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"Ebola" (2002)

1. Unbaptized
2. Fetal Butchery
3. Ebola
4. Killing Them
5. Immortal Hate
6. Smell To Rot
7. Repulsive Life-Forms
8. Suicidal Blood
9. Divine Slaughters

1. Unbaptized


Evil...children slept in the depth of their tombs
Buried...under each church and temple of god
For priests...that are suffering right now
After...having been castrated

For those bastard sons
Created by sinful priests
In the cloisters of god

Lead: J. P. Baquedano

Creatures go back
From the hell
By their blood
The one that they give way

Leaving them in evil grounds of the Antichrist

One day of perverse influences against the morbid saints
Against the fucking weak believers
Fucking weak believers as your
Those that vomits their guts when they are castrated
And obliged to swallow their extirpated balls

Children cold bloodless - Children cold bloodless

These beings were buried but they went back to be baptized
Between the fire of the darkness
That reigns in the church

Children cold bloodless - Children cold bloodless

2. Fetal Butchery


Decapitated fetuses rot against their will
Inside the tortuous maternal cloister
While the internal liquid of their destroyed eyes
Is absorbed between your extended legs for me...

An inert mass of ground meat
This choked in my throat
They are pieces of deformed fetuses
Ground in a profaned womb


A drainpipe for ground fetuses
We have built to these rites
Where the fetal butcher´s is taken place
Grinding unwanted beings


Lead: J. P. Baquedano

Decrepit - like human creatures
They dies with their cut hands and their open skulls
While their encephalic masses
They are devoured by our bloody sons...

This delight among pieces of meat
We enjoyed in the palate
More than a ritual of fetal butcher´s
An pleasure for the vaginal pus...

3. Ebola


Blood breaks out from every pore of my body
Weakening my infected corporal defences
I vomit with blood in this murderous atmosphere
Where so many deads form a store of corpses

A new epidemic
In my fucking body
Spreads annihilating


Wounds in my whole body
Pus in my inside
And flies between my open meat


This destructive virus
Is the one that bleeds
Legions of dying alive


My genitals rot
I urinate pus with clots
And scream for my destruction


Lead: J. P. Baquedano

I Wake up with wounds
I vomit blood painfully
What fucking illness do I have ?


Pieces of my flesh
Falls from my face
Down to the infected ground.


I rot in front of you
With the bleeding fever
Created by an evil virus.


Wrapped in a plastic bag
Almost waste to pieces
And covered with insects !


4. Killing Them


It is raining blood... of rats...
Ratas cristianas
That they rest in the hell
Through our lies on the lord

Over you, the rebellious angels descend
To destroy, the worships of god
And all the human rats that pray...for whom?
A fucking jew, a prophet
That he didn´t get nothing like god

Nothing...and he was crucified
Imploring in their last words
Forgive them, they don´t know what they do...!

He gave start to you saint death
And poor life that you leave in our hands

Jews or not jews
The´ll die like rats
Nailed to a vile cross
Such as jesuschrist

One by one
They´ll fall from knees
In a slaughterhouse
Blessed with my blood...

A slaughterhouse
With violated nuns, Amen...
Quartered nuns...
In her same convent...Amen...

Killing saints beings

Killing them by being wrong born
And believers of what they don´t owe

Dominus dedit...
Dominus abstulit...

5. Immortal Hate


Oculos habent et non videbunt...
Os habent et non loquentur...
Manus habent et non palpabunt...
Aures habent et non audient...

Till beyond the grave

Prisoners and slaves looking for freedom
Soldiers finding death by foreign hand !
And incarnating immortal hate
Till beyond the grave

Hell, everyone is your hell
And your pays without having caused prejudices

Immortal hate

Just like the past
Insane minds looking for agony

Immortal hate

Death - Million have left it´s remains for manipulation
Present - Suffering that won´t finish but this changing
Moment - Now, we´ll start this carnage
And hate against yourselves
Destroying them...

Lead: J. P. Baquedano

Bleeding and gotten tired of fight
I only see the sun darken eternally
And we crucified in the fire
Reclaiming our remains

6. Smell To Rot


You feel the arrival from a god now
That he won´t rest to take the soul
Failed soul that live in the lie
That they uses beliefs of life as a facade

This dark god will explore your head
And he will boil your fucking shit
That your self has created
In your christian failure like insane

The blood will spill out for always
And you will listen to come your fucking death
The blood will spill out for always
And you will never have more than fail

The cannibal beast come
From the vatican to right here
They come procreating...
Heartless beings.

Go, run ,and save your life
Run and pleads compassion
Go, run and shouts by pain
Run, enjoys the hate

Lead: J. P. Baquedano

The smell to rot...
Will penetrate the most deep thing of you
The smell to rot...
Will create mushrooms in your entrails

Lead: J. M. Cáceres

The smell to rot...

7. Repulsive Life-Forms


Uncontrollable mutilation
Inhuman beings without control
Your soul is abomination
Your organism is destroyed


Altar of abhorrence
Over this environment
In this uncontrolled world
Over your god

Repulsive life - forms
Remain by my side
Repulsive life - forms
Why so ? I don't know
Repulsive life - forms
Remain by my side

Here and now, You feel sick

A world in decadence
Impulsive to decay
A world in evanishment
Wait for it's last grave

Here and now, You feel sick

A project between insane
Impulsive to decay
With newly born corpses
Or a fucking rotten dog

Down at a dowp
Surrounded by countless pest
Down among noxious wates
Throwing up internal shit

Lead: J. P. Baquedano

Uncontrollable mutilation
Inhuman beings without control
Your soul is abomination
Your organism is destroyed


Altar of abhorrence
Over this environment
In this uncontrolled world
Over your god

8. Suicidal Blood


Everyone wants your suicide
Suicide and rot
Your brain out in seconds
Your self destruction

You drown in suicidal blood
Close to brain waste
Swallowing internal parts
With your arteries

You get entangled in nets of veins
And nerves of your meat
Extracted while your dreamt
With your autopsy

We will extract your heart
If your survives...
You won´t feel any pain
If you don´t move

Even when your doesn´t dies
Cut you the fucking veins
where your suicidal blood flows

Dead blood that your has inherited

Even when your doesn´t rot
Hundred of hungry worms
Will devour your inside

Even when your doesn´t fucks
The crows from the sky
Will descend... By your flesh...

Lead: J. P. Baquedano

Inject you cyanide
To stop your weak heart
Or cut you the jugular
And you so bleed to the death...

You will be skinned alive
If you repents...
Before this cult of blood
Suicidal blood...

9. Divine Slaughters


One kills to be well with oneself
One kills, kills in cold blood
Under believers redemptive light
Divine slaughters...teach me...

Your hung corpse in a gallows
Condemned and devoured for the crows

Your pieces of guts
Feeding to the flies
That they won´t leave any trace
And nothing of this shit

Shit of the Christianity
Defecated by weak souls
That rest in every crypt
Built with your ground bones

Every year
Your are shit
And shit you´ll be...

Lead: J. P. Baquedano

Slaughters teach me
Your corrosive pus
Eating away your dead brain
Plagued of insects...

That they keep on devouring you
While we killed to whom you pray
Only for hurt and create pain
In inferior beings to me...

No Christian pig
Will survive for cure
Our corporal blood
That flows wanting to kill
From the evil depth
The slaughters are in us
you should not think, you have to kill...for purify
Your putrefaction...

Lead: J. M. Cáceres

No gods will be able to stop the killings
Which your even dead you won´t forget
No faith will stop your anguish
Nor the faith of thousand of remains


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