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Philosophy of a Failure

"Philosophy of a Failure" (2006)

1. Irresponsibility
2. Perplexity
3. Revenge of the Nature
4. It = Emptiness
5. A Dead Man Comming
6. Liberation
7. Life / Death
8. Normandy
9. Last Breath

1. Irresponsibility

Critical situation cricital life
cricital death and cricital birth
Procreation of progeny that we´ll kill
Killing of progeny we procreate
Pointless energy pointless crime
pointless children, pointless people
pointless procreation, pointless killing
pointless life pointless conscience
Conscience in uncounsciuosness
that almost doesn´t live
It doesn´t live like our population doesn´t
Population dying alive
Helpness population
Uncomprehending people
Dense children
Irresponsible parents
A new life leading to doom

2. Perplexity

Confront crossing death
Fell Shadow on yours mind
In his cogitations with drown
Don't know what ways choose
You have but at all on choice
Are mister your fate
In the hands of snooze symbol yours i
Undone alone shame
Say yourself this man at it mine
Left and on the right don't know what you waits
So already will not alone against to himself
Choose its direction into the future
Very are underwrote its judgement
Conserve cool head
Nothing is lostness
Stand up his fate en face
And set out for right direction.

3. Revenge of the Nature

How many years we can live in this world?
How much time's left to the end of our days?
It seems like man was made for destroying
So nature gives back our kicking to her ass
Don't you see the signs killing all around the world?
Don't you thing it means we out gong wrong way?
If you are sure, man, your behaviour's the best
Be prepared for the disaster will come
Revenge of the nature
Disgusting corpses are laying on the ground
Anger of nature had destroyed all around
This is the triumph of me men's stupidity
So nature come back to her virginity
Revenge of the nature

4. It = Emptiness

You have to die at some point
You die and be born again
You'll be born and die again
It goes on without you realizingit
When you realize it, you'll want
To do something about it
You won't - it's simply impossible
You'll ask - why?
No one will tell you
No one will understand
You're alone in your life
You're alone aminy other people
You're alone within yourself
You're alone - the one who'll die again
But you don't feel like dying yet
But you can't do anything about it
You give up!
It goes on and on
There's no end for you
It will never stop.

5. A Dead Man Comming

You've met you fate you didn't want to know
You're being judged for a wrongdoing
Now everyone wants to know your truth
You're sudenly alone
Sitting in a cold cell
Your view marred by bars
Why did this have to happen to you?
A dead man walking
So watch you present
A dead man walking
None of you gave him a chance
You don't want to end up like this
You can feel your change to stay alive
But you can't change your fate
You can turn back time
A naive question comes up your mind
Was it worth Living at all?

6. Liberation

Afraid of yourself
Clouds of disgust descending on you
Feelings of scorn
Swallowing up your own emotions
You're condemning yourself
That's what you're like
Darkness and mud, filth
You're fucked up
That's what you are
You're getting to understand
That you're not the one to blame
But it's too late
Those close you cast you
Into your own mind - destructive
Self - accusation
You accept this reality
But you can't get rid o fit yourself
That's why you choose freedom
The rope is tighten, the noose is tight round your neck!

7. Life / Death

Put your hand on my heart
Look into my eyes
Listen to my breath
Watch me die
Time passes as ever
Everything is normal
Just i'm dying
Only one out of many will die
Nothing is happening and nothing will
Death is a part of life
Life that has passed by
My liberation, my victory
My end beginning
Beginning of my end
And the end of life
Watch me die
Watch yourself and you life!

8. Normandy

Omaha the day - d, the time stands still
You've woken up for the last battle
Who's gonna survive?
Who's gonna die?
Which mother shall see her son?
Only luck can help you survive
You wanna see you home again, just once please
You're sailing to face the war, your head in your hands
The bloody beach of normandy
The border of life and death
Fragments of bodies and mutilated souls
Wave's turned red, bombs are exploding
The sun veiled by death
The bloody beach of normandy
You're not gonna return, shot down by a bullet
You're not gonna return! You're a victim, a dead victim...

9. Last Breath

On the verge of madness
Looking at this world
About you only graspingness and hate
I wont let with catch to their rush
War! Hate! Living in fear, Living in pain
With last breath believe in wonder
But that maybe will come justice
Waiting however to no purpose
Justice oneself there non - permissible
That way oneself rise wont doughface
Keep up this fear, lifetime itself enjoy
Doyene thee still under that
With life onself like this wrest


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