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Dark Love Poems

"Dark Love Poems" (2006)

1. Sajidas' Song
2. Damaged Promises
3. The Last Dance
4. Healing Hearts
5. Illusionary Fields
6. Anthem For A Stranger
7. Violent Voices
8. The Fool And The King
9. Dark Angel
10. Queen Of The Freakshow
11. Cruel Game
12. Dead Love (A Necrology)

1. Sajidas' Song

my virgin dreams are gone
I try to find someone
who tells me
what's love
why there is no wonderland
why lovers try to pretend
to love you
tell me what is love

what is love when love means crying
what is love when dreams are dying
what is love when lovers never say i love you

your kisses taste so dead
where are the dreams we had
just silence
between us
helplessly i recognize
love faded last night
where has our love gone

What is love...

what is love? what is love? wear the neclace of a dove

2. Damaged Promises

you and I
fear the silence tonight
can't Stopp the end
violent silence
silent violence

we're alone
like weeping children
with no home
I lost your hand
but memories will stay
it won't fade away

maybe love ist he same as hate
maybe pain gonna be our fate
I have to change my tears
(damaged promises)
for something to believe in

love is a fight
seems we're losing it tonight
one touch
one kiss
this could be the last
it went away to fast

maybe love...

our difference dug the grave
to bury damaged promises
one day it was too late
you love to hate me and i love to hate you

maybe love...

3. The Last Dance

it's to late to cry for lost love...

once you sent me paper roses
they began to cry enquiring why
they had to hide
why to young love had to die
before we tried

i was afraid that a sharp tounge
killled tender love, so the roses just bloomed in shade
flowers need sun
rescue undone
what i loved to save lies in a cold grave

now it's to late to create resurrection
words, never said, never heard, sound too absurd

it's to late to cry for lost love
she was too young
she died unsung

please forgive my silent good-bye
maybe it was wrong to be for so long still and silent
i regret we missest he chance
give me one last dance

why did you let me break you heart into pieces
a splint of this pain sticks in my veins too.

it's to late...

had to leave you, though i loved you
to love you was like taboo
i loved you

it's to late...

4. Healing Hearts

you wanna know why we had to seperate
but how can i show I had lost my faith
on this way I can not walk another day
so i turned away
i am not afraid

deep wounds will heal know
sorrow will fade away
deep wounds will cure now
healed hearts forgive the pain

to many lies, to many dirty alibis
today I never mind what's truth or disguise

i stopped a war that we had lost long before
we observed the sores hurting to the core

love yourself and let me free
the good lives on in memories
free yourself and you will see
hate is always misery...

deep wounds will heal now...

5. Illusionary Fields

man thinks he ist he crown of god's creation
he thinks he can control everything to please his soul

when we don't know real love
and find no anwer above
we're alone, build an own shelter of fantasy

we found heaven we found hell
in illusionary fields
when we need a little spell
we need illusionary fields

sometimes beauty's a beast
and like a whore on duty she simulates
paradise in a land of lies

sometimes too blind to see
that love and lust dont't agree
we adore this whore and turn to fantasy

we found heaven we found hell...

6. Anthem For A Stranger

before I met you every light was dark
that you never saw me still feels so hard

after i have seen you, prazers filled my eye
nothing but my sorrow stays when all hope leaves

calling, calling for you
i'm just a face in the crowd you will never see
falling, faling in your
glances of love but your love I will never be
calling, calling for you
i'm just a face in the crowd you will never see

tried to be so beautiful
tried to be so wonderful
tried to speak to you but you could never hear me

calling, calling for you...

for you i'm noone, a lone tear in the rain
for your attention, i call in vain

calling, calling for you...

you are to beautiful
and you are to wonderful

7. Violent Voices

in dead dreams i saw your face
i am on the run countless days

eors versus thantos
every night i nail your heart to the cross

in strangers arms i searched for love
but everything i found was not enough
all was not enough, all is...

not enough
for my dying heart
not enough
when my battle starts again
not enough
when the voices call
not enough
'cause i yearn to fall again

i found hell before i die
pleasure seems to be just a lie

violent voices call my name
every night they call me
to do the same

in strangers arm i searched for love
but everything i found was not enough
all was not enough, all was...

not enough...

8. The Fool And The King

I touched your skin but not your heart....

I am the fool and you'r my king
you wear the crown, i dance and sing
amuse the beauty in your court

How can the fool become your precious queen
when words and kisses mean nothing
i touched your skin but not your heart

my love is one of houndet hungry pleas
you deal with her as if she's just disease
and offer me kindly just rotten peace
lovers whine for singns on their knees

i touched your skin but not your heart
loughing till laughter sounds absurd
till smiling starts to hurt

under debris lies our past
bury the memories, nothing lasts
beside our names carved into stone

i was a fool conduced to your joy till
your unrest found another thrill
i lost my dream, you lost your throne

virtually the world lies at your feet
nothing can supply your sateless need
noone may ever stir your dull heartstrings
can hear the dirge they sing so cruel and endless

i touched your skin but not your heart...

9. Dark Angel

you're all i wanted – all i love
you're my dark light
my angel – all i'm dreaming of
you're my delight
you are the half making me complete
you're all i need

i never thought this night will end
i thought my eyes try to pretend
now i know dreams come true
i know it's true since i found you

you're all...

you are desire i once cursed
the dram i yearned for with bad thirst
before you came my heart was dead
i loved you long before i met you

you're all...

you're my dark light
you're all i need
you're my delight
you're all i need

10. Queen Of The Freakshow

i sit alone in my room waiting
waiting for the demons to go
and i don't wanna know what i yet know

i am the queen in this freakshow
when love's too low and pain's too high
the only answer is goodbye

my hopes just the dope to bear your last word's
now i see farewell's the key to love
can't hold you back

succesfully i killed reality
i'm too deaf to be hurt
by the void of your words
but i yet know

i am the queen in this freakshow
you need to go, so i can't keep
back the traveller on the leap

my hope's just the dope...

i must oonfess– my lonelyness gave me the time
i need to learn how to go, how to say goodbye

11. Cruel Game

i see the gun in your hand
but still you pretend
to love me endlessly

Forgotten memories
Write tragedies
In the rainy wind

but you're so beautiful
though you are so cruel
let me be your fool

please play this cruel game
and go on pretending
push your last nail into my
wounded hands

there is no sense in explain
why i bear the pain
i'm bound by unseen chains

i close my eyes to forget
that i regret
love has gone so bad

please play this cruel game...

you killed my innocence tonight, oh you
you filled me with hope, oh don't go on
you killed my innocence tonight, go on
you thrilled every sense in me, you won
take my heart and play this game again

please play this game...

12. Dead Love (A Necrology)

i'm alone with me
and now i see
that darkness is all what you left in me
all just empty words
and the silence hurts
seems that you don't know
qhat you've done to me

dead is all the love we had
dead are all the words i said
dead is all the yearning in my head
real dead love is all i see
nothing left inside of me
tell me why this had to end so cruel

it's a real sad love
with a bitter ending
a bitter ending
it's a real sad love
with a bitter ending

nothing can live in dying worlds
a funeal song of the falling rain
is the only memory of silent pain
nothing can live in dying worlds

it's a real sad love...


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