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Triumph of Darkness

"Triumph of Darkness" (2004)

1. Evil Monarchy
2. Prince of Death
3. Obscura Avia
4. Only Gloom
5. Endless Grief
6. Coming Ages
7. Hand of Time
8. Devil's Bonds
9. The Gate
10. Diablo's Victim
11. Imprisoners of Eternal Hell
12. Eclipse

1. Evil Monarchy

Evil Monarchy


Come here, my loathsome creatures!
You've triumphed over the King's Knights.
Trolls, troop the color!
A new monarch's born in this fight, cruel fight.


Give me the death - it's my reward.
I'll never be your Dark Queen!
Let my flesh decay
But our souls will not belong to you!


Don't try to hide from the Fate.
Your Knight is just the ash.
I am the Lord of Lost Shadows;
I am enjoying your crash.
People are grains of sand,
They ruin themselves,
The root of shadow is inside of them.
Fair is foul!

Princess: Return to your pool!

Diablo: Foul is fair!

Princess: Your Kingdom is there!

Ancient souls:

Alea jacta est!
Momento qued es homo.
Alea jacta est!
(The die is cast! Remember that you're just a human being).

Diablo: Periculum in mora! (Any delay is fatal!)

Princess: Quid est veritas? (What is true?)

Morbid souls: Aeternitas…(Eternity).


Do you hear those souls growing?
Follow them, you won't escape...


Give me the death - it's my reward.
I'll never be your Dark Queen!
Let my flesh decay
But our souls will not belong to you!

2. Prince of Death

Price of Death


For the mankind peace and justice are the ideal.
What is good without evil? Needless sounds only!
Happiness of life can be revealed at a price of death…


Once there lived Love and Beauty.
But destiny of the kingdom of Great Worlds was tragical…

3. Obscura Avia

Obscura Avia (The Bird of the Darkness)


It's time to forget about mercy…
Black enchantment of Fiery Land
Will put an end to Angels' life
Contemptible world will perish!

The King's soul:

My dear son gave his life trying to keep my kingdom,
Valiant warriors closed their eyes forever.
Everything is destroyed…
The Death roams among the ruins of my dream…
But we've done our duty! And the Age of kings and dragons
Will be glorified in legends!


Obscura Avia is a forerunner of Eternal Emptiness.
Nobody can escape the mighty wings,
The bronze eyes are watching you

Diablo: It feels you breathing, it hears you crying.

Princess: It won't let you go!
Obscura Avia!

Diablo: Obscura Avia!

Princess:Your coming is inevitable!
Obscura Avia!

Diablo: Obscura Avia!
It's swooping down!

4. Only Gloom

Only Gloom

The King's soul:

The forerunner of Gloom has brought
Suffering on his wings
And Eternal Darkness has absorbed the Land.


People will never feel happy again,
Their children's dreams won't be serene anymore.
Only torments are waiting for them…

5. Endless Grief

Endless Grief


Spirits of Air, take me to the shelter of fairies
Behind a navy-blue waterfall!
I'll turn into a shadow of evening mountains,
It will guard me from smouldering.


Peals of thunder portend your destruction,
You'll be absorbed in Gloom!

Princess: Eternal forests, cover me from hand of Devil!

Diablo: You'll never feel neither the sun warmth nor the wind whiff!

Princess: Evergreen hills will defend me!

Diablo: Never!


I see myself in the eyes of lakes,
My tears are celestial rains.
I hear the wind touching emerald foliage,
All the world is inside my heart…


You'll leave for the Fiery Land.
Don't hide your face from Disaster's breath
You'll be chained by your endless grief!


My sorrow will stay with me!

6. Coming Ages

Coming Ages

The King's soul:

The ancestors' souls know that the
Bridge of Salvation is destroyed.
Their lifeless faces are distorted with bitterness.
They couldn't keep the peace…

7. Hand of Time

Hand of Time


Your eyes sparkling in the deep fear
Like the beast's heart
Are absorbed with melancholy.
It kills your dreams.


Animi antiquitatis!
Quam deserere circulo vitioso?
(Ancestors' souls! How can I escape from the vicious circle?)


Blind thicket gives a birth to the dimnight.
My power subdues the silence might.
Death-knel leads the Universal Mind,
The end of Everlasting Exhaustion you'll never find!


Intus antri Obscuri in ara sancto
Fatum meum jacet…
(In the Dark Cave my Fate is lying on a sacred altar).


Morbid ashes have covered
The only Way to the Light.
Deaf hopes are fallen.
It's too late…
Brutal Fire rituals again appear to be mine.
Your homeless thoughts have perished
From the Hand of Time.
Lifeless Hope is howling in the moonlight,
Necromancy of the Wind is here now - inside!

8. Devil's Bonds

Devil's bonds


I'm desolving in the crystal calm,
All my dreams are fading away…


There's no salvation in your reality,
There's no way to the end of torments.
Turbid sun lights up the road of cowards,
To the strongest the Red Moon shines!
Flare up, my fathomless depths!
Wind of the North, hurry to me!
I shall subdue immortal Death
And penetrate the core of Creation.

Princess: Let a starlit downpour shed and destroy the Devil's bonds!
I'm dying!

Diablo: You're mine!

Princess: I feel you getting soul out of me!


For your sake, leave for Darkling!
The Iron cloud's hidden your rays' brilliance.
You won't come back!
A Wanderer of the Night will guard your kingdom.

9. The Gate

The Gate

The King's soul:

This road lies in the Desert of Death.
A tired wanderer reaches his destination
And he sees the Gate.


Silentium and Schisma (Silence and Discord),
Guards of Hell, are standing at the Gate.
Beyond there's Diablo's Abyss…

10. Diablo's Victim

Diablo's Victim


The sky will cry with bloody tears
And cross will fall upon the grave.
You have become a hopeless slave -
You're looking for your dead bride.


Those witch's presages have come true.
Who will show me mysterious clue?
All my entreaties are in vane,
I'll never see my knight again.


You drag along through storm and rain.
You'll never find her shelter!
She lives above the endless coast.
You are a lonely ghost.


My soul is tortured in Diablo's Abyss
Where Gloom of Ages keeps the ancient myths.
Black solitude captured my flesh,
I have no power to repulse the dash!
Go, go away, dear knight, monsters fly near!
I know that my destiny is to die here.

Diablo The demons are howling, they roar with laughter.
I am their master; your soul will be mine!
Come into my lair!

Princess: You'll hate this musty air.

Diablo: Make a step to emptiness!

Princess: Don't! You'll lose your quietness.

Diablo: Your body feels deep fear.

Princess: Your heart won't be clear.

Diablo: Your ashes are in my possession.

Princess: Eternity is our oppression!

11. Imprisoners of Eternal Hell

Imprisoners of Eternal Hell


The vague lake of life,
The heaven is dressed with clouds.
The main question is who we are,
The main question is why.
We wander in circles alone
In the darkness of deep night.
The Death's empty eyes
Watch at me from the sky
Blind Hate…
Reflection of withering dream
Is as a dumb reproach.
The mountains of lie and mud
Are between future and past

Dead Prince:

And ruthless sunset brings away colorless sun.
The cascade of antrathitic dirt
Is flowing with black madness.


The sky hides it's real face in gloomy silence.
Everyone is made of thawing snow
Of destroyed chronics.
Who are we among the old condemning ruins?
We are imprisoned in eternal Hell
In strong embrace of Death.

12. Eclipse


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