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By Ropes Through Dirt

"By Ropes Through Dirt" (2005 Demo)

1. Arrival
2. By Ropes Through Dirt
3. Chimney
4. Cellar Death Bed
5. Magnetism of War Pt. 3
6. Sex Within Death
7. Immoral Might*
8. Culture Denied
9. No Crosses Mark This Graveyard
10. White With Sepulchres
11. Pentagram Clitoris
12. Conjure

1. Arrival

2. By Ropes Through Dirt

I have waited far too long
for this sun to dawn

no chloroform will be used
you must be witness

of the coming ice age
in my eyes

I find you asleep-awaken
you will never be free again

rope in mouth
bound feet
and arms burn

I can die cnontent
you can die the worst death

by ropes through dirt
catharsis is your body dragging
by ropes through dirt
until strands hold nothing more

3. Chimney

inside these bricks
of cold grey granite,
are the powdered screams
of lost hope and life,
soot coats its walls
black resin of human death
its thick walls echoe,
sceams of genocide
the eternal satanic flame,
changes flesh into dust

belching forth black smoke
clouds of sorrow emerge,
coughing from its stone mouth,
a bitter sweet smell of holocaust
the sky holds darkened souls,
damned to eternity of nothing,
billowing spent lies
fortune lost in black air
centuries of weakness cleansed
by the pure rain of winter

4. Cellar Death Bed

so the skin hangs on bone
pulled by inevitable fate
soldier chokes on air of death
exhaling the next epidemic

so the sheets stain with blood
desecrated by this sacred fluid
the soldier's wounds weep in red
dripping angst of a wartorn man

so the eyes glaze with black vision
forever where he will rest
soldier closes his swollen lids
ending cycle of cellar death bed

5. Magnetism of War Pt. 3

the plains crack
with fire and death
man kills man
undeniable rule

social order
must be carved
by the hand
of hygenic war

cast iron
hides light
of moral
war clouds
sail in
klaxon sounds
blitz krieg

wastelands of oblivion
earthen plain cleansed of life
air holds the gas
breathable by no lung

as the flesh fades
the steel holds true
as the bones rot
iron hast its eternal hold

6. Sex Within Death

unwanted substance
one rejected
plays a part
in left hand path
is dead body

a sexual rite
held at night
with a charred
partially cremated corpse
near funeral pyre

visualize blackkali
with gruesome skirt
ritual lover
during death of orgasm

7. Immoral Might*

through pacts and bonds broken
a throne is held, a fist cast
in stone, a crown cast in
poison blood
sick and sunken, the soul
sleeps under armour
inhuman is the warbeast
impure, rust covers
metal, male and skin one
tyranny and hatred stake
the opposer, corrupt
must remain this icon
of all but holy
selfish teutonic ego
addict of rule
power, center of earth
eternally a cycle
of immoral might

8. Culture Denied

long drawn years -
safeguard of mediocrity -
is to the genius -
stern friend
it is the obscure
where our eagle wings
in one farther than
my cool sweet grave
culture denied

9. No Crosses Mark This Graveyard

limp hands reach from rubble
mouths gape without breath
buried in broken graves
no crosses mark this graveyard

instant mass grave
no burial ceremony

violent fall of humanity
bodies twis hidden in debris
eyes like stone breath of dust
wastes of conquest and murder

instant mass grave
no burial ceremony

asleep amongst a place
broken and forgotten
skulls are fragmented
lost in the boulders

10. White With Sepulchres

at the bottom
of the nuclear abyss
earth is eroded
into full tombs
soil is chalk and ash
a bleak reflection
of what remains
as the bones clutter
corners of ghastly hellscape
the wind laughs
at progress disintegrated

the sepulchres glow
a white contentment
with the lack of existence

the earth is a white desert
fossilized with the past
where the skeletal forests
break and rattle
a whiteness unrealized
by the too distant suns

11. Pentagram Clitoris

12. Conjure


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