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Guided By Confusion

"Guided By Confusion" (2004 Demo)

1. Intro
2. Cocaine
3. God's Mistake
4. Feelings
5. Fuck
6. The Exit
7. Sell Me A Child's Brain

1. Intro

2. Cocaine

You come to fuck me.

You come to steal me.

You come to tell me.

For What you need me.

Your life is fucked.

Your mind is fucked.

Your brain is fucked.

I donít want to be fucked.

You keep your mind on cocaine.

And youíre kicking my face.

Please stop blowing cocaine.

Or you fuck your self.

I canít see you anymore

This is the end of all

You were always fucked up

And please leave me alone.

I tried to help you.

And you said fuck you.

I tried to love you.

And you said fuck you.

3. God's Mistake

This body is not human, what can I do?

My memory says, the jungle is wisdom

Follow the wisdom, and try to cult god

God says what makes, how do you know him?

Balance your life, an abyss the brain blocked the mind

I wish wisdom, with volts of psychology

The project of god, is the harmony with the human

I lose this harmony; I make wars and destroy the peace.

Norm, what norm?

I canít see this norm, why?

The pieces are broke

The human exists in my mind

Come here and kill me

The rain wisdom is from the knowledge

God marked the limit of the human

This limit is dead

The human is shit

Because he destroys all the philosophy, of God

The human doesnít know, how big it is.

What is mine?

The love

The culture

The hate

The misery

Nothing, there' s anything

God donít make perfect

Pray to your God

It doesnít matter the religion

The mistake of God is the human

The human is a plague

Make a prayer for God

And apologize

Death for you only for you

Nobody's important

Only your mind and philosophy

The human is sick

The human is infected

The human is bad

God pardon us

4. Feelings

I canít imagine living without you.

I donít understand what the trouble is.

Sometimes I canít believe you.

But you are my soul.

You never tell me I love you.

I feel like shit, like snot.

The things that we lived together

I canít understand it.

I hope this song opens your heart.

You are my real love.

I canít live without you.

You are one piece of me.

I donít care about the people.

I can leave everything for you.

Why is it too hard to get by?

I canít explain this to my self.

I trust in your words.

Sometimes these words made me feel ok

But sometimes I felt without you.

My words donít care you.

Iím really going to fight for you love.

If I need to give my life for you

If I need to kill for you

I really want to be your boy.

I donít want to miss you.

You are my reason to live.

You get me back my life.

I hope one day you will love me again.

5. Fuck

6. The Exit

7. Sell Me A Child's Brain


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