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"Awaken" (2003)

1. Betrayal of the masses
2. Underneath
3. Form
4. Wicked from the womb
5. Lost
6. Damaged
7. Awaken
8. Blood on the bricks
9. The suffering
10. Into the black
11. ...As twilight descends
12. The otherside
13. Face your fate ( the calling )

1. Betrayal of the masses

Evilution devilution
Revolution screaming metals on its way
And theres hell to pay
( verse 1 )
I can hear the screams of hate
Echoes of retribution
I can see the country's fate
Legions of revolution
( pre-chorus )
We all have one voice
Scream out for change
For change
( chorus )
Betrayed our trust
Lies that shine in time turn to rust
Betrayal of the masses
( verse 2 )
I can see them standing there
Writing the constitution
All for one and none for all
Seems to be their solution
( pre-ch )( chorus )( solo )
( repeat 1st verse )
( pre-ch )( chorus )

2. Underneath

When you build a world
Made out of lies
The fortress of shame
Crumbles in time
( verse 1)
Turn my back and you're cutting on me
Face to face it's a different story
How ya doin' how have you been
I just laugh at your two faced grin
( pre-chorus )
These eyes are open wide
They've seen it all
I know how to play the game
It's all the same
It dont take long
To see through the slime
( chorus )
I - I can see
Through your lies

Lies and deciet
Betrayal and shame
It seems you're all the same
( verse 2 )
No guts no goddamn glory
You stand and shake man I got no worries
Time after time you watch your bridges burn
I dont think you'll ever fucking learn
( pre-chorus )( chorus )
When you base your life
On deciet and lies
The dust you kick
Will end up in your own eyes
( solo )
( chorus )

3. Form

You will have the faith
And you will have the power
And you all shall kneel down before me
I am the new god
Touch my hand and I shall save your soul
This is the church of blood
And the baptism by fire
( verse 1)
In my dreams
God speaks to me
And you all shall be damned
If you dont believe
This is what he speaks
How can you be so weak
And he's laughing all the while
As he pulls your leash
( chorus 1 )
Form your own opinion
Dont you buy that shit
Now the preacher thinks
His church is my t.v. set
( verse 2 )
69 miles to jonestown
Wacos on the way
Sell your soul to mind control
Operation obey
So let it be written
So let it be done
So many religions
There can only be one
( chorus 2 )
Form your own opinion
Under one good god
Now the preacher thinks
I cant see through his facade
( solo )
( repeat 1st verse )
( repeat 1st chorus )

4. Wicked from the womb

Sister sweet sister can you wash away my sins?
Sister sweet sister can you make me pure again?
Sister sweet sister can you take away my pain?Can you make me pure
( verse 1 )
Violated no respect for human life
Stupid and senseless
Random acts of violence
Look into the eyes of a mother of a murdered child
Is nothing truly pure?
Not only did her child die
So did a part of her
( chorus )
Innocense lost
Hear the cleansing water run
Screaming you're not dreaming
Bad blood through and through
Wicked from the womb
( verse 2 )
Persecuted just for the color of your skin
Guilty of being white
Reverse racism
The onlt time we're equal is when we die
Is nothing truly fair?
The only things in life we are guarenteed
Death and taxes the powers that be
( chorus ) ( solo )
( verse 3 )
The visions faded it's the blind leading the blind
Freedom's never free
Where's the heaven that we seek
Take a look around and tell me what you see
Is nothing sacred?You tell me
Open up your eyes and read between the lies
The truth is still stuck in their teeth
( chorus )

5. Lost

You're lost again
( verse 1 )
Try to keep your head above the water
Better take a deep breath cause it aint over yet
Your lies harder to swallow
Better take a good look at the fishermans hook
( chorus )
All this time you've been lost
All this time you've been lost
You're lost again You're lost again
You're lost again You're lost again
( verse 2 )
Try to work your way out of the darkness
Try to see the light burning in the night
Your eyes could see tomorrow
Open them up wide you dont even try
( chorus ) ( bridge )
( verse 3 )
Try to find your way out of the darkness
You stumbled then you fell
In a darkened world you dwell
Your life is in front of you
You just sit and stare and watch it vanish in thin air
( chorus )

6. Damaged

( verse 1 )
Wounds that will not heal
Cover the scars of the tortured soul
Like broken machinery
Rusted and in the rain cannot be the same
( bridge )
I am damaged inside
I am burning inside
The hands of time keep on turning
And it's burning my eyes
( pre-chorus )
Love has no meaning to those who have never loved
Dreaming decieving phantasmagoria
( chorus )
I am damaged I am damaged I am damaged
Just another slave to the system
In this dying world
( verse 2 )
All that time reveals
Stare at the scars till you're goin' blind
Like broken machinery
Rusted and sitting there far beyond repair
( bridge )(pre-ch)(chorus)

7. Awaken

( chorus )
Awaken inside the crystal dream
Transcending across the velvet scream
( verse 1 )
I can sense a rebirth
New world awaits
Never ending nightmare
Is now wide awake
Darkness consumes the light
Sick sense of pain
I can see it coming
Let the madness reign
( chorus )
( bridge )
Underneath the crimson sky
Watching closely at the tides
Underneath the crimson sky
One day soon we shall arise
( chorus )
( verse 2 )
I can see forever
So raise your voices high
The fire burns on and on
The dream never dies
Legions carry on the fight
The new world machine
All guns blazing at you
Madness reigns supreme
( chorus )( bridge )(chorus)

8. Blood on the bricks

What a sick twisted world we are livin' in
Kill / marry / fuck where do I begin
I gotta hear the sounds and I gotta hear it loud
To drown out the world that tries to keep me down
I'm gettin' higher
( chorus )
Power in the streets
Power in every eye they meet
Nothing but hypocrites
Before they take my music away
Blood on the
Blood on the bricks
( verse 2 )
Preacher dont like what I say
I told you once there's hell to pay
Let me hear heaven and nature sing
So far I dont hear anything
But I feel the fire
( chorus )
( solo )
( chorus )

9. The suffering

Awaken on the otherside
Where twilight descends
Wicked from the womb we rise
>From underneath the skin
Answering the calling
To face our fate at hand
The forming of pure evil
Created by man
Betrayal of the masses
Leaves blood upon the bricks
Damaged lost and suffering
Into the black we slip

10. Into the black

( verse 1 )
This cant be real only imagination
Running wild in you
I can see the signs writings on the wall
It's coming home
This is my world dripping with pain
Bring it home for you
Once you have seen it
You wont be the same
Cause here comes the pain
( chorus )
Agony and ecstasy
Showing signs of lunacy
Once you're gone you cant come back
Journey to hell into the black
Trapped inside your twisted mind
Pain of the killing kind
Waiting for you they're waiting for you
Into the black
( verse 2 )
This is your life tortured frustration
Running all through you
You cant find your way
You've been led astray
It's coming back
These are my sins
They're all that I have
Bring'em home for you
Nevermind my friend dont you feel bad
Cause your time is soon
( chorus )
( bridge )
Eyes are open wide
But what do you see?
is it real?Or is it fantasy?
Illusion of your mind
Apparition of some kind
Into the black you wont be back
Images are bending
( verse 3 )
Dripping illusions
Soaking your soul
Drowning the light
And takes all control
Burning your thoughts
Igniting your fear
Distorting the sound
Of all that you hear in your mind
( outro )
Agony ecstasy screaming insanity
Roaring inside your head
Trapped in a palace of pain
cannot be the same
Look where this path has led
Screaming but noone hears
Caged inside your fear
Leaving this world behind
Into the darkend mist
Does this really exist
Or is it just your mind?
Waiting for you Waiting for you Waiting for you
Into the black

11. ...As twilight descends

( verse 1 )
In your darkest hour of need
Bleeding innocense lies
Searching for serenity
Where even death may come to die
( chorus )
Spread your wings and fly away
Soaring high above all your yesterdays
( verse 2 )
Angels wings soak all I bleed
it's raining red as they fly
Staining the world forever
As bleeding innocense lies
( chorus )(solo)
Darkness divinity
Endless infinity
Let our journey begin
....As twilight descends

12. The otherside

Welcome to the otherside
Make yourself comfortable
Lay down and die
( verse 1 )
Welcome to lifes CATCH 22
The more you run the more it comes undone
What a tangled web you weave my friend
Buried bones can come back to haunt you again
( chorus )
The otherside of twilight The otherside of twilight
Father time is laughing precious years you're wasting
Fucking ignorant
( verse 2 )
I welcome you to the minds eye view
As twilight descends then the trip begins
What a twisted game you play my friend
When checkmate is close you start all over again
( chorus )(solo)
( bridge )
You will never be the same
Once you have seen the pain
Falling from the sky
Angels wings soak all I bleed
As they wait for death to die
Such a lonely space in time
( solo )
( repeat 1st verse )
( chorus )

13. Face your fate ( the calling )


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