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In The Maze Of Kadath

"In The Maze Of Kadath" (1993 Demo)

1. Enter the Castle of Great Entities
2. The Key
3. Hallucinated Mountains
4. Time's Lurker
5. Nemesis

1. Enter the Castle of Great Entities

2. The Key

Master of time, outsider god
lurker at the threshold
Yog Sothoth between the plans
waits the stars are in harmony
the the path has been created
stars twinkle of a last burst
Yog Sothoth ever darkens the sky
to feed himslef of our punny life

Yog Sothoth knows where they walked, he knows where they'll walk again
Yog Sothoth knows the door, he is the door
Yog Sothoth is the guard and the key of the door
The past, the present & the future are one in Yog Sothoth

While from my tower resound the last echoes of my call
you, whose life in lengthened
opener of the path, I invoke you
I want the knowledge so much lust
peaceful is the spirit of mankind
unable to find out the key
madness & death wait behind the threshold
they come serene, between our spaces

3. Hallucinated Mountains

In my dreams, these innomablers visions
of cities without name
distrusting laws of earthly geometry
Where between their walls
Resound inhuman psalmodies, songs
Dedicated to inconceivable deities

And I'm walking among these impressive ruins
Testimony o ancient ones, where time seems to be frozen
And among these vestiges of a forgotten supremacy
Held in immobility by the hand of coldness
The frozen wind blows imperturbable
As bearer of a remote litany

I see the forgotten Kadath
In the chlily immensity
Left in its lonelyness but
It's the man about Kadath ?
Where only engraving on his wall
Testify of his incredible builders
And such ears can ear the swarm
From his condemned underground

4. Time's Lurker

Beyond depths of past
Patiently they wait
lurking in the angles of time
Thirsty of eternity

Going up the century
Playing with the time
Moved by their unclean lust
Of human original nature

Perceptive existance, personified maliciousness
Going beyond the limits of human mind evaluation
In the angular sectors of depths of time
Tindalos dogs wonder thirsty for eternity

5. Nemesis

Under one of my appearances
I come back from beyond outsider worlds
With me comes the destiny of man
Messiah of word of ancient ones

My return has been foretold
In Necronomicon flesh pages
And I also foretell a dawn of darkness
Where death will have no more reason

You have to know they're impure
In a sleep near death they are
Waiting patiently cause the constellations
are alining again

I'm the Nemesis
Owner of your death

These things which have capacity
Of going on living eternally are not dead
And when these abnormal ones will come
even death will cease to be

[Repeat 1st verse]

At the dawn of the end of man
Then slowly stump the light
I'm laughing of your prayer cause
unrelenting is the return of my masters


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