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Welcome Back...

"Welcome Back..." (2007 Demo)

1. Anna Darvulia
2. Welcome Back...
3. The Path Of Dreams
4. Forever Lost Winter
5. Ancient Reapers
6. Vyrð
7. Candleshadow

1. Anna Darvulia

Carpathians, mountains of legends
Legends of blood and immortality
Between dead woods and thick fog
Spirits were evoked and demons gathered
Storms raging through peaks and caves
As the witch Darvulia was born
The folk hidden, praying the lord
A sorceress alive, dark magic arise

A castle once strong and high
Where a beautiful countess dwelt
She was keeping the beast inside
Fearing her own powers and crying…
A spell was cast and the beast freed
Thousands of victims young and pure
The countess and the witch
Servants of evil, benighted in heart

“Witness my madness
I’ll show you my secrets”

2. Welcome Back...

At last… darkness returns
At last… the sky rumbles with rage
At last… brothers kill each other
At last… I can praise my own lord

Welcome back... times of sorrow
Welcome back… medieval age
I praise… you that hear my wishes
I praise… the darkness eternal

Mountains fall
Forests burn
Water boils
Gods die

As the altar is up again
You are tied to his destiny once again
You will know how to rule the elements
You will know how to rule the weak human minds”

Rite complete!

3. The Path Of Dreams

As the forest opens I walk on
Wood arms embrace me
Leaf fingers touch me
Spellbound by the beauty of trees
I stand paralyzed yet free
Rain falls down and cleanse me
From the filth of true life (or death?)
Filth I sadly got used to
For dreams are true death (or life?)
Nothing is like it was
Arms and fingers shrinks, closing all ways
The only path is through them
Feeling the cold touch of nature
Suddently I have fingers and arms too
I can feel new life running in me (new lymph)
New life in death…

At last I entered the realm of darkness
I now possess the powers eternal
For I dared walk the path of dreams
Finding nightmares, awaking pure

4. Forever Lost Winter

5. Ancient Reapers

I know my destiny is death
So I face the battlefield fearless!

I am the master of north river town
My first son was killed fighting for the west ground
On his grave I placed his sword
And on his shield I pray my fathers every night
Now my heart burns with rage
The people of the west must prepare to die
We’ll take the road that cross the two hills
So the unworthy will be taken by surprise

As I free my blade I seek a throat
I’ll revenge my son, a bath of blood
I shift towns but I don’t shift ways
My brothers firebeards are with me
They feel my same pain and they understand
I’m covered with enemys blood and guts
A smile upon my face as the battle ends

In tears I come back to the grave of my son
Still crying I scream: “son, justice is done!”
And as a cold breeze caress my hair
I know he is grateful and he’ll rest in peace
I let my body fall in the grass
The green of the earth shines in my eyes
I thank my fathers that helped me in fight
And stare to the sky opening my arms…

6. Vyrð

The whisper of the night
The yell of the wind
Through the silence of the mountains
The crush of the snow on the soil
Possessed by ancient majestic thruts
I cry my rage

7. Candleshadow


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