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Devouring Extremities

"Devouring Extremities" (2005 Demo)

1. Thy Bone Butt Dildo
2. Vaginal Puke Bag
3. Concatenation
4. Satanic End

1. Thy Bone Butt Dildo

wont you give your life
your limbs i'll devour
ripping off your extremities

flayed cleaned and cooked
stuffing my face as you look

roasted limbs

your motionless body is so helpless
I now force your thy bone into your arse

thy bone butt dildo
ripping your anus

gauged out eyeballs, limbless, and butt fucked with your own bones

2. Vaginal Puke Bag

vomit in your pussy

bitting off chunks of your flesh
grinding your clit to bloody mush

hacking off your labia
slicing and prying your cunt to proportion my head

with the arche of your cunt's mutilation complete
no more perineum
only a gaping whole

your fallopian tubes must flow of my vomit

jamming my knife into your infundibulum
splitting the tip I know force my funnel inside

3. Concatenation

I don't see the things in you that I see in me
I just see some fucked up bitch that thinks she's better then me
come out of your world and join with me
the place that plagues you to equality

suffer in silence
nothing in side us
why can't I find this
integrate out minds just
don't try to refine us
don't be so spineless
in time I know that I must
join the skies dust

come to me so literate
brain washed still confused yet
border line losing it
just take one step
into my minds regret
nothing till we met
and now my mind is set
not to feel into your dead

life on death roll
proceeding my knife in your skull

of taking lifes

4. Satanic End


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