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"Mutilated" (1994 EP)

1. Helmet of Skull
2. Grotesque
3. Fetal Blasphemy
4. Coffin for Air
5. Fictional Cancer
6. Butchery
7. Naked and Cold

1. Helmet of Skull

helmest of skull
helmet of skull
burn bleed die bitch
cast my mind on better days
proof that there's a purpose set
before the secret working mind
profound perfections of mankind doom

2. Grotesque

freak of nature
freak of mind
strange and unusual
not of their kind
pschotic killer sent from
below his mission to follow
rotting rotting
running running

3. Fetal Blasphemy

fetal blasphemy
entombed in her womb
preparing to be exhumed
stillborn bloody carcass
trapped between her legs
medical complications
fetus cannot be saved
fetal blasphemy
hear no screamssee no motion
infant death loss of life
afterbirth falls to the floor
mother screams in shocked horror
fetal blasphemy
born dead
cadaver embraced in the sluts arms
corpse still bloody and warm
emotions overflow
death has raped its soul
never seen the light of day
fetus simply tossed away
thrown in with rotting flesh
soon to add to the stench
mourning must begin
depression fills the slut's life
cannot live another night
suicide one way out
never leaving any doubt
she lifts the knife and slits her throat
blood starts gushing out death sets in
mourning must begin again born dead

4. Coffin for Air

wake up in a casket surrounded by the dead
encased in blackness lying in your death bed
violent screams for only you to hear
lack of air breathing starts to slow
awaken to find the end
suffocation begins to set in
impending death that is certain
break down of nervouc system
buried alive for reasons unknown
buried below death to come slow
coffin for air choke and gag
thanks for a casket no just a bag
coffin for air litfe almost thru
soon to be dead what could you do
'buriedbelow left to die
for maggots to infest
flesh eating carnimours penetrate the casket
searching thru dearkness for rotting flesh
tousands attracted by permeating stench
fall on you face chew on your seyes
enter the corpse feast on the brain
slide down the throat into the stomach
tearing thru fflesh that rotting has spared
innard that were are now digested
caskets layed side by side
reeking of formaldehyde

5. Fictional Cancer

religous belief don't know
what to belive or which to use
say the bible is the answer
a gateway to reality
a fiction cancer
material happiness to me it is
insanity a modern day hoax
kept for the unhappy
all bringing of good
all bringing of evil
the world's given birth to
the lord and the devil
it's been around for centuries
since the beginning of time
man will be the fault
for the earth's demise
earth's demise

6. Butchery

hiding grom the day within your secret tomb
decompressing corpses a feast pit
just for you strewn across the floor
repugnat bloody guts all this flesh
is rotting tonight someone must die
fresh flesh on the way
lurking in the dark here's the victim now
grab the whore by the hair
slam her head to the ground
crack the skull upon the pavement
watch the cranium pus flow
drag the cadaver home preheat the oven
butchery to begin
decapitate the corpse hacking at its neck
throw severed head in a bag
kick it across the floor starting incision
placing knife to cunt
slicing through stomach not stopping till
severed stomp what this hiding inside
looks like it's still alive apetizer before
main corpse eat it before it dies
preparing for a feast lick your lips and teeth
chopping at tender flesh snacking as you go
throw the thighs and the asshole in the oven
to roast stuff the hole with intestinal shit cum on the feast

7. Naked and Cold


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