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Burning Screams Holocaust

"Burning Screams Holocaust" (2002 Demo)

1. Eravos (Intro)
2. Forever Wicked
3. Blaspheme The Dead
4. Arise From The Grave (Vengeance)
5. Beast Inside
6. Mental Disease
7. Delirium And Madness

1. Eravos (Intro)

2. Forever Wicked

faces of beauty, lifeless still
i want to rape, i want to kill
flowing darkness from within
i steal your breath and peel your skin

insane, insane, insane, insane

i have no rules, i have no name
i play with you this heinous game
warm throats are violins, blades are sticks
your vivid soul escapes your lips

insane, insane, insane, insane

dispel my thoughts, i grab the knife
i lose my mind, you lose your life
sweet corpses lying in front of me
forever wicked i shall be

sunk in a delirious state of mind, i evoke your name
dementia-eternal slave of yours myself i proudly take
the way your tongue caress my mind reminds me of my debt
merciless, relentless messenger of your will
the sweet stench of your breath surrounds me now
an artist ií ll become of the macabre, a pioneer of gore
murder is my art, the way i glorify your name

twisted melodies invade my mind
sharpened blade i hold with hate inside
shining endlessly, will blind the blind

3. Blaspheme The Dead

leading dead victims into the depths of nightmare
a repulsive conquest of bloodsoaked pleasures
bestial craving for flesh besieged by decay
insane, deranged, necrophilia devotee

the stench of the deceased excites my senses
beholding the putrid skin my erection gets stronger
so thrilled with delight as i penetrate deep
blaspheme the dead with retrogressive movements

i sodomize the corpse, pushing on and on
the jellyfied flesh turns into a pulp under my pressure
raping the dead whore i feel i need more
with a cleaver ií ll complete this act of the macabre

with eyes filled with lust i maul the skull
i shatter the legs and cut off the arms
slicing the flesh on the top of her chest
i strip the rotten meat with a wrench of the skin

crushing her bones and stabbing her throat
ií m drawing near orgasm while ií m running amok
sinking in ecstasy i caress the dead whore
thrilled with delight i cum on the flayed spot

insane, deranged, ií m carving her up
blaspheme the dead, ií m fucking the corpse

4. Arise From The Grave (Vengeance)

tortured, slaughtered, buried, rotten
now ií ve risen, undead nightmare
craving for flesh, maiming, killing
broken bodies lay gutted under my feet

5. Beast Inside

it burns my mind in inner never-ending fire
the smell of morbid air awakes my darkest desire
my body lacks of stable form, despair replaces sorrow
instincts of inhumanity control my thoughts to follow

darkness now has cover me and bloodlust fills my eyes
my filthy voice precedes my breath, crawling through the skies
my once pure heart has turn to black and tears of red i taste
your blood is sacred, mine is damned and there' s no drop to waste

i am the son of sinister, i have the beast inside
i rape your horny little daughters, make' em purified
screams of lust and agony are screams of love and hate
human flesh is now my feast, dead bodies seal my fate

brutal hatred' s all i feel, i crush your souls goodbye
the more you cry the more i laugh, i live therefore you die
charon walks among your skins, alone he waves the loom
you gave me pain, you gave me death, so death i give you too

i feel hatred beyond imagination
pain i seek for my salvation

6. Mental Disease

7. Delirium And Madness


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