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Frost Image

"Frost Image" (1993)

1. Became Frost Image
2. Emptiness
3. Terminal Sickness
4. Soul Eater
5. Insensible (Drive Me)
6. Frigid Prescence
7. Sadness To Come (instr.)
8. Naked Flame
9. Confused Wires
10. Doorside To Nowhere
11. Abssesion
12. Mising The Light

1. Became Frost Image

(lyrics: Jeff & Donovan - music: Eddie & David)

Laying On The Floor
Crying With Empty Eyes
Forgotten By The World
Whipping, Waiting

The Little Body Of Pain
The Last Feeling's Agony
Owns Slashed Touches
And Looks Cold As Hell

Frigid Inocence
Disturbed Dreams
Ruptured Hopes
13 Years Disgrace

Ignorance About Life And Death
Forgotten About Love And Hate
Decadence Of This Triffle Life
Ain't Wanted To Be Frost Image

2. Emptiness

(lyrics: Jeff & Donovan - music: Eddie & David)

Black Sun Araises Over Our Heads
Sad Visions Of Desolated Places
Certaily Ivade Our Wondering Eyes
The Last Warning Wasn't Heard

Black And Deformed Trees
Will Become Ashes To The Ground
The Rock Castles On The Above
Will Be Dust To The Wind

The Mourning Earth
Throw It's Last Sight Of Life
No Bury To All Those Remains
Emptyness Take Over Our Place

Sofocated The Last Flame
Into Our Lifes Bring
Endless Chaos To Our
Wandering Sad Souls

3. Terminal Sickness

(lyrics: Jeff & Donovan - music: Eddie & David)

45 Room
Smelling Loneliness
Forgotten Zone
Terminal Sickness

Growing So Far Away
Of Humanity
The Pulled The Plug
Not So Long Ago

Not Higienic Nurishment
Created Beings
Inside Of Me
Slowly I'm Dying

Purgative Drugs
Was Not Enough
Hetched Maggots
Lurking My Guts

I Crying For Salvation
Forgotten By The World
Creeping Through My Nose
Descomposition Stench
Creating On Me
Intestinal Gouges
On Gastric Habitat

I Want To Die
I Reek Of Death
The Forgotten Zone
Of Terminal Sickness

4. Soul Eater

(lyrics: Jeff & Donovan - music: Eddie & David)

Deformed being
Obsessed by death
Devouring slowly
Sinner souls

Mercicless creature
Hungry eyes
Waiting other
Rotten soul

For ever torture
Insenssant laments
Senseless souls
By painful torments
Soul eater...

He's waiting for you to take your soul
Your sins condemn you to perish devoured
In their haind you will feel eternal pain
You can't escape put your soul in their hainds

Your death announce the arrive
Of other impure soul
You sins reflex your life

Roten by insane sins
Beyond death you know that
No one can save your soul
No one can hear your screams

5. Insensible (Drive Me)

(lyrics: Jeff & Donovan - music: Eddie & David)

When Deep Depressive Thoughts
Altering My Decaying Mind
The Way To Fall Is Near
And Deep Anguish Set Me Blind

Memories Of Bitterness
Are Floating
Confussion And Dispair
Make Me Fall In Agony
I'm Drowned In A Sea
Of Sadness
This Mercyful Chaos
Is Releasing My Tears

Endless Fatigue Of Life
Invades My Existence
No Way Out For
Awaited Tranquility

Obscured Feelings By Pain
Distorted Reality Prevails
Unleashed fears Are Torturing My
Decreased Life By Broken Hopes

6. Frigid Prescence

(lyrics: Jeff & Donovan - music: Eddie & David)

Denying To Live This Life
That All We Keep
Following The Steps
Of Our Shadows

Scream For Our Dark Silence
That Goes Distorting Our Thoughts
Bringing us to fall, to fade
In an endless sorrow

Living in tedious places
Where our dismal thoughts
Guard all our fears
Make our sorrows appear

Through the eyes of the dying
Through their frost hands
Can you feel the frigid prescence
And the languid face of death

7. Sadness To Come (instr.)

8. Naked Flame

(lyrics: Jeff & Donovan - music: Eddie & David)

Incessant unknown forces
Tearing your spirit out
Despiting your sense of life
Internally butchering

With tears in your eyes
Recall in your past life
Your mind without thoughts
Claims for it's flesh supplies

Like fire is growing
Taking us one by one
Discontrol of powers
Above and bellow

The pyre burnt out your feelings
No matter how you resist
Your emotions want you to swallow
The last eye in your hand

9. Confused Wires

(lyrics: Jeff & Donovan - music: Eddie & David)

Shattered calm'n shattered dreams
Suddenly I awake full of fear
Internal pain'n internal screams
Slowly make my tears appear
Violent convulsion deranging my body
Bleeding inside of my gorge
Blinded I feel this atrocity
Senseless in the depths of the negth
I can't stay trapped in my mind
I must reep unleashe my body
I can't aabide more pain
I'm the master of my punishment

10. Doorside To Nowhere

(lyrics: Jeff & Donovan - music: Eddie & David)

Emotional discharge
Confused mind
Without death, without life
Distortion of the time

Strange situation
Or hallucination
No answer to the question
No paradise
No hell, just the man creation
Between the line
of life'n death

Unspected encounter
Disolution of the normal thoughts
Frustrated of what you have known
Mutation of your body'n soul

11. Abssesion

(lyrics: Jeff & Donovan - music: Eddie & David)

Pestilent madness
Into the deepest care
Exposing you hate
Hidden of the word

Chemistry useless
They can't help you
Scared of the infection
They left you to die

Terrible pain
In all your body
Slow agony
Death no yet

The pain burns into your brain
No more bleeding suppuration
Members tearing one by one
Living ripped by wrong nature

Dyphtteme on extreme
The pus deriping to the ground
The walls tyed of scum
Your decay can't stop

12. Mising The Light

(lyrics: Donovan - music: Eddie & David)

Every minute of every hour while the
men fall on their knees. The clouded
image of their broken dreams face them
& laughing it kicks them to death.
Leaves them bleeding from sadness
& goes leaving just desolation & sorrow.


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