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In Solitude

"In Solitude" (1994 Demo)

1. In Solitude (Intro)
2. Crychant For A Deathwish
3. My Infinite Suffering
4. In A Sea of Tears
5. Hopeless
6. In Sadness (Outro)

1. In Solitude (Intro)

(No Lyrics Here - Instrumental)

2. Crychant For A Deathwish

What a silence, it's surreal, in this place, pain I feel
what is happening? Can't I wake up?
I seem to hear, but can't move up,
I can't see flowers in my room but feel the
smell of ethereal doom...
I'd like to scream, but something stops me
I'd open my eyes , oh please, help me! (2x)
II have entered the zone between life and death
they call it coma and I think it's endless.
In my dreams I open my eyes and I see a girl who smiles,
she says: "welcome to the verity" - "welcome into eternity".
Not a vision, neither dream, please you make me,
or just destroy me, can't stand being in this pain zone
my brain is dead and my soul has gone...

3. My Infinite Suffering

Alone in the dark thoughts in my mind.
I've walked that way found my steps
in search of some beliefs, false reality,
only few promises remain,
my faith has faded into infinity
searchin' fo some beliefs...
Days slowly pass by vision of distress
eternal tears and infinite cry, sadness, fear where's reality?
I'm alone, refused all kind of religion
humanity wreck! humanity wreck!
Once I prayed believede but now I just hate!
Single traces...beyond life...
Pain, suffering and fear, what's to remain?
Exploring infinite earths maybe fictitions, in search of myself!
Raped by the light of God as the wind
carries the fallings leaves away.
My soul burns, there's no comprehension for my suffering,
now all is GONE!
Sunk into darkness, alone to think
as a candle melts my life will fade
and in the end mirror of a soul.
A sequel of visions came back to mind.
I have suffered, cryed
and eternal CALVARY all has gone my infinite suffering!

4. In A Sea of Tears

(No Lyrics Here - Instrumental)

5. Hopeless

Lost in the dark mists an arcan vision tranquillity invades me
though insure's my fate in this valley of tears,
valley of shades black clouds, a rain of thorns!
Chilly winds, freezing my heart,
embraced by grim shades, no rumours around
answer to faith is always hidden in a book,
maybe a book of faith, or maybe only a dream.
Thru deserted lands, spheres of lux an either
of stars and golden rain. (2x)
is the stepwork to the abyss to the verity
to the dark abyss of huan faith.
In the land of fear lost and infinitum
in the search of reality, I fly!
Flying away in the dark ... hopeless ... in the abyss of human faith!

6. In Sadness (Outro)

(No Lyrics Here - Instrumental)


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