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"Hatenourisher" (2001)

1. Hatenourisher
2. Painful Sighs In Castrum
3. Book Of Malediction
4. Brand
5. Night Of Saint-Bartholomew
6. Unprecedented Torture
7. Source Of Hate
8. Rapid Death

1. Hatenourisher

Night after night
You are waiting for the light
Then piece by piece
You create your own pit

Time after time
You take advantage of anyone
You can't stand what they do
Because they too different from you

Hatred inside
I hear your soul is crying
You suffer from yourself
And you are dying

Hatred inside
I feel the inner power
You scream for mercy
But you know you can't be free

Fear and hatred became as one
But you feel your emotions are gone
Open your eyes and touch the reality
You'll be frightened by its brutality

Pain and pleasure are what you live for
Keeping you away from death
Life is just a game for you
You think it never ends

In the fire, in the light
You'll stand for eternal dark

2. Painful Sighs In Castrum

"I Am Lost! I Must Die!"

3. Book Of Malediction

"Lacrimosa dies illa, qua resurget ex favilla
Iudicandus homo reus: huic erro parce deus!
Pie Jesu domine, dona eis requiem"
"Haeresis est maxima, opera maleficarum non credere"
Pestilential witchhunt, shedding of blood,
Denunciators and Hell-cats inundated Europe,
Maleficence, Malfeasance were raised by inquisitors,
Malleus Maleficarum unleashed the devildom
Two ranting Black friars, who possessed by demon's faith,
Were the unchristian liars and diseased by religious hate
Maledictory Book stirred the stakes,
This Bestseller of Infamy was the Sword of decease
The pardon was in pool of blood!
Merciless writers of The Shameful Book,
(Two perfervid monks) Sprenger and Gremper (Institor)
Were the Masters Of Impertinence and Dishonesty,
Their abhorrent book was juristic and theological dunghill,
Piles of faggots because of sorcery were started
By Malleus Maleficarum
"Haeresis est maxima, opera maleficarum non credere"
Pestiferous witchhunt, torrents of blood,
Denunciators and Hell-hounds intimidated Europe,
Maleficence, Malfeasance were raised by inquisitors,
Malleus Maleficarum dismembered the freedom
The witchcraft trials commenced by loathsome book,
Evil Vultures (who blemished from blood) killed
By frightful book
At the period of Holy Inquisition
Witches were mutilated,
In the dungeon, on the rack they suffered
Hellish tortures from the Triers:
The Grey Friars and Black Friars (Domini canes)
In the gory chamber of torture hexes were mangled
From the Triers: the Grey Friars and Black Friars,
From the unquenched inquisitors (covered with blood)
At the splendid nights, when the bonfires burnt,
Tormented witches died by Curse Of The Church
Bloody pages of Malleus Maleficarum
Were directions of witchcraft trials
Lying pages of the book of Malediction
Were weapons of Impiety and Dehumanization
...In 1487 two german fanatic Black friars (and inquisitors),
Jacob Sprenger and Heinrich Institor (Gremper)
Created the Book Of Malediction and Malignancy:
Malleus Maleficarum...

4. Brand

...In the small german Wuerzburg
One hundred and fifty-seven witches
Were burnt at the stake from 1627 to 1629...
CARNAGE - In Wuerzburg - Brand
Stakes on the impure land
When the dying sun goes down,
Hate will rise by law,
Tortured victims in the flames -
Godless revel of human race
Carbonized bodies - Holy Inquisition - Demise
Blinding fires - Glorification - Smiles
Mesmerized eyes - Silent Supplication - Cries
Necrotized hexes - Bad Indoctrination - Lies
When the bloody moon goes down,
Hate will fall by dawn,
Ashes on the Square of Shame,
From a cursed town Who is to Blame?

5. Night Of Saint-Bartholomew

On the twenty-fourth of August,
1572 in Paris was terrible bloodshed
That summer night went down in the history
As Massacre of Saint-Bartholomew...
Amidst the wars of religion
When the rivers of blood gushed
It was Fratricide (with gory contagion)
For the peace and name of God
At the awful moonlit night
Cathedral bells of Saint-Germain l'Auxerrois
Sounded, rang to the infamous fight,
Christian love was devitalized
At the sign of all Parisian church bells
Ranting hordes killed senselessly,
When the strange nocturnal mass started
Murderers from gore were soulless...
At the horrible moonlit night
Selected doors were stigmatized
With the shameful white crosses,
The Huguenots were doomed to death
Impiety - in the name of Jesus Christ,
Brutality - because of the Supernal Light
Disembowelment - in the name of Angels and Saints,
Dismemberment - because of the Religious Faith
Swords and spears were in hands of slaughterers,
Torches illuminated their faces,
That Unmerciful Night was the Triumph of the Evil One
In the Valley Of Misery,
Where the river always overflowed
Bloody corpses floated on the stream
At that sanguinary night the bloodbath took place -
- In the name of Christ, -
- Where was Royal Law? -
- Where was Christian Love? -
Amidst the wars of religion
When the streams of gore gushed
It was Fratricide (with bloody confusion)
For the quiet and name of God
At the dreadful moonlit night
Cathedral bells of Saint-Germain l'Auxerrois
Sounded, rang to dishonest fight,
Christian laws were devitalized
At the sign..... Slayers were soulless!

6. Unprecedented Torture

Fuckin' Inquisitors of Braunschweig
Were the most famous by their cruelty...
In the time of raving Inquisition
Triers from Braunschweig
Tormented and killed the Hennig Brabant
(who was the scholar of law)
This disgraceful murder
was the most infamous act
in the history of Inquisition
(in the history of Vile Inquisition)
...One disastrous day of September, 1604,
Hennig Brabant writhed in pain and agonized
by "Rabid Jackals"...
"Qui habet aures audiendi, audiat!"
Unprecedented torture - In the name Of God
Unprecedented torture - In the name of the Lord
Under the influence of torture
The scholar of law, Hennig Brabant
Confessed his "Hideous Sin":
The alliance with Satan
After this gory process,
On the seventeenth of September, 1604,
Terrible Occurences were started:
On the place of execution
The low scoundrels of Inquisition
Crushed the Brabant's chest
And ripped the belly of the half-dead man
Soon after the Bloodthirsty Executioner
Tore the heart of poor victim...

7. Source Of Hate

Sorrowful remembrances in your life -
Distresses by source of hate,
And when your love flows into the lie -
You'll feel the breath of fate
Disgust - for the sake of fuckin' hypocrites
Lust - when they sink in their sins
In the odious life,
When before your eyes:
Injustice, curse and shame,
Humaneness in dying pain.
Hatred by thy name,
Your emotions in the grave,
And at a blemished hour
You will revive from gore
Oh, Sweet Revenge, where is thy dreadful fruit?
Where is thy fearful fruit, the unsparing truth?
Disgraceful remembrances in your life -
Distresses by source of hate,
And when your love flows into the lie -
You'll feel the wind of fate
Distaste - for the sake of fuckin' hypocrites
Disdain - when they bleed in their sins
In your gory dream
You'll see the guillotines:
Shit-stirrers were trampled by death,
This vision is your fest
Hateful time will come,
When your honesty turns into the wrong
You'll perceive the source of hate

8. Rapid Death

In World of evil and dark
Hatred dominates
A frightening life
In endless obscurity
Pain, misery in every direction of the World
Wars with no reason, decline and death forever
Years of chaos
Tormenting dreams
Fatal mistakes
Decay - as contagion, reap on the faints
Invisible dangers - in everyday life
With contaminated mind of resolution
Innocent human lives are destroyed
Who is to blame and why?
Where is the justice and where is the law?
Mass mortality - accomplished by agony
Reign of terror - revived in blood
Pangs of your conscience
Threatening words and deeds
Your lifetime comes to the end
Soon you will be dead
Venal persons, greedy worms
Are incarnated in a gory mess
Degenerated, tyrant system
By pharisaical congregation
Conformation to the violation
Hesitation of your sickly thoughts
Life is hard, no compromise
My state of rest is your rapid death
Serpent of lie - spuns around your neck
No escape - from this mortal embrace
Decade of suffering - lacerated wounds
Exterminated nations - in World of eternal wars


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