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"Delusion" (1999)

1. Intro
2. Under Pressure
3. Teufelskreis
4. 8 (Captured)
5. Right to Die
6. The Other World
7. Braincell
8. Peace of Mind
9. Illusion
10. Pedophile Man

1. Intro

2. Under Pressure

It's a medicine for the body.
It's the substance of sport.
Isn't also the substance
for achievement.

...for your ego and the victory?

You've got to win
that's your aim.
You make heavy demands
on your skills.

Under pressure
For more achievement
For your ego

But your body is broken down.
The substance is your aid.
Take the drug for your ego.

How can you reach your goal?
Addiction and exhaustion
The drug of sport.

Why do you take this substance?
This drug of sport.

For that what a human being
must achieve? Limit of creation.

Under pressure
For your ego

The will to achieve your goal.
Who knows the side effects?
The sportsman becomes tested.
The profit goes to someone else.

Under pressure
Under pressure

3. Teufelskreis

Du wurden gezogen in den Bann des Lebens.
In den Bann, wo du glaubst, es ist dein Wille.
Du setzest Ziele und strebst
nach Verlangen deinerselbst.
Du baust auf dich und träumst.

Doch der Stuhl, auf dem du sitzt zerbricht.
Es war nicht dein Traum.
Du hast dich steuern lassen von anderen.

Ist es ernsthaft dein Wille?
Ist es ernsthaft dein Wille?

Kehre zurück zu dir.
Sonst beginnt für dich ein Teufelskreis,
den du nicht siehst.
Willst du das?
Willst du das?

Der Teufelskreis im falschen Ich.
Es gibt kein Zurück.

Der Teufelskreis zerstört dein Leben.
Du willst es nicht.
Du zerfließt in ein Wirrwarr von Fakten.
Du kannst nicht entrinnen.

Der Strudel zieht dich tiefer.

Mancher ist schon zerbrochen
am psychischen Druck, den er nicht wollte.
Er wollte etwas schaffen im Leben.
Doch die Fahrt ging zu Ende auf einem toten Gleis.

Sein Fehler war, sich steuern zu lassen.
Ist das ernsthaft dein Wille?
…ernsthaft dein Wille?

Denk nach, ob du das bist, was du zu sein vorgibst.
Glaub nicht an Geschwätz falscher Zungen.
Kehre in dich. Geh deinen Weg.

Teufelskreis im falschen Ich.
Es gibt kein Zurück.

…kein Zurück
…kein Zurück

4. 8 (Captured)

You're captured in the world
of existence, in the cage
of your illness.
You're captured in the cage
of yourself.

They took your power to walk.
They took your arms.
You're living in a different world.

You're captured in the world
of existence.
You're captured in the cage
of yourself.

How are your feelings
in your head?
The feelings in the cage
of yourself.

To do nothing is a torture.

Life is your everyay life.
You're bored all day long.

5. Right to Die

You've got not right to lead
the state.
You've got no right to change
the system.
Nobody is interested what
you feel.
They ignore your voice.

The time is come.
The time of tension between
rich and poor.
The government changes laws
for personal use.
But the mob is still fighting
for the right to life.

Take the blood of the nation.
Take the money from the poor.
Take your future!
Take your future!

Give your money to the rich
Because you've got to pay
your throne. pay your throne.

We're weak.
We've got no right to be
a member of the affluent
We've got one right,
The right to die.
We've got one right,
...right to die.

You're working for
a little bit of money.
Don't be sick or you're
For a little bit of money.

You're eating the putty and
you're wasting away by your

Who's surprised that people
become criminal.

Right to die
Right to die
Right to die
Right to die

6. The Other World

It's a game of marionettes.
It's a game of destruction.
The game of the world.
...the world.

We are toys of the politicians.
We're not the white field
on the game of chess.
We are not a number.
Altough we choose
the chief of the nation.

Which lord, which commander?
Is he able to rule the land?
He's the voice of nation,
which chooses him.
Or is he a marionette of firms,
because of his politics?
...of his politics?

It's the game of marionettes
who gave got the strings
in their hands.
We are dead things
in the game of hopelessness.
Hold it again - the straw of life.

Now the game of chess
is not interesting anymore.
A new game has to be found.
A game of power

Power through military.
Who wants to play this game?

There are children
who are playing.
They can't see
the end od the game.
Destruction of life
all over the world.
It's the end of the game.
Back to the primeval times.

There is no winner, no looser.
There's destruction of the world.
The planet is dead.
It looks like on moon. on moon.

7. Braincell

It's a substance which is in your head.
It makes you sick, it makes you weak.
It begins to decompose your brain.

Your motor activity starts
to deteriorate.
You're out of control.
You're sick in brain.


You can't think anymore.
Soul in pieces
You can't deal with that.
Soon, it's over.


Your infirmity goes on.
Your exterior is dead.

deadly substance in your
brain cell
brain cell
brain cell

You torture yourself
to insanity,
lots of attacks
You wish you were dead.

Now you're laying in bed,
starring into space.
You're fighting
but you are to weak.

8. Peace of Mind

The head is going round.
The blood is cooking.
The accumulator is overloaded.
You're longing for peace of
mind despairingly.
But the result is stress.
Stress because of work.

Peace of mind - silence of brain.
Peace of mind - silence of brain.

It's the war of the thoughts.
Work to madness.
Don't go mad, try to relax.
The head needs silence,
just think of yourself.
Enjoy the relaxation,
enjoy the silence of life.

Peace of mind
Peace of mind

But how long will this last?
You're captured in this
everyday life again.

Pressure to do well,
and excessive demands
are not far away.
Are you able to take it in?

Peace of mind - Silence of brain
Peace of mind - Silence of brain

9. Illusion

Where is the paradise?
Where is it?

What means paradise?
Does it exist on earth?
What do you think of it?

For one of us it's to be
a human being
who doesn't know any worry
or fear. Who's not interested in
valuable things.
Doesn't know any duties.

His paradise means freedom
and independence.
That is what he is living for.
He's not interested in another life.

For the other one paradise is
to life in luxury.
There is no need to work.
He can get anything without
lifting a finger.

He strives for more and get it.
Because he's rich.

The next one wants deliverance
from all his pain.
He's afraid of the next day.
An ill person. (A life after death)

...means a sunny holiday,
to relax, to spend all of your
money for two weeks in luxury?
Isn't a improvised paradise?

...means to fight for justice.
A hard-won paradise!

There exist a lot more meanings
of paradise.
But you must find out...

10. Pedophile Man

The child is captured.

The child is suffering by his
psychological pressure.
Captured in fear and pain.

A broken mind. A broken heart.
His childhood is destroyed.
His life is destroyed.
The child was assaulted.
The child felt into the hand
of an ill.
Was kidnapped and tortured,
raped and hurt.

Many days of hopelessness.
Cries were senseless.
No chance to excape.

The culprit is a pedophile.
He wants sex with children.
He's addicted to their young flesh.

He's not interested if there are
begging and pleading.
He doesn't notice that he destroys
the children's life.
Or does he?

Pedophile man
Pedophile man
Pedophile man
Pedophile man

The child is free, the culprit captured.
Now, the child's nightmare starts again.
Always thinking of the painful time.
It's deep in the child's head.

Will the pain of the child
been avanged?

This life is destroyed forever.

Psychological ill - scared of pain

The memories will be there for
the rest of life.
Is a normal life with all this pain

Help is needed for this child.
Help for his life.

Fuck off!

Pedophile man
Pedophile man
Pedophile man
Pedophile man


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