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Astral Karma

"Astral Karma" (1993)

1. Inside
2. UFOs
3. Spiritual Space
4. Try-Out
5. The He
6. Stop
7. Analytical Soldier Aesthetically
8. Quest
9. Matrimonial
10. Open Fire

1. Inside

INSIDE (L: Vladimir, M: Guilherme)

Scoff hurts
Wanting flesh
Cutting feelings
Punishment takes
Casts and mains
Heart rocks
Shut conscience
Body rests

Bloody shadow
In dissonant scene
Signs roaming sentences
Sound of a steady silence
Destiny distant land
Stone flowers that sing
Perfume of opium in the air
And the end is beginning

Crow without face
Cries blind a secret
Discreet flight on wheel
Death dreams
Sinister sun
Coloured pain disguise
Dead tear
Sacred fire sleeping

Everything is made out of something
Even if you donít know what

Nothingís around
When no one is
Everything gets in
Nothing leaves

2. UFOs

U.F.O.S. (Utopian Flowers on Souls) (L, M: Vladimir)

Synthetical life
Analitical fight
Aesthetical mind
Divine lie
Real activity
Double reality
Lost identity
Hidden enemy

The falling sky calling your name
The angels are smilling and singing all the time
Utopian flowers sprout in the soul
When I sleep and dream
Walking over the clouds

Words donít speak
In the story of a closed book
Closed in itself
Silence speaks alone

Absent reasons denude
Heavenly bodies making love
The decency eye devours
The opaque brightness of shooting star
- Deaf voice to extend!
But the soft light is flying
Above the obscure heads
In the sacred ideas temple
Moment of eternal thought

Absent reasons denude
Heavenly bodies making love
Dry-ice dancing
In the blue sex of sky

3. Spiritual Space



4. Try-Out

TRY-OUT (L: Vladimir, M: Robson)

The last immediate mistake
Like a shot in the back cloth
Dispersed the audience from the theatre
In the optic of the gloomy clown
Thereís a procession in slow march
Sick scarecrows of the eternal empty
Wait the cure with lift hands
Or the order that rises from the chaos

The pointers orbit turning the life
Premature image diagnostic
That hides the globe (is) breaking the space (sss)
Spit in the ground on the contrary
The sound lights the desire
And slow water falls from the brown eye (cry)

The secret slave imagines
Patologic fact limits him
His faith chapel is a damned castle
An erased destiny of his written luck

From spasm to catharsis the art dies
So the remain that covers the hecatomb
Is cataplasm of narrow parameter
As the lacking grasp of a kiss

The fear becomes a fatal feeling
The mental entity lays
The anonymous right of holy degree
And the common sin estabilishes itself

Corsary at brainís disorder sails (on the water)
Assalting one own in discord
Ceptic spirit without scruples
Articulating words and caresses
Occupies a creditor body
And leaves excuses on the exit.

5. The He

THE HE (L, M: Vladimir)

Time goes in front of itself
By its side walks
Following its trace
After it goes

Itís still present before the start
After the end it shows up
Through you it absents
Between the time and space

The forgotten past is present
In a computer memory
The future shows up in mind
Of people lost in the present

The existence of your presence
Grounds in its essence
The feeling to be
The sense of being reflects

Time Space Fly Scape

Time reasons analyses
The ascent and fall in you
The ascent and fall in time
Synthetize your aesthetics.

6. Stop

STOP (L, M: Guilherme)

The aggressive flower
The pain age
In cerebral death

The fatal fate
The bladeís cut
In astral karma

Astrological logic
I know what I say

"The life has stopped
or was it the car?"

Clinical, critical, cinical, analitical, celular
Death is to begin the life
Death is death

7. Analytical Soldier Aesthetically


Analitical soldier
Aestheticaly synthetize
The absolute relativity

Divine true mind
Sincere green age

Aesthetical soldier
The song is cry
The fear by your side.

8. Quest

QUEST (L: Vladimir, M: Charley)

Looking for someone
Thought travel silently
Throught the time
Winds bring and take
Strange beings
Lost in the dark

Cliff-empty soul turning around
Dream of deep hollowness
Over echoes from the past
Desires float in the air
Someone somewhere
Looking for something

Someone something beyond time
Someone somewhere sometime

9. Matrimonial

MATRIMONIAL (L: Vladimir, M: Robson)

Midia shapes squares in ancient trends
The weight of a closed circle
Cube state of spirit
A lost point of departure
The soon measures of dream
Wake us up like betrayed grains
Fragment-man living pieces

Aliance highway
Without numbers
Passage to anyoneís common place
Chance fake quay
The orphan fruit
The obvious fact

Geometric vision of the island is away
Angular puzzle
Metric fusion on the altar
And the word is the parallel siege
To the cataclysm round that rolls and goes
The high ball in the edge
A desert track lead us
To an unknow place

The balance of last intent is debt
And dust divides it face on passed curve
Suming lost limits aside
Present sense as first absense

Adverse veil
Grief bouquet
Decrepit cross
Expense oath
Fearís ring
Slave garland
Silent pact
Open fire

10. Open Fire


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