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"Physical" (1994)

1. Intro
2. Inquisition
3. Opus Death
4. Obliteration
5. Big Shit
6. Canker
7. Dark Destiny
8. Torture
9. Physical

1. Intro

2. Inquisition

Death i aclaim you now
The guilty pay with pain
Your blood will stain
The corpses of your kin

The darkness of your soul
Fire, pain, is the truth
Lies, Tortures, in your head
They all want you to die

Beast or human, who can say
The mask, hides his face
Armed with venom and hate
torture, pain

Much too long, with this sham
Big luxury, a godlless man
Holy rules, empty rules
Hypocrasy, extorsion

3. Opus Death

Black vultures fly over thoughts of the dark sky
Dropping their sharp claws and taking weak betrayer and feelings
Good clothes, good food, don´t rebel before your master
Pray, study and submit tourself don´t try to contradict

Following mafia, captor sect, evil christians, opus death

Come into the dismal temples, feel your soul expire
Reading their fals book, a evil chill comes into your bones
Extermination of justice es their inmedialy winning post
The decapitation of their loyals and the final wrote

Following mafia, captor sect, evil christians, opus death

That people who don´t make the rules, will be punished
And your bodies will be burnt in the desobedience fire
That people who don´t make our lust ful and secrest wishes
Will be dispossessed of their thoughts, their freedom, and their lives

Your crosses will be burnt tubury and your images destroyed
Your temples looted an pillaged and your virgins violated
The sacred book of your rulers will be rubbed out forever
And your institution calcined in the hell of your pride

4. Obliteration

A shuddering heralds the arrival
Of the ravager and the destroyer
Their looks can kill without pity
They show the way without obstacles

They leave a trail of desolation
Stamping their traces in blood
Their reaping tentacles are spreading to
Tear out the heart of our existence

Death: following through their souls
Hate: controls their love
Frustration: uncontrolable desire
Devastation: deserts of hunger

The shortest way, the quickest way
Take up army and begin to fight
From now on everything is defferent
To survive in the darkness

Your enemies are all around you
You are your only real friend
No one´s gonna help you out now
learn to die and forget the rest

You look up and see only desolation your conscience calls you
Their parther in crime calling you

You look around and hear only screams and cries, your conscience
calls you a traitor to a cause you don´t know

5. Big Shit

Stalking your like vermin
Waiting for their chance
Waiting of you to slip up
to trample you down at the kill

Big shit

Until your spirit is empty
Till your mind stops working
To get it into your head
That thinking´s not for you

Big shit

Your putrid souls, will agonize
At the dark gates, of hell
you´ll give account, for your abuse
you´ll pay dearly, for all your lies

The flames and death, tow final steps
The end decided, by your weakness
The essence of hate, in your head
The essence of shit, in your skin

6. Canker

Your body´s in a state of complete decay
Your mind´s idolizing a new form of pain
Their armies advance through you and you don´t even see
The black hole stats to pierce your dark world of dreams

Your think this way, you can control me
Your strength has drained, your spirit´s left you
His is just the start, of the mental torture
Your death´s proclaimed, the pain will kill you

You tried t´control, your world but your, failure was complete
you sacrificed, the dreams of others, to satisfy your own
you lost the ones, you had betrayed, by going much to far
what use was, all your daydreaming, and thinking your dream?

7. Dark Destiny

Tortured cruelly by their masters, for them death
Turned away for being different, lives their lies
Sentenced by the racist killers, soundless cries
Thrashed by the executioners, he pays the price

You changed your life, for promises around you
You can see, only deserts inside you
Looks and smiles, moments of promises
hate, rejection, deceived once again

Your presence - is rejected
Convenience - holy rule
Compassion - is the reason
Is the peace - of your soul

You´ve discovered something new, it´s all the same
The punishment and the extortion, are on this face
You believed in appearances, pain in you brain
Word of friendship and assistance, flying in the air

8. Torture

Torture machin which punishes calm brain without sense
Moving mercylessly and blame the beast
All the power is changing other ideas
Of the people who are looking for peace
Your life, your soul, that will change to emotions
Which you can´t guide in the dark
Take my hand, put order without pity
In time you will by with us

Nobody must move only for words, insults
Nobody must capt you by the madness
You mustn´t guide for the inhuman shadows
Because then he will put you to death

Mortal torture is the new arm of the weak
Who don´t know wake up to the evil
Wake and come back, to the bad and cruel reality
On your own, don´t let them capt you
Confront the beast, cause he didn´t know to appraise
Your patience resignation, finish with him
Destroy the machine that tortures your miserable life
Let´s go far from here begin again

9. Physical

A new being was born
A new idea is crated
Stupidity has finished
You have to pay come worst
He´s studying a plan
A plan to annihilate
His arms are secret
Nobody knows his power

Out of time, out of place, without sense, physical

I have decided, show me
He knows the soul and is thinking
He knows what is round us
The only thing´s to kill
He thinks of physical death
Of the only real death
He likes blood
His job is exterminate

The stranger person´s hunting had begun
Everybody is trying, he could corral, a complete objetive

His life hangs on a thread how to react
His tube is going to his temple
It will be finished your brains will be extended
In the unfaithful earth

Finish to, eliminate, going out of this place
and take away
Let us, its right, forget that we exist and destroy yourself


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