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Relevant Annihilation

"Relevant Annihilation" (2006 Demo)

1. Darkest Hour
2. Unleash
3. Pray for Blindness
4. Vice Verse

1. Darkest Hour

serious mental empire
generate your life through the lies
and you still walk over

[spread the ache
black hearted you will become
one faking truth and denial
bury the absence to become]

two steps to point so last
no one ever crawled in the name of sense
last chance to dance in this
in the sense of agony
in the serious mental empire
the presence of the darkest hour

2. Unleash

you're a cancer to me
a coexistence
fill you with regret
unleash the disquiety
it's all ripped by the plague
break your record just listen a second
hear the story of the fearless glory
the rope hanging around too free
sufferless equals instant freedom
i will defy
untill you've come through me
spinning the bottle - cant soulmate but bottom

[trespass my reflection
it's stated so around
it's stated so loud
it's stated down to the ground
path in the ground
leading to the unknown
too far from where it used to be alive]

blame was it here when you came to see
closing the walls so endlessly
embracing with my sins
the truth swared the most hated

my life went you never came to see
we broke the glass hand in hand
and those are the hands
the hands that now bleed

3. Pray for Blindness

burry my lies inside my pain shell
make you another ripped apart victim
cover it up - to let go - set 'em all on fire
bleed to death and torn asunder
suffer under the black sun
memories laid six feet under

another rejection
you'll never pay off
a re-arrangement
in the suffering dimension

[fucking ripped and torned apart asunder
the mercyfull plague
the judment of mortal law
clever of the arrival
no really need to mention
fed to breathe?
- there's your death to bleed]

feed my eyes
the more you feed your personal torment
burry and deny you
step aside underneath my eyes

burry my life into my plague shell
the enlightenment of the chosen
i'm here to fuel the fire
of your personal torment
so fucking strengthen
won't see the light of day
another soul to rip apart and broken

4. Vice Verse

ripped all apart and
burned it down to the ground
failure - traitor - phenomenal dimension
the dice thrown testimony
build my rest in agony

single fuckin tear to cry
to form the lake of death no hide

for my eyes falling
fuck my torment- don't know how I feel
fate in my eyes falling down
praise my life for falling
fuck your judgment - don't know how I feel
death in my eyes crawling back

this shit now has been rot
and the guilty one lives with a judge
filthy - traitor - the lies are undenial
nothing but your own knowledge
you wish never had gain

you'll throw the hate
i'll catch the fear and rise to loose it all
failure - total - fucked up consequnces

I beg you father to take a part
I rip you down and beat you to the ground
I rip you down and slick your fucking throat


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