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Inhabitants of Dis

"Inhabitants of Dis" (2002)

1. Death by hanging
2. Mark of the cursed
3. Paradoxal experience
4. Release
5. Dark trace
6. Kiss of cruelty
7. Blood music
8. Deceit
9. City of Dis
10. Doomsday device
11. Psychosomatic revelation

1. Death by hanging

Snare tearing the throat. Rapid drain of hope.
Panic stuck inside. Suffocation's grip.
Sking breaking off, along with last breath.
Teeth clenched hard, mouth filling with blood.
Left, dangling carnal piece. My strike of fate,
my non-existance. The unwritten turned flesh.

Crawled in filth for several days.
Too long a time has passed.
This is the day of hanging.
This is the last of sunrises.
Lord of the dead army.
Leader of the rotten.
Your land is burning.
Sitting upon his throne.
Sitting by the gallows.
King wearing the snare.

Death by hanging. At the end of a rope, divine.
Death by hanging. The gallows claims it's victim.
Death by hanging. Tepesian field of dead.
Death by hanging. Broken...

The gallows is an unusual tree,
which bears unusual fruit.
He who hangs there can not be good.
The noose's prey can not speak of truth.
The gallows holds many stories.
A noose holds several deaths.
From here on after the great riddle
is spoken through the teeth of the dead.

Death by hanging. Still the dead make good company.
Death by hanging. The noose holds the holy harvest.
Death by hanging. You can not hide your wound.
Death by hanging. Holy...

2. Mark of the cursed

Sawing the seeds of pestilence.
Harvest will storm forth.
Calling to us the wicked.
Bringing the curse upon us.

I am the bearer of the curse.
I am disease's watchman.
Councilors of the foul illness.
Spreaders of the black death.

Plague - spread my words.
Disease - carry our seed.
Sin - bring those of our's forth.
Curse - by my guidance.

Forever cursed!

We are the cursed kind.
We are the pestilent breed.
Curse be your name!

3. Paradoxal experience

A construction where all tones are set.
From the beginning to the bitter end.
Fate is mine to choose totally,
as destiny is hollow as hope.

The grand construction I see. Its most private secrets I share.
I have seen the beginning, and I will force its end.

I see through the veil of illusion. I see the hidden grand design.
But yet I have not taken the step of demise, to ascention.

I finally awake. Remembering what is not.
I stretch myself beyond. Destroying the tones to come.

A greater truth has risen from the dusty corners of time.
Construction with all tones set. But now to an end.

Come down! Perish! Be torn down here before me.
The pieces are now mine to deal with as I please.

4. Release

5. Dark trace

I am not like these. We differ in both mind and thought.
Never meant for this. Exceeding the lack of humanity need.

Pain is my existence as I breath you poison.
Turning from the unavoidable. Release...

Observing, exploring this self.
Time for me is of no importance,
as for the essential.

Actions beyond all human extent.
Stealing this so called soul of these.
Preaching mortal excessive behaviour, as my nature.

For good or for worse. A deadly blessing, a lively cure.
Fleeing the unavoidable. Release...

6. Kiss of cruelty

I own you, control you, mold you, fuck you.
I'll end you when I want to.
Your existence is of no worth.
I'm here for your suffering.

Believe in me, pray for me. Live for me, die for me.
Laugh at you, torture you. Rape you, kill you.

Believe in me, pray for me. Live for me, die for me.
Laugh at you, torture you. Rape you, kill you.

You urge to find, your treaturous reality.
Hanging on to your pityful sanity.

You paint a beautiful euphoria.
Believing in eternal gloria.

A blinding pathetic acceptance,
as you fuck around in darkness
and can not see that the truth
is right in front of you.

You ask me for my guidance. I lead you to death.
I help you... I help you to die!!!

7. Blood music

8. Deceit

9. City of Dis

Through the black air. Beyond the heavy fog.
Vermilion towers. The shape of Dis appears.
Iron walls rise. Sealing it.
Walls and gateways hold the purest sin.

Ruled by the fallen ones. Populated by the dewinged.
Robbed of their white wings, gladly stolen of their glorias.
Iron walls are not designed to imprison them,
but to keep the winged out. To strive from grace.

Our helath would crumble would we be robbed of our sulphur home.
Our sanity would dissolve if put in the grace's lair.
Our strength lies where the serpent's temptation is law.
Our tongues would tell but lies if we'd ascend the abyss.

Born in the aerie of sin. Raised among the eternal flames.
We dwell where no grace exist. We are the inhabitants of Dis.

We are the serpent's kind, and our temptation will spread.
My tongue speak my words, spared from your disease.

10. Doomsday device

Imagine 6 billion people screaming at once.
Singing the song of Armageddon.
Burning all soil.
Making the seas boil.

Bringing down all mountains;
Corrupting heaven.

Millions and millions of cries, echoing through the sky.
When I push the button, on my Doomsday Device.

I'm the timemachine, the helping hand.
Replacing the slow process of self extinction.

Mankind's demise, as Mother Earth dies.
When I set the timer, on my Doomsday Device.

Asteroids of high archaeological value.
Drifting, telling the story of mankind.

Crystals of ice, replacing the flames inside.
When I activate, my Doomsday Device.

11. Psychosomatic revelation

One of them has wondered off,
into territory unknown.
One has cut his strings.
Without control, without guidance.
Through khaos he journies.
Order left far behind.
Pushing on the boundaries.
Making creation fade away.

The entrance through
the gate is in the chase.
The key lies hidden
within the future steps.
Many steps make a walk.
Many walks make a journey.
Grand journey including all.
Several journies will break it all.

I see a grand gate. I see it opening. Destroy!
It is not the end, just uncharted. Destroy!
I see a world in ruins. I can smell the sulhur. Destroy!
A worlds lies in ashes. A world destroyed. Destroy!

I can see them running.
I can see them still.
To advance all old must break.
Appendix morals will do me no good.


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