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Diabolic Angel

"Diabolic Angel" (2002)

1. Fatal Kiss
2. Diabolic Angel
3. Lovesick
4. Ablaze
5. Sadness
6. One Second
7. Mea Culpa
8. Tears Of The Night
9. Cold Rain
10. Season Of Love

1. Fatal Kiss

oh honey i wait for you in the dark
oh honey i feel the beat of your heart
oh honey i´m craving for you
oh honey i´m sure you knew
oh honey don´t cry in the shade
i fade and it´s too late

you don´t really need to cry
heaven´s for the loving ones
i take your life, i take your soul
and love you till your pain is gone

oh honey don´t trust me, don´t hate
oh honey can´t save me - it´s too late
oh honey your sweet taste i will miss
oh honey receive my deadly kiss
oh honey can´t protect you from me
oh honey my pain - you can´t see

no god in heaven, my bloodless angel
i see tears run from your heart
i count the strokes of your fading heartbeat
i lick the flames of your fading heat
in my torture i don´t know mercy
i am blessed with insanity

oh honey i kiss you, your dead lips
i kiss you, just a short bliss
a war is fighting in my breast
not human, no god, i´m fatally blessed
where is the sun, where is the light
i am the bride of the weeping night
the night never ends, my lips drop red
i live forever but i am dead
i am doomed and blessed forever
i feel the pain ever and ever

no one there to save my heart
i am standing in the dark
see the tears run from your heart
i am waiting in the dark
no one there to save me

2. Diabolic Angel

everyday I fade away
everyday I´m walking into danger
a magic force drowns myself
all fear is gone
I´m addicted to you, stranger
seems like the quest gains some sense
all i knew changed
i will never go back and close my eyes

be my angel
burn my eyes with your light
be my fallen angel
kiss my soul with your shade
be my fallen angel

more and more I disappear
and more and more I feel the creeping danger
I wanna taste just a piece of the forbidden
I just wanna be close

3. Lovesick

i fell
a deadly knife inside my hand
a bloody trace is drying in the sand

too late
it´s all fate
a victim of the wounded night
i fade ´cause i am loosing my last fight

all starts and ends in one fateful kiss
when we once touch what we ever miss
our endless quest has just begun

love me to death and i love you more
take my last breath, it´s a touch to the core
love me to death and i love you more
´cause love is the reason we die for

a broken shell
stranded by the deep black sea
creeping fear gets deeper inside of me

my blood in the flood
stains the raging ocean red
when the dawn is rising i´ll be dead

all starts, all ends in this fateful kiss
when we once touch what we ever miss
our endless quest has just begun

the poison of my pain is running through my veins
the moon drives me insane and i fall again

4. Ablaze

Not just one death to die
always a reason why
the wheel is turning

i write the five on the wall
i dance the hills till i fall
the fire is burning

i will pick the sin again
seduce a saint in eden
there is more to understand
the signs bleed in your hand

keep the fire ablaze
and dance with me
till the end of all days
come with me

the sermons about the divine
smell like bad purple wine
i stay sober

when creed abuses the wise
the truth is fucked by some lies
the world falls over

i seduce you, want to show you the light that burns inside
i refuse to be a slave of your lies

5. Sadness

my voice
calling you in the night with an aching cry
the light of the moon whispers secrets and soon a heart will die
i am inside
from me you can´t hide, i´m mother and child
a shadow of love, a shadow of death, a changing face

i am your sadness - i am raining
i am your sadness - i am rain
i´m your sadness
i´m the rain in the dark
the pain in your heart
the tears in your heart i am rain

i want you to suffer, i want you to creep
i hurt so deep
your eyes - just a sore
and the dead on the shore won´t cry no more
your sail will be torn by my dark thunderstorm
i whisper cold
the voice of the rain dropping secrets again
a tremendous wave

6. One Second

i close my eyes
listen to a soft song
an ancient melody
of strange mystery

with your deep blue glance
i venture a close dance
come deep inside
not just this night

one second

in confusion by a flash
in the cycle of life and of death
cannot stop the flood paving the way of my fate
we are the blood, we are of the clay
are you the god saving my day
we cannot stop the flood, the way of our fate

love´s rising
brighter than all stars can
higher than dragons fly
but virgins are shy

in one second
all can change
wake up the sleeper
and touch me deeper

7. Mea Culpa

8. Tears Of The Night

they turn up at night, come from inside, avoid the light
just a nightmare you said, this is no dream, no i´m not mad
all i had known like in this song a lonely tone
sing sweet lullabies, to me it sounds like childish cries
cold breath in my neck, shadows creep behind my back

they breathe with our mouth
they speak with our tongue
they smell all my greed and undone need
they hate with our hate
they love with our love
they see with our eyes what we don´t see

taste the tears of the night, can´t run away and we can´t hide
just fragments remain, my face had changed, i´m not the same
a cold hand touched my core, the same hand like the night before

they live on our pain
they feed on our dreams
hell is a sad place in our souls
they need all our fears
they drink all our tears
hell is a dark place in our souls
awake unknown greed, they are evil seed,
they come with the flood, they´re creatures of god
they smile in our face with a nasty grimace
the faces of pain

misery - the flood comes rushing over me
a tragedy - my heart is crushed a weeping sea

through eyes of tears
i face my fears
i face my pain
through the nightly rain

they kiss with my lips, they speak with my tongue, they hate with my hate, they love with my love,
they live on my pain, they feed on my dreams, they need all my fears,
they drink all my tears

the voices of the dead are whispering in my head
some cold breath in my neck, shadows creep behind my back
they turn up at night, come from inside, avoid the light

9. Cold Rain

i fall, stand up, no i don´t never give up
but fear, cold tears, creep like poison to my heart
i run, try to reach the bright sun
i call your name in the falling rain

i hit the ground ´cause gravity keeps me down
a real bad trip when all i try to keep runs through my hands
like dusty sand
till i understand i´ll ride this turning circle
show me ways in the haze, show me the place
where the sun always shines

go inside
cold rain is falling down again
i´m sailing on dark flows
cold rain is falling down on me
i´m sailing dark flows

i still believe, but today i need relief
i await the light, a new day follows after every night
so go inside
i feel the flood, my raging blood
´can feel you
sad cold fear is creeping near
but i know i have to go... inside

and the wind blows colder...

10. Season Of Love

the sun turns dark
like my heart
the earth keeps moving on
starts turning into a new season
i look to the sky for the signs of the day
i´m crawling and waiting to follow my way
old mother earth knows the mystery
infinity in there

i´m waiting for you
i´m waiting for your love

the sun turns cold
and we get old
prophecies have told us once
an new dawn is rising above the horizons
enter the unknown leaving borders behind
find all the secrets we cannot remind
we´ll join new seasons or we will stay blind
infinity out there

i´m waiting for the day...


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