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Let Clarity Succumb

"Let Clarity Succumb" (2006 EP)

1. Glare As I Reveal
2. To Admit And Allow
3. Let Clarity Succumb
4. Old Wounds

1. Glare As I Reveal

To behold and perceive one's limitation
To recognize one's own inner shackles
To become one with all that is one
To yearn for Demon while fully restrained

Gaze as I reveal: Nothing!

For the sphere's verdict is strict,
And the stars may seem to bloom
But to realize and recognize what dwells beyond
Is to fulfill one's sacred prophecy

To be granted not the seers vision, but nil
To penetrate not the higher realm
To recognize not the false in spirit, but neglect
To gain not the blood of apt

So strive, strive
Seek your fruits of desire
The reward is unpresent
No wit to acquire

Glare as I reveal: Void!

And dim it will always be,
The light of clarity
While flesh and mind in unity:
Obstructed eternally

Of none you became and to none you shall return

2. To Admit And Allow

Spread blaze in all directions
Countless tongues of decline
Blister the crust of the earth
Exalt all beings from mass

Flood the soil
Relieved from all distinction

For these are the fruits of arrogant notion
For this is the higher will

And these are the spears that pierce all sanity
These are the swords that divide
These are the hands to unroll the scrolls
These are the veils that cloak the ultimate Axiom

But you will not receive
For the mirror reflects only what it faces
To know is to ignore
To realize one's scarce potential

So seekers: seek
Thine path is blessed with thorns
So force through the planes of affliction
For the goals extend your bounds

For I foresee: you'll never be ... granted

3. Let Clarity Succumb

Thou shall walk the earth
Though shall turn the current
Thou shall unveil the face of Beast
And release the design within

Gather; gather; conspirators of the concealed,
To serve the seal of turmoil
Unite: destructive Phantoms

Thou shall walk the earth

Arise -- Sleeping Demon inside us all
In black vicious liquids
Thou shall swamp the flesh divine
And bring blight to lame

Gather; gather; souls of obscure creation
Overwhelm the cosmic laws

Arise, arise -- whispering voices
Awake, become -- be spawned to unity

Spread out into deepest spheres
Let thine light of stir reveal the secrets
And let it scorch the eyes of the hunter

Behold, behold -- the demons which were denied

Let clarity succumb to infinite fog
To misguide the prophet

4. Old Wounds


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