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Blasphemous Odd Fellows

"Blasphemous Odd Fellows" (1992 Demo)

1. Watch out!
2. T.B.Y.T.
3. When the king falls down
4. Dead hero hit

1. Watch out!


Watch out!
What's the hurry?
Look around carefully!
Look out!
Watch your step!
What are you racing for?
Watch out!
You don't need such education that's good as trash
It's the meaningless war of teen-agers

Where do you stay?
Look out!
In a pigsty
Where do you stay?
Look out! In a pigsty
Just feed here

Watch out!
Studying from twelve to twenty-three
But there're only stupes who can't speak English
Watch out!
You're fucked hogged in a pigsty approved by
the Ministry of Education

(Repeat II )

No way for your choice
No time for your choice
(Repeat I )
(Reapet II )
Just in hell!

2. T.B.Y.T.


It's eight P.M. You have to drink some beer
And watch TV on a baseball game, don't you?
Why must I do as neighbors do that?
I am fed up with your bullshit

As he was born before I was born,he's right
He says to me
'You're still a sucker. I've experienced more things than you!"
No kidding.You make me laugh
Can't you know good from bad?
Can you hear me?
Do you know what I mean?
It's about you,geezer
T. B. Y. T.

Must I?
Why must I answer "So do I"?
Why not?
I just do what I wanna do


I have my own way to walk myself
You don't have any right to preachify to me
Everytime everywhere everybody has the same thought
Shut up!Do you want to be stapled your mouth?
Did you buy your brain at a bargain sale of a supermarket?

House, car, wife, stomache. Have them all,but have no thought
You always say"Let me see, well, let me see,, me, me, me too"
Have you ever judged any...anyting to do yourself?
Disgrace, ignorance. You"er a just puppet of prejudice
It's Trampled By Your Thought

3. When the king falls down


Power lets people kneel down
Money makes many people be so mean
I think myself to be somebody
But I'm hated by my servants

Kiss my ass if you want to live
Because I am the king so far
Kneel down
I want to keep on being the king forever

It seemed so good
I've steped on the way of my life
But I'm afraid there's a trap in my life
I'm falling into it just now. Oh no


I fell down
I've been called S.B.D.
By everyone behind my back
Now I have gone to hell
I've gone to hell

Force tyrannizes freedom
Even freedom of speech
But it'll never... never be forever
When the king falls down!

4. Dead hero hit


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