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Burn The Priest / ZED

"Burn The Priest / ZED" (1997 Split)

1. Ruiner
2. Ballad of Kansas City
3. What the Fuck?!

1. Ruiner

How light could be our darkest hour? None will be left when they come to collect the blood debts. All accounts will be dry, a binary vessel full of nothing but dust. A vicious lust for control has turned us into pawns for faceless kings, shedding rivers of blood turned the color of their filthy lucre greed. Fiscal commandments impel and we obey blindly. The fury of the sun has passed into the hands of men whose hands were already too full of abused strength and anger, of abused power. Bio-economics killing again and again.

2. Ballad of Kansas City

I wonder what it's like to be you. Sitting there all alone. Maybe you are crying, lonesome and anxious. Give my love to my young as you and the hose become one. Sucking out the seed of my soul ripping it out of you. It shoots past you. The deed is done. You and I are still as one, I don't resent you. The bond is still strong. I cry now, fathom the union. The work shall be done. I still have my sanity, solid as stone. And I admire you...

3. What the Fuck?!

What the fuck are you moving towards
Nothing waits for you there

My friends fade
Too many times
Giving up to achieve normal life
My friends fade
Too many times
Falling into self-destructive minds
Differances grow
Too many disappointments
Losing their drive and excitement
Creates monotony
Soon they lose their drive for living

Weren't your friends' support enough?
What do you feel you're moving towards?
And your friends aren't easily replaced
It takes time to make connections
And I can't go back
To how I once was
I've got too much drive and focus

And I can see
So much is shit
Which is why I have to keep fighting
I woke this morning and knew
Today is the only day I'll ever get
And today is right for living
I can't accept it any other way

Shit society holds nothing for me
I prefer my self-discovery


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