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In Waste

"In Waste" (2002)

1. Rebirth
2. Ghost in the machine
3. Transition
4. Lustmord
5. Martyrs
6. False projection
7. Serpent
8. Above the crippled earth
9. The enemy within
10. Alone in waste
11. Am I one am I

1. Rebirth

Step aside and turn around
We forget the crooked past
Gather up the guilt within
And pour out this my everything

A new seed we've now found
The time has wasted it away
Look beside and all around
For they are everywhere

No souls but still I've hope
We stand cloaked in our pain

This the dance of silent lives
And rising on our blackened will
We are handling life to her
This hope will never leave alive

Rule of blood and old!
Forgive the rule and blood of old
For law and ethic were yet untold
Rule will form as conflict grows
And men will drive the courses of hate as force untolds

Clinging on the Faith and Dirge
We Fold unto the longest road
As sure as stone and black as coal
We drive the blind in darkness bold

Behind the Drained and bloody smile
A man whose view is now on trial
Will the blackened force of men or the dream-
Pump this heart again

2. Ghost in the machine

Although I don't hold true the force
A Broken core may never mend
But Seen have we - that light may end
And dreams are always washed away

Escape the pain - for another day
Inside this way - and for the norm - call to conform
And on we force the mind - to shine of mother earth
Here, what is best - to let our mother never rest

Can I ever hold the hand
What drought has caught and killed again
Always hope for this
Always dry is where it ends
Enflamed in lust and drive to touch
Released from lightness heights
Fell did our heart
Poured forth at last (our buried trust)

3. Transition

4. Lustmord

dancing wish and melting kiss
I wrap my fleshless arms around her
Come - the thaw, come within
Come, my love - and melt around me.

She buried me I dropped my wish
And now as love's true ghost lies dying
I'll raise my fist and victory
Never allow this pain, its clutches into me.

Hollowed dreams hollowed earth crumbling drive
We turn around step away and watch it all run down
forcibly we make these dreams into something real
a shattered cast a blackened mast a hail hung high in waning life

dancing wish and melting kiss I wrap my fleshless arms around her
kicking dusted dreams into the air I've come I've died I've won
come the thaw- come within- come my love- and melt around me.
Come and seethe, come to die, just to live it all again

5. Martyrs

look at me, I am the crippled now
could you ever hold me again?
Did you ever look and see what I was
Ever was I known when I was true?
And if this is all I am
Then peace becomes my rotten soul

They split themselves apart
And chase away those adored
they leave behind the binding hope
they chose to fight, in fear of this
I hear a million cries
pleas: only _to be heard_
I see a million smiles
pasted on faces of pain

they are scaling worlds
oblivious to their own
all for fear of being hurt
all for fear of being known

all on their own
never asking on
they fall
martyrs for lies

forget: your prejudice
embrace: me just once
set aside the horrid smiles
fall with me to know this vision
the lights blur and become as one
none are left to fend or restore
and time no longer forces fear
for we know now what we share
forget, embrace, the time will come

6. False projection

what crime is worth the signature - right
what lie is worth the sacrifice
of knowing you are true to yourself
of holding in a truce this our time in life

I stand before the shell of memory
To force remembrance through mortality
I trust the hand that holds no life
In death we find demands -
trust in death seems our one true right

In death we hold subjective memories
In life we make our name in forgery
What's it worth to live in mocked reality?
What's life if yours is form - indignity?

7. Serpent

8. Above the crippled earth

Forget the shell, liberate the will
Let the body fold, and die with their own
And I have no eyes, no soul left to hide
We drop the vice, embrace lightless rise

Come inside, those of the same mind
I rise above the crippled earth
Armed with spite we take our own lives
Give light, bring down this tyranny, life

Drawing blackened passion
From the void that was our past
Breathing hard with nervous right
We challenge the will nervous right

The flames will come down
Bring the light from all around
And rise, will the freedom souls
To spite the torrent life that keeps us down

I rise above the crippled earth
Behind the flames of human worth
Now I've chosen the snapneck path

I have, I have gone
They seem to be free
I am, I am far beyond
They seem at home to me

9. The enemy within

Sky turned black and burning fast
Clouds drowned out with blood
Engulfed, enraged, in pain
We join hands join scars with earth

Skipped the flesh and drowned with death
entombed by the cancer we create
stripped of breath but dreaming we are still

forced to tread the path we've made
encouraged by tears of waste
Improve, Inject, Advance
Progress, Refine - Destroy

Our reign relieved
The pure now lie in our place
We phased out all conscious reserve
Our eyes closed we now learn to run

10. Alone in waste

what's trust in a (self)-driven world?
what's worth when a skewed view is all I've held
anchored here I plea for embrace
alone I'm here, with none to give me my place
they've said once and time again
how life is in some master plan
but dreams still speak of death
and life still rots of yesterdays left

cauterized - the part of me manned lust for life
beheaded - the life inside once drove the man alive
inside the faulting dusted hide
beside lies the wretched face of what was my faith

in man in truth in all sacred things but me
and who am I ? a speck of fecal spirit fallen- death
so here I voice a void of spending useless word
and here I lie among? - alone - in waste

torn from the hands of giving men
the rest are born to take and waste our life
the arch does break and fallen are we who dared
to breach the shells of self-deceit and flee the call - subjective retreat
this rhyme of living lies in hindered sight of dreaming right to
living life as if it were real as if we minded
integrity as if all that I showed were to be replaced
with what I really was to be?

before the storm of life killed what (I thought) was truth
I did spit on lesser men who lived to take and make for their own
then life itself looked me in the face and took my faith
is there some chance I'm alone in my empty way?

11. Am I one am I

for I feel, as fallen pain
scold myself with useless blame
drag the blade across my lips
purge the lie, release my fist

as far as I as one have come
as for my lies, I burn in each and every one
as for the truth, denied by fear
and for my pain, I brought it all upon myself
this fear that I may de my dream
success means I am more than none
to be as one is what I fear

in days of hope, I dream I'm dead
to be as stone and still - my mind
as I rise to de as one
my past this life, I leave as filth

it all comes together
when we open up our mind
open wounds will kiss me
dressed in blood meet my god


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