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"Phenomenonsense" (2006)

1. March of the Conqueror (Intro)
2. Don't Make Me God!
3. Walls of Deception
4. Disorder to Keep (Part I)
5. Never Ending Error
6. Mirrored Absurdity
7. Mentally Cracked
8. No More World
9. Disorder to Keep (Part II)
10. Cold-Warm Dream

1. March of the Conqueror (Intro)

2. Don't Make Me God!

Who dared to create this destructive place?
Where wolves cry in lack of sheep

Planet, constantly draining to madness
People, making gods just to betray them

Perversities, veiled under simplicity
As their angels forgive the rape
I wish my home were abyss
With no emotions hurt to gamble

With no smiles hiding the killjoy
But with infinite heavenly silence

Ageless are not ideas, but greed
Uncountable not stars, but poisoned ones
Immeasurable not mind, but stupidity
Untrue not lies, but revelations

All around is consuming debris
Praising innocence as a clown
Wearing cover but not a content
(If there might be content...)

This is a world of masks
Necessary to veil the emptiness
None will give a fuck
When you wish to change it!

Here you cannot say for sure
What is black and what is white
Light and darkness are integrated
All colors are mixed in one big mayhem

Swarming mass of worms and clones
Producing only shit and swimming in it
What a nice masterpiece!
Why don't we name it paradise?

Don't Make Me God! (x4)

Eden on Earth is everywhere
As world is such a miraculous cunt!
I wish I was fucking god to blow it all up!

3. Walls of Deception

Born in the times of corruption & greed
Where life lost its sense and people are weak
Killing each other for a piece of power
They're condemned and sentenced to suffer

Is it a generation of fools?
No way for radical improves
Brains are washed so perfectly
Nobody sees the striking discrepancy

Every truth has a small part of lie
And every lie has a small part of truth
We live in a world of deceit
Where no one can live without this false shit

People are trying to sell their souls
For a bullshit called "money of fools"
Look behind the walls of deception
See your life in other approximation

World of lies
Hear the cries
Dying minds
Of bleeding hearts

Feel the pain
The perfect disdain
Your mind tries to reach
A superior aim

No one accepts
Others attack
Only the strong survives
In this unbelievably hard life

Narrow-minded mass of fools
Leads us to self-annihilation for sure

Terror of minds everywhere
Myopic visions, total despair
Devotion is lost forever
Collapse is near, be clever

Return your talent of thinking
To the level it belongs
Ignore all kinds of pressure
Be the one who never fall

The wisdom you want to reach
By exploring fields of science
Never to be achieved
Without the iron will & fire in your heart

4. Disorder to Keep (Part I)

Abnormal tendency to develop the malady
Blossoms into the sweetest joyous melodies
Channeling the pleasure through pain
Dealing with fears, overlooked and slain

Embalmed senses, stabbed self-control
Followed by convulsions, jumping tall

Gorgeous nauseatic upcomings reveal
Hideous attitudes in rapture to feel

Ill-natured craving for a loss
Jewelry of an eye in hand to toss

Key to all conundrums lies unveiled
Left aside untouched and roughly nailed

Mental hunger of analytic built minds
No one tries own made mistakes to find
"Open the limits of clarity" let us say
Pussy but willing to exist, idol you pray

Quarrelling from radical left to right
Raging onto any countenance of might
Seductions of sickness and then healing
Turmoil is the brain thru' soul killing

Unreachable point of omnipotent knowledge
Vortex of emotions always kept but in storage

Witnesses to the court of envy
Xerox the redemption, shall we?
Yielding fiercely the dead in dismay
Zombies rise from the graves everyday...

5. Never Ending Error

Clashes are foretold, inner fire to behold
Heart commandment, hands' adjustment
The intellect of black eyes, of "South-North" is sunrise

Uncontrolled situation, with silent obligation
Harmony corrupted, quietness abrupt
Walls of bodies' stand, circle of gods to amend
Creating obscurity, breaking impurity
Pride was once seen, through lust so keen
This flesh is the last, for desert is too vast
In craving for ignorance, no place for tolerance

No will to redeem, this rule is so supreme
Dreams apart, the pain to thwart

Coldness attained, slavery not obtained
The only point to trust, is the feeling to be aghast

Never Ending Error (x2)

Nefarious horde, emotion being lord
Betrayers identified, wishes sanctified
Desires far not gentle, becoming deeply parental
During aeons everlasting, truth has been blasting

Sun's darkness, moon's brightness
Nothing to be converted, everything is perverted...

6. Mirrored Absurdity

Epochs gone, ages ahead
Cattle satisfied, humans misled

Honor threatened, children mutilated
Flesh in tribute, charity ill fated
Simplified complexity
In complied simplicity

Erased brains, unconscious minds
Bloodthirsty angels with knives behind
Silenced sounds, devastated veins
Feelings forgotten, firstborn pains

Weapons modified, purpose left
Words released, meaning bereft
Destinies faded, experience not learned
Nature embarrassed, innocence burned

Varied monotony
In monotonous variety

Lost liberty, mislaid obedience
Confused courage, gray brilliance
Envenomed eyes, empowered hands
Limited wishes, infinite offends

Voice deafened, whisper amplified
Dried burns, liquid solidifies
Spirits clenched, patience lost
Number of days, nothing to boast

Mirrored absurdity
In absurd of mirror
Victims counted, names unknown
Enemy changed, fury to be sown

Battle clarion heard, desires released
Fallen hair, bastards increased...

7. Mentally Cracked

When fire burns my heart
And hatred grows inside
I wish I could destroy your will
Beware the vengeance is here

The way you have chosen is the way you believe
But don't try to cross it with other beliefs
Nobody likes to get enslaved
So better reserve it for fakes

You hear the voices of fear
Those sounds driving you mad
Your sanity replaced by insanity
And mentally you are cracked

Thy presence of consciousness is slowly fading away
You feel the outer power is growing everyday
Thy nerves are getting out of control
Am I should ask: "Do you want more?"

Stressed by society, undressed by the system
Increased aggressions, extreme conditions
Hopeless & aimless, the targets are brainless
Killing with power, the innocents suffer

No understanding, humanity sentenced to its ending
Nature is going to be lost due to people's high cost

8. No More World

Existed short and futile
Lying, unfair and vile
A flock of germs, best in breed
Reloading the planet, regressing indeed

Unstoppable madness rules
Primitivism deeply improves

Dignity's total termination
Liberty's asphyxiation
Money trouble domination

Cornucopia in non-existence
Here and there, in and out interference

Swarming fashionable mass
Waste, no more nor less

Gentle fragrance of half-dead
Even blood is now not red

Wideness, so called complexity
Only outer forms diversity

Simplicity not far from ferocity
No limits to the world velocity
The speed increasing
The beast releasing....

9. Disorder to Keep (Part II)

Zines of memories, when portrayed
Years of regressive progress, so delayed

Xenophobic state of mind until now preserved
Wells turn into hollow caves not reserved
Vultures of soul dream, but don't sleep
Under the thin roof of awareness, not deep

Tremble not before an act of just forgiveness
Supervision to all dogmas and 'stillness'!
Ravishing chaos I expect to be proceeded
Quietness rendered in time when it's needed

Post-mortem of sequence
Odium implies to everyday frequent
Nakedness of the scars in cerebration
Mutilates the truth before its narration

Load up your mind, accept the annoyance
Fill every soul gap with ignorance,
When you fight, you can loose
Insist, continue the abuse

Enjoy your pornographic dreams
Abandon all control,
Hold on to degeneration
Increase the death-toll

Limp will exists not in quarrelling
Knell sounds for intellect' yelling
Jollities through ineffable sorrows
Infidelity from seduction to borrow

Hunting down all superstitions with ferocity
Ground for calmness and morality is atrocity
Fancied were the eyes of shallow soul
Encountering the significance of envy's ghoul

Death, purgatory, decision, renovation
Crowning, acting, mistake, obliteration
Betrayal of promulgated words they feed
Astonishment, not disappointment, caused by greed...

We destroy your heavens
Harming the image of pure,
We rape the hope for balance
From force there is no cure

Impertinence as a rule
We go towards death,
Smiling to its bony face
We ride the world disorder

10. Cold-Warm Dream

Do we hear the moonrise?
No, we see just flies
Shining light of the Eye
Wants you all to die

Lying on the star stream
Do loose an inner scream
Flame across the path
No fear in aftermath

Galaxies being twisted
Planets deeply misted
What is here to investigate?
Who is here to dominate?

No or less speech ability
That is the sound of inevitability
Connected to the brain
The energy in drain

A field of dots in heavens
Reminding group of ravens
Is glowing through your essence
Of stain blooded presence

Warm eliminates
Cold creates
The visions are too soft
For ears do not involved

Swarming flowing mass
Greens all around like grass
A star way leads into the space
Of insane speed is all this race

Arms and legs in whirling shock
Eyebrows still don't even rock
This journey, not everlasting
And your dream is blasting

Fantasy is yet locked up
Wake up! Wake up!


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