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Remnants of the Slaughtered

"Remnants of the Slaughtered" (2005)

1. Bringer of Unholy Horror
2. Let the Mutilation Begin
3. Slaughterbarn
4. Morbid Memories
5. Relentless Massacre
6. Chainsawlust
7. Act of Malevolence
8. Mangled In Your Casket
9. They Call Me the Butcher

1. Bringer of Unholy Horror

Bringer of horror
Mass death and mayhem
Ghastly sites of carnage
Hellish murder so terrifying
Living in a violent Rage
Mankind is quickly dying

Bloodshed and war
Chaos growing out of control
Blasphemous minds breed terror
Dead in seconds need to kill
Bloodlust I must fulfill
UIntil then I'll never stop

Horrible deaths termination
Field of corpses mutilation
Dismembered alive decapitation
Roaring fires instant cremation

Murder is imminent
Killing ways continue
Blood and death is what I seek
Prey upon the young and weak

2. Let the Mutilation Begin

Massive hatred anger building
Urge to butcher on the rise
Victim taken by surprise
See the fear in her eyes

Chased down fast multiple stabbings
Knife impaled deep in the spine
Lacerating vital organs repeatedly
Her dead body is bloody

Drag her bleeding carcass
Back to my cabin
Electric knife begins to slice
Let the mutilation begin

Muscles ripped from the bones
Arteries cut and bleeding quick
Chopping flesh chunks are thick
Acts of gore morbid and sick

Cleaver splits the skull
Razors cut out eyeballs
Her body starts to smell
My mouth begins to drool

Consuming her raw meat
Flesh and blood a gruesome treat
It took three weeks to completely devour
Her bones were buried soon after

3. Slaughterbarn

Deadly weapons metal slashing
Dangerous psychopath attacking
Sharp blades carving flesh
Fatal stab wounds meet your death

Piercing lungs ruptured entrails bleed
Lying dead and mutilated
Soon the vermin will feed
All limbs amputated

Genitals chopped off
Torso brutally gutted
Hacksaw grinding bone
Head severed and smashed

Brains oozing from your nose
Fishing hooks pierce the pupil
Stomach beat with a sledgehammer
Blood and shit shoot out your asshole

Sleazy bitch needle marks on her arm
Naked, gutted, butchered in my barn
Dogs eating her organs and flesh
Chewing on bones devouring her breasts
Laughing at her brutal death
Reduced to a gory bloody mess

4. Morbid Memories

I piss on your grave
Thinking back to when you died
It was such a grisly homicide
You are found gutted and decapitated
Stripped naked savagely mutilated
Insects eating your flesh

It was horrible but humorous death
I didn't cry unlike all the rest
You're remains we taken to the morgue
In the wall where they were stored
Until your pointless funeral
Preparing you for final viewing

No one ever found out
That I was the one who killed you
I stare into your dead face
Still able to see your scars

A terrible secret I kept
Hidden for many years
Six feet down you eternally rest
No remorse for your cause of death

5. Relentless Massacre

Save me from this torturous hell
I don't want to live no more
In this world of shit
Erase the pain from my mind
If I don't die someone else will
There's always a victim to kill

I suffer so should you
My pain I want you to feel
A homicidal fiend set free
To murder among society
I begin my killing spree
Random person mercilessly slain

A trail of slaughtered corpses
Littered throughout the town
It will only get worse
Eviscerated children on the ground
Time to call for a hearse
Many humans won't be found

Graves desecrated
Women mutilated
I never hesitated
Some victims were related
Killing eases my misery
Violent scenes gruesome and gory

6. Chainsawlust

I just got a new chainsaw
I can't wait to kill someone
Teeth sharpened ready to grind
The look of evil in my eyes
I'll leave corpses brutalized
Dismembered and thrown about

Two feet of gruesome terror
Splitting bodies in half
Corpse severed guts spilling
I enjoy this violent killing
Flesh and bones I'm shredding
You're family member I'm beheading

Dislimbed pieces in a pile
Oozing entrails gory and vile
People wasted in seconds
Carcass divided in sections
Grinding through your breastplate
Another bitch to mutilate

Addicted to this morbid art
Laugh as I saw your corpse apart
Hunting victims I need more
Let me kill some worthless crack whore
Raped, killed and dismembered
No one cares no one remembers

7. Act of Malevolence

Divine mutilation
Mass death coming
At an alarming rate
Groups of useless people to terminate
Chopped heads roll

When I kill I ask myself
What would Satan do
I hid behind a bloody mask
Made of your mothers flesh
I can remember her death

Hacked limbs dumped in a sewer
Stench of shit and rotten flesh
Uncontrolled violent behavior
Initials carved in bone with razor

Sex organs denched in gas
Melting in the flames
Metal spike up your dead ass
Bloody shit quickly drains

8. Mangled In Your Casket

Roaming around the cemetery
Searching for a stiff to unbury
The perfect corpse to unearth
Digging through rock and dirt

Break open the casket lid
Decomposing odor of pungent death
Maggots crawling on her breasts
Bones exposed through dried dead flesh

Her head in a puddle of embalming fluid
Worms come out her nose
Brains hard and half decayed
Stains and tears in her clothes

Mouth open eyes half shut
Her corpse I begin to cut
Flesh reduced to dust
Eyeballs like a thick hard crust

9. They Call Me the Butcher

Hacked torsos are stuffed
Into large plastic barrels
Freezer full of female organs
Half eaten uterus on a plate
Rotting corpses brutally raped
Gutted and slowly mutilated

Severed heads are boiled
Stench of cooking flesh
Gory sights of death
Dismembered bodies rot

Violently slaughtered
Butchered arms and feet
Chipped bones exposed
Teeth marks on her nose
Consuming raw organs
Sharp tools for severing


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