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The Ultimate Abhorrence

"The Ultimate Abhorrence" (2000)

1. Buried alive
2. Tormented
3. Homicide
4. Thrill of terror
5. Unforgotten sins
6. Hours of pain
7. The ultimate abhorrence

1. Buried alive

Deceased body - lying still
Without emotions - covered with sores

They take me away - voices calling for my name
Knives are cutting dying flesh

Splattered torso - guts everywhere
Crushed head - still believe?

Still no sign of life - chest opened wide
Blood all around - they begin to vomit

Mutilated body is what remains
Hope fades away - as they stop the machine


Mortuary - my last way
Coffin´s waiting - for me to rest

Feelings return - eyes openend wide
Starring cold into the emptiness

Not able to move - screaming loud
Tears in my eyes - buried alive

2. Tormented

I feel your body - cold and still
Fingers trembling - Heart beating fast
Empty eyes - hope fades away
Pale Skin - Soon to be mine

Down in the cellar noone can see
My twisted mind - your destiny

Deep scarves in your innocent flesh
Breathing gets harder stab by stab

I´m the tormentor - The judge of life

Ten fingers choped one by one
Your suffer - my satisfaction

I´m the tomentor - The judge of life
Tormented - Dead

Bones are ripped out of the tormented flesh
Skin keeps me warm when i burry the bones

Side by side they lie in the backyard

3. Homicide

Night falls down inside my head
Starring through diffrent eyes

Obscure desires behind cold eyes
Haunted i am - Killing´s my game

Alone I am in my own world
Take my hand and join me there

Come play with me forbidden games
Come play with me - Homicide

Flesh cut open - broken ripps
Crush the torso - feel the guts
Take the knife near to the head
Another trophy - the victim´s dead

Worms and maggotts join the meal
Feast starts inside the breast
Warm blood on my hands

Chop the body with an axe
Mutilate all that is left
Dead lips seem to talk
Dead eyes seem to see
How much is the corpse able to bear

The broken torso is taken away
Prepare the meal for the insane

4. Thrill of terror

Eight corpses remaining fleshless
Murderer unknown - no hope is left

What still remains is the thrill of terror
You´ll never catch me - more joining soon

Pain and suffer make me strong
Lust for blood still not unbound

What still remain is the thrill of terror
You´ll never catch me - more to be dead

Screams turn to silence
Flesh into dust
I watch the body
How sweet does it bleed
Smell the perfume of rotten flesh
I´m leading the knife slicing the dead

I free the torso of legs and hands
Consuming the entrails in little sacks
Another one missing murderer unknown
Never to be found
In the cellar - the tomb

Violence - the thrill of my game
Neverending lust for pain
Emptiness inside my eyes
Everything´s lost - something remains

The thrill of terror inside my mind
The lust to murder that keeps me strong

Week humans die through my hand
Eternal silence shall remain

Another body still not found
Murderer unknown...
...Still unknown

What still remains is the thrill of terror
You´ll never catch me
I´ll catch you first

5. Unforgotten sins

Since the beginning of humanity
Cruelity and murder had always been a part of them

A secret lust to murder lurks in all of us
Who has planted this seed of hatred in our heads

No, it took control of me, I can hear them screaming
I can feel their pain, it tears me up from inside me

Every day again I can see it
Mutilations and murders
Children pulled to death
Women raped, men sloughtered
Tribes eradicated
In the name of justice?
In the name of god?

This is the confession of humanity

War - a dark chapter of this world
Slaughter behind the veil of law
Close the eye and pull the trigger
Bloodshed in the name of...

Hatred just because a diffrent coloured skin
No fictiv nightmare - that´s reality!
Who is breeding this hate inside everyone of us
Who will be to blame when anotherone´s dead

This is the confession of humanity
This is the confession, and the guilty may bleed!!!

Pain and murder
Bloodshed and tears
Cruelity, day by day

No, it took control of me
I can hear them screaming
I can feel their pain
It tears me up from inside me

This is theconfession of humanity
This is the confession and the guilty may bleed

6. Hours of pain

Seven years in the same cell
Pulled together side by side
Face to face with the insane
Do their thoughts take control of my mind?

They touch my face and break my bones
They pull me down on the floor
Spit in my face hit again
Sanity dies and I become one of them

I felt the desire to murder for the first time in my hed
A feeling that´s growing and growing until it lead me to kill
Looked at them while they were sleeping
Crushing their heads with my hand
Looked in their eyes till they are closed
Smell the fear that filled the room

And I will kill again...

Visions of horror in my eyes pleasure of killing now found
Yet unknown desires in myself a dark part´s awoken in me
More men had gathered before me
Pulling my face to the ground
Striking into my week body crushing my bones one by one

Something´s awoken in myself the beast inside of men
The untold thoughts of mankind arisen inside my head

I´ll show you a new area of pain
A new dimension of fear
Executed one by one

All the dreams secret and untold
Become reality through my hand
Mutilation seems not to end
Crushed faces broken bones
They vomit blood and urinate
Victims of their own thoughts

Still locked in the same cell
No way out from this hell
Sleeping and walking beside the corpses
Talk with them watching them rot

Maggotts start feasting in my feet
Making their way to my breast
Eating me up from inside me
Some made their way to the head
Eyballs are falling from my head
Leaving a septic hole
Guts streaming out from my body
Now I am one of them

7. The ultimate abhorrence

Dare a look into my eyes
Tell me please, what do you see?

You can see it, you can feel it
and you know it, do you believe it?

I am a part of you, you are a part of me
I had been always there - the alpha - omega

In your words and in your dreams
I come alive and become real

You can feel it, you can see it
and you know it, do you believe it?

I am a part of you, you are a part of me
I will be always there - The alpha - omega

The ultimate abhorrence - the unseen part in you
Your hatred feeds my power, and now my time has com

e My face is like a mirror - now come and faith the truth
Sou you can realize, your death will be my birth


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