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"Retribution" (2001)

1. One Settler, One Bullet
2. Controlled Drowning
3. Decompiled
4. Sadomasochrist
5. Perpetual Hate
6. What Goes Around [Groinchurn cover]
7. Shoot Them in The Face
8. Reichburner
9. Vote With Your Fists
10. In Search of The Perfect Abhorrence
11. Retribution
12. You Are Nothing

1. One Settler, One Bullet

Come on you fuck, let's go!
Eye for an eye
your death for mine
locked in a grave
two wrongs make a lie
running forever
the circle shrinks
out of breathe
I'm dying for revenge
everyone, everyone dies
everything, everything will burn to hell
with tomorrow, with collective fate
suicide through murder, is our only escape
one settler, one bullet one
kaffir, one grave
no one walks out of this
no one will be saved
cycle of violence
circle of lies
revenge is yours but not if you die
assert your might kill to survive
attacking defence
defence is denied
you put a knife to my heart
I put a gun to your head
by this time tomorrow
we'll all be blissfully dead

2. Controlled Drowning

descent time
losing light
gripping vice
I relinquish life
breathing's pain, choose release
pensive fall, opiate fist
compress my form, contort then yield
exhaling brings so much peace
I ... suffocate

3. Decompiled

born into imperfection
once flawed but now made
whole cancer's seed
stricken lest we may grow
uncontrolled knowledge's gift brought us
to the edge of oblivion's maw
poised at the lip we taste the poison of our form
a thought kills the mind from which it was born
the quest for release now is itself ...
the disease from greed, we shall engineer
the need unclean, unfit filtered,
reset purity of form that which we've never known
born into imperfection once flawed
but now as whole cancer's seed stricken
so that we may crawl on our own
the gift of knowledge has brought us only despair
poised at the edge of what without thought
we seek the nadir

4. Sadomasochrist

god hates fags but I hate god so much more
glorified bigotry holds all judged by puerile laws
shoved so far up my ass and down my choked up throat
your brainless lifeless spineless dogma
that vomits from that worthless book
I don't give a holy fuck who fucking fucks fucking
who it's not my life so I don't care
I won't be part of your witch hunt
I hate being told just who to hate
who you think should burn in hell
who's supposed to lack a soul
and who's the spawn of fuck knows what
next time I nail you to the ground
acquaint you with my excrement
I shit on god's fascist face and redefine the word disgrace
so called moral crusader
but you're the only one the perverted fuckfreak here
obsessing over who's putting it inside who now tell me
who's the one that's acting like a queer
I'll never be of your ranks or sanction your prejudice
it's time to stamp out god and put a stop to ignorance

5. Perpetual Hate

for every one of us you injure
we kill a thousand
your old torn apart, young shackled and tortured
half a century after hell on earth it's returned
we resurrect, recreate what we loathe most
vomiting recrimination to the world that just, stood by
and watched
where were you when we were marched into the chambers?
the horror of that nightmare, will never be over
the death camps have returned to haunt you
but now one-time victims, orchestrate this slaughter
the cycle of hate can't be broken
those who throw stones today, will some day murder millions
for every one of us the world betrayed
we will be retributed, in blood
it shall be paid
half a century from now the curse still lives
on the endless need for genocide,
passed on father down to son

6. What Goes Around [Groinchurn cover]

7. Shoot Them in The Face

another 10 year old shot in the head for throwing stones
meet force with force - a
thousand fold deadlier, beyond control
shot them all - in the face
aim to maim or paralyse
clamp down, kill, erase
to resist is to die
just pick them off one by one
live ammunition versus stone
throwing youth
steel against their flesh
and shit against their truth
insurrection in full flame
put to torch it's so insane
recrimination but no lull
open season time to cull gunship
crowd control mowed down
swallowed whole mortars
launched into the crowd
shrapnel sharpened
heightened blow
tear their lives apart
slaughter those who dare to fight
execution from a distance
death sentence for existence
sniper fire
crowd control
dragged around by the throat
it's an excuse to kill for sport
anything to snuff out hope
repression only will survive
all else shoved aside
short bore cannons
now take aim
paint the streets with blood ...
yet again

8. Reichburner

a world in flames
behold the dream
the ashes rain
your goal, still unseen
divine empire eaten up from within
precious Reich land
a war you just can't win
Aryan splendour
where is your victory?
trampled, vanquished
enjoy the fucking misery
oh fatherland
a burned out shell
destroyed again
the mighty fell
how can the world believe your warped convictions
über alles
just what, have you achieved?
stormgods unbound
are you a joke or disease?
deadly tantrum
you always end on your knees
mein volk, march on like retards who can't learn
enthralled by power
something you've never earned
routed, humbled we bore of this tirade
just who, is meant to be the master again?
we've come full circle
again reichburner
the shitstorm never ends
reichburner it seems you've lost again
reichburner brown drowning in the red

9. Vote With Your Fists

demon-ocracy, freedom forced without a choice
driven just like cattle, by excessive use of force into slavery's,
ever-waiting arms the deception of self-rule is the thinnest of
facades involuntary servants in this empire of
greed an entire world in serfdom, prayed on far
too weak bred as labour, as broken beasts of
burden suffer and toil, until death's welcome
salvation the time has come to realise what we
strive for is a lie system of choice, a blinding
veil the end's scripted, you vote in vain
freedom's only real, when you claim it
forcefully all other states are servitude under
the weight of tyranny

10. In Search of The Perfect Abhorrence

I am just like you I murder, pillage, denegrate
My hate is just as yours my knife cuts just as
deep I kill the same as you in the back I thrust
my blade and just like you I bay for more
satiation never reached I try to find the
perfect hate but poisoned bile is all I taste I
die just like you when I bleed it permeates all
is tainted red everywhere it reeks of death I
failed just like you laid in wait now it's too
late if we're so different why is it that we are
twins in life and fate murder won, it's just
begun to justify the way we died all life all
hope all gone damned you're born all life all
hope all gone to die forlorn murder one, it's
just begun to justify what we've done did you
really think I'd be content with arm's length
why settle for a morsel when I can gorge on the
whole all I want all I am in your eyes when you
expire hatred's bond lingers on we're drawn here
by what must be done

11. Retribution

retribution who dares face the truth? hidden
dragged under stolen from consciousness pretend
it never happened but you've always known
blood's been washed away can't you see it shows?
murdered, buried,
undone police state unchecked swept from sight
future without justice will you survive when mob
rule seeks you out? pretend it never happened
but you've always known blood's been washed away
can't you see it shows? townships squatters
hopelessness crime unleashed you made it thus
greed deceit your selfish ways racist fuck time
to pay butchered like an animal you wonder why
there's no remorse your murder seemed so trivial
but this is what you've wrought for untold ages
you led by hate now it seeks you out all around
the daggers flash your own choices sealed your
fate butchered like an animal why should we even
care? we learned from your every move when you
crafted our despair our backs are turned, as you
are cut bled like the pig you are all ears are
deaf to your screams enjoy what you adored for
so long vengeance retribution - die!

12. You Are Nothing

you are nothing your life is nought to us every
word from your lips is emptiness do you dare to
teach us what we surely know you are without a
hope you've nothing that we want leave us to die
thus isolated in wondrous xenophobic bliss
that's the essence of what we are the nature of
our dreams none know why, or thought to ask
welcome to society perfected at the peak of
evolution the pinnacle of perverse complexity so
far beyond what ever makes us human you are
nothing your life is nought to us every word
from your lips is emptiness do you dare to teach
us what we surely know you are without a hope
you've nothing that we want reject resist in
disgust intolerance isolate outright out of hand
we force it out


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