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The Perfect Is The Enemy of the Good

"The Perfect Is The Enemy of the Good" (2003)

1. Abril los Ojos
2. Washington Tube Steak
3. Battleship
4. Forlani
5. 180 Proof
6. Untitled
7. Arrival of Niburu
8. Patient 957
9. 2012
10. Untitled
11. Spinner Dunn
12. Pentagons and Pentagrams
13. Revelations 101
14. Untitled

1. Abril los Ojos

"The high office of the President has been used to foment a plot to destroy the President John Fitzgerald Kennedy - In a speech made to Columbia University on Nov. 12, 1963, ten days before his assassination. American's freedom and before I leave office, I must inform the citizen of this plight." JFK

2. Washington Tube Steak

Who's world is this? Who's maddening world
is this turned upside down or is right-side up
with peaceful lives now put at risk
It's Thickening.
It's so Sickening.
Might makes right but within our short sight
we can't see this fight has no end in sight.
to destroy that which we protect
cutting our throats to save our necks.
And it's thickening, It's so sickening.
And if it would end
would this madman be your friend
when the cost is the freedom lost.
Lay down.

And you can tell me all that you have heard.
Now tell me what's going on.
And you can tell me all that you have read.
Now tell me what's going on.
And you can tell me who you believe
but what the fuck is going on...with this world?
Madmen roam this earth.
I'd be a fool to say I approve
when they refuse to give us anything
but untainted views.
I don't trust one word.

Pax Americana infidelis
will be the next cry of the world.
Hold on to what you've got. Hold on to all you've thought.
400 billion won't buy us peace of mind.
But just keep that to yourself.
Who are you to say we've got nothing to fear
once we've wiped the board clear
when madmen become kings (stand clear).

3. Battleship

I swear this time is real. I swear this time is real.
Stood back and took some copious notes
observation lent some truth
evaluated where I stand.
Dove into the midst of what I would never want to be.
I'd rather drown than breathe
in what the world expects from me.

And I swear this time is real. I know this time is real.
Look over the other side of the fence...
of this thing called life.
Let me show you how it's done...
All resistance. Hesitance checked at the door.

No "just one more time."
Leave all that behind.
Full steam ahead.

No hesitance. All resistance, dedicated life.

Steamroll this life.

Pave the way through your
old ways, force the mind
into another path.

Just once this time.
Just once this life.
With nothing in vain.

I took the road less traveled upon
Sorted out what didn't belong.
Running through this life.

Sorted out what didn't belong.
No party line to string me along.
Running through this life.

Stretched this life apart.
Running through this life.

I took the road less traveled upon.
30 years and going strong.
With nothing in vain.

4. Forlani

Last time I swore it was the last time.
I'd write these last rites to this last fight.
By the third time around I'm pretty well versed.
By the third time it still hurts.
By the third time I know myself well enough to know
10 years is not enough.

What is this about this that brings me back?
Have I ever even left? But what can I expect?
Beauty is radiating through my TV set.
I find its lines still corrupt my mind.
In its image I am defined.
What is this about this that brings me back?
Have I ever even left? But what can I expect?

The beauty, I find it still corrupts my mind.
the beauty, I find, in its image I'm defined.
Forge my body into steel
while cognizant that this is not real.
Flesh and devotion void of emotion
save for an ounce of ineptitude
and another song to express
my helpless faith in this cage.
Imprisoned for the rest of my life
programmed into my mind, my eyes
I'm fixated, irritated.
Shallow as far as I can perceive
with the disregard of what I believe.

5. 180 Proof

Bullshit knocks you over the head
like a ton of bricks
CNN kills brain cells like alcohol
PR feeds the rage
but the clear answers never come.
It's like an open bar to misplace our trust.

Call into your talk show hatred
to express all that we don't know.

The sun will not rest
on backs of evil.
The sun will not set
when we think like this.

Wake up. We will. Destroy. Ourselves.

This rage is really against yourself.
You're slamming the shots of fear itself.
They'll have to pry that remote from your dead
cold hands.
Our grip on truth rests
on the lies we've been told.
And this whole thing..
smells like
It smells like more bullshit to me.

It's the same scenario all across the land -
TV radiating, remote in hand.
Advertising, propagating - entertaining.

We're escaping. We're escaping from ourselves.

Pull up a stool...
Truth. Lies. It's all the same.
Fact. Fiction. It's all a game.
Failure - to think for ourselves.
Success - to live up to a lie.

6. Untitled

7. Arrival of Niburu

8. Patient 957

Numbed to the bone. Shaken down. Can you feel the thickness of 24-hour days can you feel the world and your blood escalate can you feel your body from the neck up? You sink. These desperate needs call more extreme means. In a world of disease there are products to appease. Resolution won't come when the numbness fades. Now more than ever. You never have to question the cure. Our mark of civilization ends and begins with a price tag on everything. See the ads. All the good health you could have. Perfect life. Co-payed slave. Diagnosed and baited the same day. All hail this progress. It's all for sale. All Hail.

9. 2012

"...(the weapon was) a single projectile charged
with all the power of the Universe.
An incandescent column of smoke and flame
As bright as the thousand suns rose in all its splendor...
An iron thunderbolt,
A gigantic messenger of death,
Which reduced to ashes the entire race ....
the corpses were so burned As to be unrecognizable.
The hair and nails fell out; Pottery broke without
apparent cause, And the birds turned white...After a few
hours All foodstuffs were escape from this fire
The soldiers threw themselves in streams
To wash themselves and their equipment"
-the Mahabharata (ancient Indian text)

The past is just the past isn't it?
Or is there so much more behind history
too old to be told.
Blocks of faith, power and greed
could not stand a chance,
would be taken to their knees.

I've read the accounts of mushroom clouds of 4000 years
past and the flight of Viminas
and structures placed in such a way
that just may spell out our fate.
Reduced to tourist sites...
so be the maps of civilization.

Watch the sun fall.
The year it ends, watch them all come down.
We won't need our bombs
to make the rain fire.

All tongues, all faiths
correspond on the 5th's sun's fall.
You can't use your greed to buy your way back.

One life.
comes with a surge
to burn and purge.

Materialists run with a life
all in vain but
there's no justice like the end of the world.

10. Untitled

11. Spinner Dunn

What made you think that we know? If truth is a virus we're healthier than we know. Shaken. Taken. Hardly mistaken. Withheld. Purpose. No clue of this life. Cultured and nurtured with selection. We are students of fictional history. Fed an incomplete formula. Perfect for ignorant mass efficiency. (Making less of you and me) Fed diets lacking truth. Truth lacking relevance. All context put on hold. Fed diets lacking truth. But I want it back with no looking back. So tell the truth and run. I'll take it in. like a shot of gas burned into my brain like the sun. No compromise. Not in this life. Not even at this stage in the game. What you perceive to be locks and chains I call the only way. This is our humble testament to all that we don't know. We may not know where we are but we know where not to go.

12. Pentagons and Pentagrams

"Give me control over a nation's currency, and I care not who makes its laws."
-- Mayer Amschel Rothschild, 1743-1812

A tide of Blue Blood. A tide of mystic light so consuming shadows take a life of their own. But you won't see them walk around. CFR (Council on Foreign Relations). TLC (Tri-lateral Commission). A wave of order for the new world is in store. A new world order for humanity to deplore. Like those foretold centuries before. Like a capital city laid out in denominations of 13. Like nominees for the presidency that belong to secret societies. And those who win are held like puppets, outranked by banks. Founded on cosmic lore. So be our perceptions insecure. So sure of what we see and what we endure we see no tie to the ancient world. None. You think this happens by chance? You really cannot afford to be this naive. You think life happens by chance? You really cannot afford to be this naive. You think war happens by chance. You really cannot afford to be this naive. You think this happens by chance? You really cannot afford to be this naive. When life When life is what When life is what they dictate. You can run but you can't hide from the tide of illumination. So fuck off with your trivial talk radio shows. 'Cause all your politics argue on the shadow and not on the substance.

13. Revelations 101

Just you wait until this ends.
Just you wait till we learn.
Just you wait till we know.
Just you wait till we know.

"I will wait to find out.
I swear I hope I'm wrong.
I hope the truth is warm.
I want to come in from the cold"

So you think you figured it out?
So you think one day a week will do?
So you think your will is free and clear?
So you think you think.

What can you say you truly know
when so much has be covered
and re-covered with dust?
The war for men's minds only blinds us from
what's in front of our eyes.
But we're all experts now.
We all know the world over and over again.
We've all watched too much TV to not know
what we stand for.

We're walking into World War III.
Open your eyes, witness the prophecy
and the 5th sun falls.
Some think it noble to fill the prophecy
create reality, march into finality
This evil opposed, no chance for me goes disposed.

14. Untitled


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