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War, Revenge & Total Annihilation

"War, Revenge & Total Annihilation" (2006)

1. Bestial Bloodwar
2. Aeons of Hell
3. Beyond Thy Mortal Sphere
4. Cosmic Genocide
5. Burial Hordes
6. Army of Heretics
7. The Rapture of Hatred
8. Unholy Ultraviolent Domination
9. Majestic Black Dawn Arise
10. Glorious Inferno

1. Bestial Bloodwar

Totel Decay Everlasting Fall Pervade With
Pain In The Maelstrom Of War
Cryptic Domains With BLoodstained Marestreams
Totel Dedication To The Blackness Supreme
Invoke Voracius Demonic Force Summon Infinity By
Sacrifice In Blood Proclaim The Grief Depose
The Weak Terminal
Insanity Feeds The Evil Born

Black Dawn Arise We Incite To Feast
Intoxicated Silence Radiates Supreme Ignite The
Dominion Of Absurdity Rise
The New Black Dawn Rise The Glowing
Darkness Rise The Unholy Banner Of Hate

We Are Destroyers Of False Hope
Embraced By The Absolute
We Invoke And Call Upon Thee the Essence
For Mass Destruction

Bestial 666
In A Cold And Misty Night We Hear
The Calls We Praise Infinity
Message Of Destruction And Pain Tormented
Souls The Malice Manifest
Pathway To Hideus Lust Seduce The
Bastard Christ Scorned And Ungraced
We Spit Your Cross We Drain Your Filthy Soul

2. Aeons of Hell

In A Perfectly Moonlight
We Gather Under The Sign Of Evil
Infernal We Dedicate Our Souls
The Essense Of Pure Pain And Hate

Eternal We Fall In Blasphemy
Possesed By The Evil Seed
Invoke The Supreme Gods Of War
The Throne Of Chaos Rise

Rise Again

A Great Sacrifice
Glory To Thee

In The Name Of Darkness
In The name Of Wrath
We Call The Legions
Bringing The Hell on Earth

Glory To Thee

Destroy The Light
Prevailling Darkness
We Are The Scapegoats
Complete The Circe With Blood

3. Beyond Thy Mortal Sphere

Beyond This Mortal Horizon
I Enter The Infinite Zone
Wherein Stars And Grimness
Become My Ageless Shelter
Distant Northern Winds
Freeze Every Form Life
As Sunrays Slowly Fade
And Give Their Place To Darkness

In The Pit Of Profane Souls
Bloddy Feast And Splendid Call

Our Nocturnal Legions
Will Erase All Christianic Light
And FUllFil Thy Worthless Souls
With Eternal Chaotic Abyss

Shatter The Sun And Praise The Night
Above Their God There Is No Light

I Am Forbidden Knowledge
I Am Eternal Youth
I Make Fires Burning
I Hail The Evil truth
I Born Satanic Chaos
I Form Your Destiny
I Turn Your Dreams To Nightmares
I Beed His Blasphemy

Beyond This

4. Cosmic Genocide

Channelling With A Supreme Hordes Of Hell
Mesmerized By Perpetual Darkness
Taste The Flavour Of Infectius Angelblood
Drain All The Infamous Holiness
See The Way Of Imperial Chaos
Demoralize The Incestious Trinity
Feel The Stench An A Forlorn Corridors
Upon The Cross Petrified Soul
Forever Nailed

Devastate The Incubator Of Holy Slavery
Drifted And Unable Into Land of Despair
Inhale All Demonic Hate

Seduce Them To The Lunar Realm Of Nothingness
To Atrocious Void Of Infinity
Banish Them To The Dominion Of Tedeum
To Smell The Elegance Of Grotesque
Drown Them To The Stream Of Abhorence
To Embrace Eternal Pervercity
Incinerate With malice All The Innocence
Let Desecrate Begin
Future is Ours The Cosmic
Wheel is Turning Black
Future is Ours The Moon Of Sorrow
Fullfiled With Dark
Die With Pain The Holy Cross Is Bleed Again

Die With Hate
The Principle Of
Demonic Reign
Infest The Dominion
We Are The Predators
Fist Kill And Deflorate
There is No Salvation
Blackness Unleash The Cryptic
Powers Subbmit The Sun
Praise Flesh Feast Unholy
Pandemonic War Maschine
Suffer Forever To
The Pit Of Eternal Pain
Splendid Destruction Proclaim
The Begin Of A New Age

Liberate Our Wisile Golden Wings
Burn The Inferior Promised Land
Shimmerings In The Moonlight
Our Revenge The Desires For War
And Pain The Reborn Of Imperious
Dominator Disseminate The Seed
Of Destruction

5. Burial Hordes

War Revenge And Total Annihilation
Kill Them All

The Reqviem Of Mankind They
Cursed By The hand Of Doom
The Age Of Mans Destruction
Gods Reign Exists No More
Hideus War For Salvation
Revenge End This Life
And Total Decimation
We Are Eternal Life Denied

The Way To Pain Rapid hate We
Are Destroyers Of False Hope
Absolute Devastasion We Are
Providers Of Odius Pain

Glory To Everlasting Hate
We Raised Our Axes Into The Sky
Cosmic Evil Against The Worms
The Decline Of Holy Rats
The Realm Of Darkness
The Stream Of Wrath

Jesus Christ Upon The Cross
Hear The Choirs Of Damnation
We Spit On You, We Killing You
Forever Hate Eternal Void

The Way To Pain

6. Army of Heretics

The Night is Calling Again
Imprisoned All The Filthy Light
Conseal Spiritual Mystic Feast
The Dominion Pf Unpure

Incite The Great Deception
Union Of Invidius Hate
Precursor Of Destruction

We Are The Sons Of War
We Are The Sons Of hate
All United By Evil
Bound To The Bloody Fate

Ultimate Necrofeast
Feast For The Furius Carnage

We Are The
Proclaim The War
The War Against The Worms
The Mighty Revelation
Worship Us And Obey Us

Worhsip And Obey

7. The Rapture of Hatred

Lost In The Womp Of Chaos

See The Lethal Rising
Is The Herald Of Aerial
Grief Fall

The Great Phenomenon

Fall Into The Rapture Of Hatred
Drifted By The Superb Void
Swallow All The Malice Grimness
The Decline In The Land Of Woe

Walk The Bloody Path Of Death
Intigrate The Circle Of Pain
Devour By The Grotesque Blackness
Pervade By The Rapid Stench

Lie In The Forlorn Corridors
Feel The Essence Of Evil Greatness
Radiates Demonical Hatred
Spit The Thorny Virginborn Bastard

Die Fucking Bastard Christ
Die In The Bloodstained Cross
Die Die bastard Christ
Die In The Bloodstained Cross

Die Die, We hate You!

8. Unholy Ultraviolent Domination

Great Defector Rises Above The
Crown Of Death Bloody Thorns
The Decline Into Land Of Woe
Glorify The Supreme Hordes
Bloody Torture In The Mist Evil
Sight Of Celebration
Hellish Vortex We Unleash
Let The Battle Now Begin

The Blazing Horns
The Frozen Nichtsky
The Burning Shores We
Praise Black Unholy Force
Our Shinning Swords
Our Bloody Spears
The Hellish Flames
Ultra Violent Domination

We Slaughter You. We Vanish You
Nails Curving Deeper And Deeper
We Spit On You Cursed Narzarene
In The Burning Cross Ever And Ever

This Is War

The Absolute Destruction
Nihilistic Souls Above
Fall The Grace To Precipice
Premature Burial God
Profane Deadly Insanity
Bloodstained Angels Of Light

Marks Of Hate Imprisoned
All The Filthy Soul
Through The Night
We Unlock The Demons Gate
Exterminate With The
Blessing Of Evil Fate
Reclaim The Realm The
Glory Of Dark Domain

Unholy Ultraviolent Domination
The Glorious Victory
Unholy Ultraviolent Domination
Black Unholy Powers in Reign

9. Majestic Black Dawn Arise

Rise From Eternal Cold
Blood Lies In Our Path
Sorrowfull Winds Embrace
The Newborn Stellar Sacrilige
In The Light Of The Moon
In Supreme Death Shadows We Stand
Deep In Hideus Bloodstained Stench
Hear The Sweet Sound Of Torment

We Sworn Our Blackened Souls
To The Legion Of Hellish Grimness
Dark Majestic Throne

Shockwaves From Nihilstic Space
Streams Of Supreme Cosmic Power
Begin The Invidius Manifestation
Of Malice paranormal Hateness
Channelling With The Lethal Star
Engrave With The Code Of Antichrist
666 The Age Of Intomitable Pain
Arise Forever

We Rise The Banner Of Antilife
The Symbol Of Antigod
We Spread Our Wrathfull Hate

The Essense Of Mutilation
Fullfiled Our Bloody Soul
The Superb Art Of Dicimation

Angels Of Apocalypse
Taste The Flavour Of Defeat
Obey To Our Furius Rage
Obedience To The Bleak
Union For The Profane Feast
The Circle Of pain Are Complete
Curse The Sun Posses The Twilight
Majestic Black Dawn Arise

10. Glorious Inferno


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