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"Dialectique" (2007)

1. Seasons
2. The Ordeal
3. Red Lights
4. Fading Beauty
5. Together With All The Pain
6. Blamed
7. Crimson Dust
8. Butterfly Inside
9. Ballerina
10. Bringer Of The Night

1. Seasons

I feel inside a thousand clouds
slowly wander through my winter
which separates me
from your meadows getting further

Unusualness has covered the sky
Your scent has taken
captive my brain
The gallows has hung my soul
Time's erased me...
you remained...

Without you
life won't be green again
The clouds will remain back
As i am hanging my own soul
The seasong will be your time,
they will kill blow as your lifetime

My Soul suffocated on
the gallows of death
I bore loneliness
I heaved loneliness on my back again
As time changing its seasons
I was buried for you..

2. The Ordeal

Don't heed the whips
flogging your back
Think of what you didn't do
allthough you had the chance
Don't let them get you
Think about if you see
the thruth or not...

If you feel death's cold
wings on your face
If you feel loneliness
the time has come to face,
to use the ace up your sleeve
and to fight the circumstances
to get what's your back

close yourself to what brings you sorrow
Don't feel the pain they deal
Lock them far away from you
Don't heed the pain in your soul

turn your back on everyone
there is only you in this life
Think of what you couldn't do
When there was
Don't heed the whips
flogging your back!..

3. Red Lights

You! The woman wandering
under the red lights
The sidewalks of these streets
are used to your high heels
Are you truly in myself
or am I your other half

You! The woman crying
and hiding in darkness
Though there is a lot loving you,
why this weariness
Are you truly in myself
or am I your other half

You must believe in me
You must believe in you
It is me in the clouds
that are around you
You're not alone! I'm alone!
You are stolen from me
My heart is stolen by you
I'll never forget about you
You are not alone! I'm alone!

You! The woman embroidering
and writing pain on my core
My silver… my blade…
You are to die for
Are you truly in myself
otherwise I'm your other half

You can't deny
the emptiness in your heart
Temptation in your past
You're made for love by my God
and I am for you!

4. Fading Beauty

The rain, inspired by your tears, is crying
By all their youth and dancing around,
the crowd's with you at last sleeping

Let your sorrow flow through my eyes
and never dry out
Then separate yourself into seven colours,
so that you may rise up to the sky
and let your core see your rebirth
Let the moons fall in love with you
And with every single moon

let a brand new day begin

Time the stealer of beauty
has stuck you with an arrow
You're bleeding
All your self-confidence and jealousy
concealed in the debris within
Flow! Flow through my eyes
and never stop crying woman!

5. Together With All The Pain

The world Continues to shrink
You are in it or not
I do know everyone
has to feel loneliness.
are we the ones who create this
or am i just swirling in the air
what is already there.
together with all the pain

I can steal the pain in your heart.
I steal in the running night.
I swim in the lakes of tears.
on your face

Be the only sound in silence
and let me be your voice forever.

6. Blamed

From the scars on my forehead
it was understood you had left
From my swollen eyes, my tears…
Unwanted wait stuck my inside
Only your name is left
it's carved into souls

If the end is being without you
I'm the whipped angel
Oh my ears! Don't hear
My eyes! Don't see

If the end is being without you
And I’m just a stranger
The end is your loss
And you’re my endless

I fooled no one
My ending is near
I blamed no one
I'm the one to blame!

Complaining is meaningless now
Stand up and go on! Breathe!
What's out there is not air,
though it only smells of vanishing

7. Crimson Dust

I wouldn't realize
that this could happen
You abandoned this world
that's full of lies

You left your dreams to me
You left this burden
Was that a punishment to yourself
or just for me?

But now I'm standing
on a desolate hill
and weeping at the damned truth
that I lost you

Why? You're laying down
the place within roses
I believe your innocent soul
has ascended to heaven
There is just one memory
left from you
The crimson dust of your bed
in my hands
Lack of yours and its grief,
hidden in my tears

Ashes to ashes
dust to crimson dust
Your bed turns into red
from your hair
Thousands of stars
on your shadow in the sky
Moonlight is the blaze of your eyes

But now I'm standing
on a desolate hill
And winds are whispering
your name into my ears

8. Butterfly Inside

I betrayed the pain and patience
I intended to bring wisdom back to my lair
Though it is already and always in
Hence, I've lost it once again

Some illusions in my mind of these days
And a sour taste of grape in my mouth
From my skin, something
that makes the curtains dance
Used to steal your warmth

Persistent thoughts were around
make me forget the time passing by
Now the words are spending my time

Don't care about other's loud lullabies
I sing my song for the first time
Let me come up with something new inside
Don't be scared of what I'll find
Either it may be a pearl that lives on pain
or a silent butterfly inside

9. Ballerina

Dusty scent in the room
bewitched your heart
Fading smiles of your past
blended on your child face
somehow tricked and captured
in the cobwebs of the time that passed by

Ballerina, day and night
drifting in black water…
For you the day starts with moonlight
Ballerina, who's scared of loneliness
not love loaded with all that burden

The mists inside veiled your sight
Will someone break away
that damned curtain!
So that you might be able to see
what invaded your way home Ballerina!
All spiders or dragonflies?

You're lost in that water
as cold as your heart
Watch the reflections
of your lines on the sky
Day & Night, this water absorbing
that dismal blackness from where?
From the fading day, this sleeping sky
or from you?

10. Bringer Of The Night

You were the only light
in the dark of the night
The only truth inside of me,
the source of life…
I embraced loneliness
to stay with you
I defended the darkness
from the mystery of your light

You were the only night in life
The truth in my life…
I defended misery
to be able to stay in the light
You were the only night in life
The source in me…
I embraced the black
to be able to be alone with you

My side is not safe anymore
and it could not be after you!
I defended loneliness to stay in the dark
I embraced the light from your mystery

I do not fear disappearance
I do not fear existence


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