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Not for Our Feet

"Not for Our Feet" (2005 Demo)

1. Artaud to Riviere
2. Land of Tar
3. I Have Never Met Him
4. Frightening Clouds
5. Without Hate We Have Nothing
6. In Effigy
7. Leave Me Here
8. Red Velvet
9. Warpath

1. Artaud to Riviere

(lyrics adapted from the lettersof antonin artaud to jacques riviere)

"I suffer from a fearful mental disease
my thoughts abandon me at every stage
thus whenever I am able to grasp a form
however imperfect I hold on to it

there is one single thing
which destroys my ideas
something which does not stop me
being what I migh
but if I may express it thus
leaves me in a state of suspense
something furtive which robs me
of the words I've found

the star eats tilted sky
begins its flight towards peaks
night sweeps up the scraps
of our gratifying meal

how could we distinguish
normal mechanisms
if we were not
temporarily deprived of them
a consolation to those
who experience death in small doses
they are the only ones
who know what life consists of."

2. Land of Tar

my life is on fire
everything is burning around me
my life is on fire
living in a land of tar

I wander with skeletons
I talk to skulls
of course my skin is gone

there is no sign of relief
we're slaves to the sun
when it finally goes black
my smile grows unseen

land of tar
skies of ash
streets are molten
with no past

3. I Have Never Met Him

I have never met him
he has never came to me
touched my flesh
spoken unto me

pictures show his flesh his body
eating limbs politely conversing

the people he chooses
to meet with seem inspired
his words must be powerful

if he ever comes to me
with a favor I will accept

4. Frightening Clouds

frightening clouds might take my body
leave it convulsing a few times over
or cover my mouth with my own had

madness is a deep sea
I've waded in no too deep
at its bottom I'll end up
with absinthe spoon and sugar cubes

clouds are only illusions of the mind
from close up they dissipate
but from afar they're heavenly bodies
a forbidden place not for our feet

a universe of forbidden thoughts
never to be formed as words
can make clouds constellations
in the back of our minds

the pact between mind and body
is broken when madness develops
the body might run wild
into the mist of such clouds

pen and sword are equivalent
each as sharp when turned inwards
each as dull to this world

5. Without Hate We Have Nothing

without hate
pulled back taught
bleeding from its roots
about to tear away

without blades
carved from
pitch black

without the sound
of polished stone
scraping against
smooth stone

without that clump
of skin bleeding
dangling nerves
and exposing surfaces

without the look up
after the kill
and scream
like an animal

without it
we have nothing

6. In Effigy

get stuck in a loop
burn yourself
burn yourself
in effigy

weeds a feast
for flames to eat

meet yourself
meet yourself
in effigy

again and again
it never ends

watch the lines
in your had
break and change
in effigy

7. Leave Me Here

buried under snow
our lives may slow
it is strange
the colors we turn

the once found
a man still alive
sleeping in the snow
when they woke him
he begged, "leave me here."

what you find
is not yours
touch it and
it may spoil

snow is silver at dusk
snow is gold at dawn
you were red at dusk
now completely blue

8. Red Velvet

I'm being carried in red velvet
I can't tell that I'm bleeding
anti-stigmata inflicted wounds
from my body their power blooms

just put me down get it off me
welcome all hungry things of the night

white velvet this great expanse
white velvet these faceless ants
white velvet for some no chance
white velvet to free their hands

except these people
except my carriers

9. Warpath

kill the one who walks in our way
knowing we would come through recklessly
leave the body in the streets
he is not a victim but an example

old bodies are crystal clear
I can see right through
but me I'm a headache
I'm a glaring blinding shape

using life backwards
and straight into the air


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