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Exquisites Tenderness

"Exquisites Tenderness" (1997)

1. Carrion
2. Out Of Control
3. Astral Voyage
4. Evil Attack
5. Exquisites Tenderness
6. Dream Killer
7. Hardcore
8. Human Horror
9. Anachronia

1. Carrion

Pathetic, subjetive plans and shapes
Pitiful, ambiguous laws, too many words
Contradictions, monopoly and homlessness
Plurality, no existence no respect

No resistence, ignorance
violence, indulgence

2. Out Of Control

In my life i´m ok
In my work i´m in command
God´s my boss i´m his slave

I lose control

Looking for a new victim
Longing to hear her cries Longing to drink her juice

I lose control

Flames of hell in my soul is burning the blood
Rage impotence turbulence in all my senses

Now i´m looking for a way
Now i hear my screams
Silence now next please

I lose control

Hunted by my victims
They are revived
To avenge my daring

I lose control

Now i call asking for
From the other i have condemned
Darkness will punish me

I lose control

3. Astral Voyage

Psicology, eternaly, facilities, internaly
Speedity, sensivities, cronology
Virtuality, it´s energy, it´s ecstasy
It´s reality, it´s fantasy

Astral voyage, in a world of lies
Astral voyage, i see the ligths

Is virtual, unnatural, irrational, spiritual
inmaterial, paranormal, conceptual, it´s sexual

My bodie feels cold, my mind´s a little clouded
I notice something strange, the meeting

I need the soul, from messengers, i hear the words

Behind the space, before the life, beetween the lines

4. Evil Attack

Everybody is on the watch, the enemy´s killer lurking
They have choosen now protest like stupid hipocritical
A new kiler atomic army prepare to evil attack
A new policiaco state, have practics to kill

Represives measures to the stranger
Unconditional pardon for the fascist
Intimidation whit a gun molestation and torture
You can have walk, but without, stand up your nasty head
You can protest, but without sense protest againts

Now, Now, Now claim their rights
Never, Never, Never will make liberty
Down, Down, go down is going our power
Resist, Resist, Resist is the only way

Dictators without compassion, will you to pain in the existence
Repressor with no conditions, will you condemn to suicide
Walking across the streets without have a reputation
Will punish with the amputation trade with death you will reward

5. Exquisites Tenderness

So blind you can´t see what´s going on
So cowardly, you´re unable to recognize it
Lisent to them, now they suffer
Ashamed, to cover up this madness

Exquisites tenderness
Pulse of the world in your head

Tied up, cursed of having been born
Infected, by your own disease
Flagelated, to the point of no return
Disowned, They´r just mouths to be fed

Exquisites tenderness
Pulse of the world in your head

Shamelless opulence
In the face of torture
Pathology unleashed

6. Dream Killer

Once I tried to do one thing right
Everything else pure speculation
I had decided i was sure
No mistake everything was a accounted for

Dream killer, promises and speculations
Dream killer, if i die i could destroy you

Someone told me i know someone
He will help you he´s an expert
Someone told me be careful
They can fuck you up you don´t even know

He only god is money
His only food white power
His selfishness his only virtue
And his words are full of shit

7. Hardcore

Sit down please, you are going to feel some different
Relax your mind, a new experience will overwhelm

Sacrifice, you are nothing
Sacrifice, take my hand

Choose your card, the skeleteon and the scythe
Death without sense, the evil will come here

Take the tools begin building your coffin
And dig you´re grve enclos into the abyss
Now you´re into the ignorance
Now you´re into the mafia

A cumple noise anihilate yourself
You felt in your head your spirit is on the loose
Your´re in the mind people who looks for a future
He good and the bad, the happy and the unluky

Is the final, your long like to the objetive
The death is real like your enemy

The evil has longing you, all what you fight is diappeared
Another day, some body let us preper

8. Human Horror

In my dreams, I can see human horror, lisent to the cries
In my dreams, i can see destiny, a black hole

Vengance without sense, playin with death
Echoes in my mind, human horror

Crossfire, touches the temples of the accursed
it´s so cold
Blood, staining corpses, staining souls, is so hot

Bombs, fire, blood, the way
Words, answers, rest in the grave
Vengance, terror, madness, love
Running, crying, death, and god?

9. Anachronia

Laws and precepts rule their lives
Out dated customs feed them
Ignorance, blindness, cruelty
Torture unrelenting to iniquity

Anachronistic mentaly, fanatic beliefs

Women slaved, veils on their faces
Enforced silence, submission and hate
Bitter water, to bring it to an end
Bodies floating, over the men of justice

Holy rules, rulers of absurdity
Pagan rites, shame of being human
The message, has become confused
Manipulated by speakers of the divine


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