and fears life and hopes
Didn't you get bored to see the crying of the victims
Why? They don't know?
How did they become a piece of an ordinary war?

9. Interment


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