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"Demo of Hellfire" (2004 Demo)

1. Fight For Freedom
2. The Fury
3. Citadel
4. Victim of Hellfire
5. Burning Blade

1. Fight For Freedom


We shall not yield
Take up your shield
Now let us fight for freedom

And do not flee
It's in our creed
That we must fight for freedom

Our enemy
Let's make them see
That Scotland will not give in

Back to your land
(or) Die by my hand
Your crimes won't be forgiven

For Freedom...
For Freedom...
For Freedom...
We must! / Or Die!

Unite the clans
Defend our lands
Protect them from the English

It is our right
We are the light
Against us they shall perish

Their rule will end
Our chains will bend
We cannot all fight alone

Betrayers die
I will not lie
We'll have a country of our own!


2. The Fury

Can I stop this addiction?
Is there time to fight this?
I must be courageous
To fight the relentless

No, no one...

I am alone in my fight
There's no one to help me
I must go into the fury
Where there is eternal life

No, I must...

...not stop the everlasting
The fury is with me
Always will be against evil
I am now immortal

Do not resist the fury
Addicted to the fury
Embrace the metal glory
Cannot stop the fury

3. Citadel

4. Victim of Hellfire

Walking through killing fields
Cold steel in the hands
Of the one, the destroyer
Wrought of death, torment, fire

I was as lost as a soul in Styx
Though the waters could not quench
Bringing death in every land
When will it end?
Cursed to roam the wastes of hell
Burning all in my way
Tortured blade my only friend
When will it end?

By my hand
Victim of hellfire

Death and glory in life is past
In death forever my sins will last
All the gold melts away
And my sanity will now decay

The ghosts of Hades haunting me
But my entrance is denied
The wrath of fire on flesh burns red
When will it end?
A pawn in plots of gods above
And rejected by those below
The blade and fire my will shall bend
When will it end?


Burning madness now
Eyes are glowing red
Thirst for violence
Too much have I bled

Slaughter cannot sate
But killing will not end
As the victims fall
To worlds beyond I send

Pleading for a halt
Dreamless death denied
Peace will not be granted
Lust will not subside

Punishment divine
Eternity I spend
With fire and the sword
The killing never ends

And as I walk alone, with my blade in hand
Screaming for an answer, echoing the land
No footsteps do I leave, nor hear the fall of rain
The sound of wind through grass, a wish just left in vain

5. Burning Blade

Here we come with fire
And here we come with steel
Burning blade of darkness
The metal that you'll feel
Crushing all the cowards
Pretenders of the faith
With instruments of music
The metal in your face

Our hearts of burning steel
The fire can't be quenched
Issued from the depths of hell
The iron fist is clenched
Wielding blackest magic
The metal blade as well
Burning here tonight
We are here to raise some hell!

Burning blade!
Burning blade!
Burning blade!
Burning blade!

Flying high with freedom
Spirits tall and proud
Screaming heavy metal
Playing hard and loud
'Gainst our enemies
We shall win the fight
Always speeding onwards
Eternal fire bright

Death, black, thrash and power
Doom and heavy metal
In truth all are united
In a force that's fatal
Together we will stand
Divided we will fall
With metal in our blood
We shall destroy them all!


Those who interfere
Standing in our way
They will fall and die
We will live another day
Spirits burning brightly
Our hearts are shining steel
Banging out our heads
Till our necks we cannot feel

Protecting all the brothers
Warriors of the hall
Spirits of Valhalla
Standing free and tall
With relentless speed
Full force on the pedal
Destroying all our enemies
In the name of metal!



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